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A show of support?

Mark Nayler

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has dismissed a case against Spain brought by two Catalan citizens who were seeking condemnation of the Spanish government's intervention in the independence referendum of October 1st 2017 (1-O). Coming just



Anne Hernández of Brexpats in Spain given MBE in Queen's birthday honours list

SUR in English

...them has been recognised in this way.” Three more MBEs come to Spain Like Anne, the other three British nationals in Spain to receive MBEs in the birthday honours list also run prominent citizens’ rights organisations.? Sue Wilson.SUR As ... citizens’ rights, including appearing in front of the Select Committee for Exiting the EU. Based in Madrid, Michael Harris is the founder and Vice-President of EuroCitizens and a British in Europe committee member. Michael Harris.SUR A long-time ... resident of Spain, and a former teacher and writer of English-language textbooks, Michael founded the grassroots organisation EuroCitizens in September 2016. The group’s purpose was, and remains, to defend the rights of UK nationals in Spain and has



Coín registers highest ever number of residents on the padrón

andrea jiménez

...increase in population also reflects an increase in the number of foreign residents registered, especially British citizens. "We are working hard to regularise the situation of many foreigners in Coín so that we are eligible for more municipal income on a



Working from home as a decisive factor in property purchases


Although some multinationals are already starting to inform their staff of their intention to return to working on-site - albeit gradually - many believe that remote working is here to stay. To what extent can this influence the real estate market?



Spain will resume vaccinations with the AstraZeneca jab next week


Spain will resume mass vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine next Wednesday (24 March) that were interrupted last Monday after blood clotting problems in some thirty EU citizens who had been inoculated with the British formula came to light. ... blood clots detected in some thirty EU citizens to the AstraZeneca vaccine. The EMA’s Committee for the Evaluation of Risks in Pharmacovigilance (PRAC) had urged the ten European countries who have suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca, including



Europe begins the authorisation process for the Russian Sputnik V vaccine


The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has started its study for the authorisation of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine for use among the European Union's 27 member states. The members of the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use will review the



Spanish military 'safe' after deadly explosions at Kabul airport


citizens and collaborators to leave the area due to the high risk of an imminent attack by ISIS. Countries like Turkey have already begun to remove their troops from Afghanistan, while Belgium and Denmark have announced the end of repatriations. France



Marbella students plea for new school from Three Kings in video message


Marbella students are asking the Three Kings for a very special gift this year - a new secondary school that they have been waiting more than ten years for to ease the current saturation of facilities. Last week the Junta de Andalucía announced a f



Spain 'will charter all the flights that are necessary' to evacuate Afghan collaborators


But the main challenge of the evacuation plan will be the more than 500 Afghan citizens who have collaborated with the Spanish Army during its mission in Afghanistan. Many of them are becoming impatient as the hours go by and they say they have not yet ... Afghan citizens who have worked for the organisation in recent years, with the aim that they are later distributed among the different countries of the bloc that offer them visas. The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrel, speaking



A basic living wage for all citizens in Spain edges closer to reality


The leader of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, also a deputy prime minister, said on Thursday that the government was putting the finishing touches to rolling out a permanent minimum living wage from May. The policy has long been held by the anticap



How to keep the Brits on the Costa del Sol

Ivan Gelibter

...year. The government should consider issuