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Malaga city's three biggest long-distance races all postponed as a result of the pandemic


The three major long-distance races in Malaga city have all now suffered the same fate as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Caixabank Half Marathon has been postponed twice and has now been moved to 7 November 2021; the Zurich Malaga ... city council's Sports department issued a statement in which it cancelled four sporting activities it organises, including this event, which has the highest participation among long-distance races in the city, with more than 10,000 athletes signing up ... annually. The other three are the 18th Día de la Bicicleta (Bicycle Day), the eighth Women's Race against Cancer, and the Caminando por un Reto (walking for a challenge) activity, all of which were scheduled to take place between now and November. The city



Cyclists will be allowed on new Guadalhorce estuary bridge after all

ignacio lillo

Malaga city hall has backtracked this week following indignation from cyclists who had spotted that the new as-yet unopened bridge across the Guadalhorce estuary had signs installed which said cycling was prohibited. Crossing the bridge, when it ... from crossing the river using the more dangerous road bridge, but also make it easier for people from Guadalmar and even Torremolinos to cycle into the city.



Former British consul in Malaga Mike Bartram dies, aged 83

Rachel Haynes

Michael Anthony Bartram, British consul in Malaga between 1990 and 2000, died in the city’s Hospital Regional on Tuesday morning. The retired diplomat fell ill just a day after arriving with his family from the UK on Saturday to spend some time in ... in 2000, shortly after the British consulate moved into its current premises. By then in love with Malaga, he and his wife Raili continued to live in the city. Bartram, left, with writer Marjorie Grice-Hutchinson, at a tribute to English cemetery



The bruise brothers

Rob Palmer his lawyers. It emerged that there was a list of clubs he wouldn't be allowed to sign for. Namely Real Madrid, Manchester City and Paris Saint-German. Atlético wasn't on the list. Despite the attempt to block the move, nothing could be done and



Online locator form for travellers entering Gib from 'relevant areas'

Debbie Bartlett

...relevant areas at present are those outside the EU, but they do not include UK, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda,



Free entry to Malaga's museums and monuments this Sunday

Pilar Martínez

A total of 26 cultural spaces in Malaga city will offer free entry on Sunday 27 September to mark World Tourism Day. Museums and galleries including the Picasso museum and birth house, the Pompidou and Russian museums have signed up to the


What to do

Classical music jazz and rock concerts throughout the autumn

denise bush

...artifacts, documents etc. relating to the economical, social and cultural development of the city of Malaga through the centuries. Museo Interactivo de la Música Malaga. Tuesdays to Sundays, 10.30am - 2.30pm. C/Beatas, 15. The museum holds



Regional authority to seek private funding for 400-million-euro new hospital in Malaga

M. D. TORTOSA / Á. ESCALERA to be located on land currently used as a car park for the Hospital Civil in the city. The authority will resort to private funding for the construction of the building, but the hospital will be run by the regional Health Ministry. Details have ... province of Malaga to benefit are the dry port in Antequera, improved access to the PTA technology park, the new sewage works north of the city, new schools in Malaga, Mijas and Benalmádena, and the expansion and improvement of others around the province.



Cyclists indignant over prohibition signs on new Guadalhorce estuary bridge

f. jiménez / i. lillo

Cyclists in Malaga have been up in arms this week after the city council put up no-cycling signs at each end of the still-unopened wooden bridge linking the west side of the city with the Guadalhorce delta nature reserve. The controversy was ... heightened after both the regional and provincial authorities said they had no objection to the bridge, which forms part of the province-wide Senda Litoral coastal path, being used by cyclists. While the city hall said it would study whether the bridge ... river using the more dangerous road bridge, but also make it easier for people from Guadalmar and even Torremolinos to cycle into the city. No date has been given for the opening of the bridge.



Malaga city's Half Marathon postponed until November next year


The 30th edition of the Malaga Half Marathon has been moved to 7 November 2021, organisers Asociación Deportiva Málaga Sport have announced. Given the current circumstances regarding coronavirus restrictions, especially those put in place by the J



Venice - rising above the tide of mass tourism?

Andrew Forbes

...crowds or noise. Of course, this is no 'normal summer'. Just a few months after the reopening of European borders, Venice has emerged from lockdown into a new travel and tourism landscape, one where island residents have regained the city for ... themselves, able to live and work without the usual mass-tourism that has been inundating Venice in recent years. Palazzo Cristo My boat trip gave me an insider's perspective of this romantic lagoon city. My hosts Anne, who was born here, and her French ... Venice are presently not facing the perils of over-tourism for the first time in decades. That said, the city was lively with international tourism; European couples and families strolled through St Mark's Square and took selfies on gondolas. Yet there



The insider guide to Venice

Andrew Forbes

...visit the local markets, delis and bakeries to create seasonal meals, accompanied by refreshing local Veneto white wines). A genuine alternative to the city’s five-star hotels. Prices from 450 euro per night. Il Palazzo Experimental Hotel Il ... Dorsoduro district of the city (where you can walk to some of the finest galleries, including The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and Galleria dell’Accademia) has a delightful secret garden that runs down to a quiet canal where you can hop onto a water taxi or



48 hours in Berlin

Andrew Forbes, creating a vibrant and complex city. Day 1 - Afternoon of diversity Immediately immerse yourself in cross-cultural Berlin by heading to Kreuzberg. Take the U-Bahn to Kottsbusser Tor (or Kotti) as locals call it, and you arrive in the centre of ... the Kreuzberg area. This was former West Berlin, and adjacent to Friedrichshain, on the other side of the River Spree that runs through the city. Kreuzberg With alternative culture, that goes back to the era of David Bowie's time in the city and ... marketplace, offering a traditional market three times a week, Street Food Thursday, and seasonal food festivals. If you stay in the area after dinner, then you won't be far from some of the city's best clubs. In the small hours, before heading back to your



An unlikely resurgence

Rob Palmer the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 match against Manchester City; they trail by a goal from the first leg when Ramos was sent off. It's just as Zidane likes it; his team are underdogs, just as they were the season he took over, ... the Manchester City manager. Guardiola is rightly lauded for his achievements which include two Champions League titles. Zidane could set a record by winning it for a fourth time. The revival continues.



Hotel project uncovers new parts of large Islamic cemetery in Malaga


New parts of Yabal Faruh, the largest Islamic necropolis found in Spain, with an estimated area of more than 230,000 square metres, are still being discovered beneath Malaga city. Several funeral structures and burial sites that belonged to the



Stabbed for wetting clothes hung out to dry in Malaga city


A man was arrested in Malaga on Wednesday after he allegedly stabbed a neighbour who had poured water out of his window onto some clothes that were drying on a patio below. Police were called after the confrontation escalated to involve around 20 p



Main avenue into Malaga roadwork-free for first time in more than a decade

antonio m. romero

One of Malaga city's most important avenues, the Avenida de Andalucía, is now free of roadworks for the first time in more than ten years. A ceremony, attended by regional president Juanma Moreno and the city's mayor Francisco de la Torre on ... Friday, marked the end of the surface works for the Malaga Metro service, which started in the city in 2006. Moreno and De la Torre unveiled a plaque on Friday.Salvador Salas "An enormous wound that opened up more than a decade ago is now healed," said ... Moreno. "Not only did it have a huge visual impact and cause so many problems for nearby residents, it was also something element that limited the growth of our tourist offering, our commercial development and our development as a city." A plaque was



"I used a private company and in two days the squatters had gone"


...his family owned in Malaga city during the lockdown. They said they had been told it was owned by a bank and they could rent it cheaply. They paid 1,500 euros for the keys. Manuel reported them to the police but didn't hold out much hope of success in



Junta asks to hold back Malaga city slightly on Phase One of easing of lockdown conditions


Most of Spain gets ready to move to Phase One of lockdown easing However, in its feedback to central government, the Junta believed the public health district that covers the city of Malaga and neighbouring Rincón de la Victoria needed to keep some ... eight provinces it covers move fully to Phase One, apart from the Malaga city/Rincón area and areas in and around Granada city.



Phone not a friend

Peter Edgerton

Everton 1 Salford City 0, 32 mins - this was very bad news indeed. Not because the rivals of my childhood football favourites - Liverpool - were winning, and not because - that rarest of beasts these days - a giant-killing FA cup result now looked ... capital city of Portugal/go to the pub tonight." Somebody somewhere is quite desperate to know my location at all times - it's like being married but without the good bits. And then there are all the whistles, pings, buzzes and toots that invade my space ... no location settings. I'll continue to take it out of the house only when necessary and, with any luck, my sanity will return forthwith. That match finished Everton 3 Salford City 0, by the way. Where did all the romance go?



Cuevas Bajas, Malaga city and Ronda have the most Covid-19 cases per capita


The city of Malaga, is, for obvious reasons, the municipality with the highest number of cases of coronavirus in the province. On Monday this figure was 1,671, around half of the provincial total of 3,076. However, when the number of cases is ... times its population. Less surprisingly, Malaga city is second on the list of municipalities with the most cases per capita - 2.9 for every 1,000 inhabitants. Cuevas Bajas.S. SALAS Third on the list is Ronda, with 2.86. The town has seen a higher ... city, with 133 deaths related to Covid-19. In Marbella, where on Monday 223 cases had been counted, 13 people have died. The third town in the province with the most deaths on Monday was Ronda, despite being 12th in terms of population size. Eleven



Malaga to no longer use city's athletics stadium for training


When Malaga eventually do return to training, it won't be to the city's athletics stadium - their second home for the past decade. It is set to be announced that the club will no longer make use of the Ciudad de Málaga stadium on the western edge ... of the city as part of a cost-cutting measure put in place by judicial administrator José María Muñoz. Muñoz, who must reduce costs to balance the club's books, has taken the decision as it will free up 500,000 euros annually. Though Malaga CF is



Malaga city hall rules out playing football Copa de la Reina final behind closed doors


Given the large number of sporting events which have had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, Malaga city hall councillor for Culture and Sport Noelia Losada this week told Cadena SER that the council will "try to make sure all of the events ... scheduled to take place in the city would still go ahead but on other dates". The biggest question mark hangs over the football Copa de la Reina final, scheduled to take place at La Rosaleda on 31 May (the first women's game to take place there). ... "Everything is still up in the air," she said, but stressed the city hall's good relationship with Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales and that a change of date had been discussed. However, one thing she was certain about was the council's



Hunt for infections in Malaga goes on as Red Cross cases hit 105


The coronavirus outbreak inside a Red Cross shelter in Malaga city, detected last week, has caused more infections in the last few days. On Thursday evening this week the number of positive tests had reached 105, although there were only two new



Girl held in Malaga for hitting mum over internet ban


Coronavirus has kept children away from peers and pushed them in front of screens, causing some to suffer from an overdose of them. A 15-year-old has been arrested in Malaga city for hitting her mother for turning off her router. Local Police



French students quarantined in Malaga after one tests positive for coronavirus


...who arrived in the city a few days ago for a Spanish course, SUR has learned from health service sources. After two days in the city, spent living in the Arunda student residence and doing some sightseeing, including a coach trip, the young woman ... Two new outbreaks The regional Health Ministry also reported the detection of another two local Covid-19 outbreaks in Malaga province on Sunday, taking the total to six. One is in the Malaga health district (this includes the city, Rincón de la



Experts blame mafia-style groups for the increase in squatters


Exprés says squatters should never be given money, because that just encourages them. It has also seen a big increase in business in recent months, especially in Malaga city, Marbella, Torremolinos and Benalmádena.



City tourism bosses to debate visitor tax


Tourism bosses from the public and private sectors in Malaga city are to debate the pros and cons of a tourist tax, levied on visits or overnight stays. Experts will advise whether the city should copy places such as Barcelona to cope with a large



Antonio Banderas to host 2021 Goya awards gala at his own Malaga theatre


Local actor Antonio Banderas is to stage the 2021 Goya awards ceremony (Spain's equivalent of the Oscars) in his own Soho Caixabank theatre in Malaga next February. The gala will be hosted by Banderas himself along with presenter and journalist María



Franco flag flies over city hall as Malaga time travels back to wartime


The old Spanish flag from General Franco's dictatorship flew outside Malaga city hall last Sunday as British director John Madden shot part of his latest film project, Operation Mincemeat. The Local Police were the most useful allied forces for ... flowing under the Franco-era ensign. Madden, who directed Oscar-winning film Shakespeare in Love, could be seen taking various shots of a man dressed as an official walking into city hall. The scenes were all carefully choreographed with dozens of ... vehicles and extras walking by. During one take, the man crossed the street in uniform carrying a mysterious briefcase. After several takes outside city hall, the satisfied film crew moved on to the pavement and inside the entrance to film the mysterious



Malaga high-rise city project shelved after meeting with port boss

ignacio lillo

The proposal to build a futuristic high-rise business city in Malaga port, presented by the city's mayor Francisco de la Torre a fortnight ago, has been shelved (for the time being at least). This comes following a meeting between De la Torre and



Animal welfare experts praise Malaga city's handling of its street cat colonies

ignacio lillo

Malaga was hailed as an example to other cities that humans and street cats can happily coexist at a congress held at the Unicaja Banco conference room in the city last week. Recognised animal welfare experts praised Malaga's "political will" to ... manage the problem of street cats "within the regulatory and legal framework". With a budget of 40,000 euros provided by Malaga's city council, volunteers from the Asociación Amigo Animal manage 126 stable cat colonies spread throughout the city. These



Malaga Port boss speaks out against idea of high-rise business city

I. Lillo / J. Hinojosa

The proposal to build a futuristic high-rise business city in Malaga port, presented last week, has divided opinion considerably. The project, commissioned by Malaga mayor Francisco de la Torre, has been met with opposition from residents in the



Malaga, Capital of Sport until June 2021

marina rivas

Malaga city hall's petition to have the European City of Sport distinction extended was accepted this week by ACES Europe, the body which awarded it. The city, which has seen numerous sporting events either cancelled or postponed because of the



Futuristic high-rise business city proposed for Malaga port area


The city of Malaga could be one small step closer towards becoming the great water's-edge business centre that it has long aspired to be. Architectural studio, Asenjo y Asociados, has drawn up an idea on mayor Francisco de la Torre's instructions ... for the Muelle de Heredia quay area. It would see 15 eye-catching futuristic towers going up, ranging from six to 30 storeys high. The design has been made as a natural extension of the revamped Alameda area of the historic city centre and the ... up-and-coming Soho neighbourhood. It would be divided into two phases, with the first one being the unused land strip closest to the city. Here a masterplan for the port already envisaged redevelopment but covering a smaller area. A second phase would expand



Let's work together

Peter Edgerton

...our spirits no end. Actually, it's been generally wonderful to witness people supporting local businesses around Malaga city centre recently, as the town tentatively awakens and edges its way back to some semblance of normality. I've had three ... tourism for its economic survival. Like a small business that depends too much on one big client, the city has been vulnerable for years to the damage a decline in foreign visitors would cause. So what's to be done? Well, maybe nothing. It's certainly an ... option to let things take their natural course. It's possible this would result in a gradual return of Malagueños to live in their own city centre once more, as landlords found themselves compelled to reduce rents in a saturated market. There'd be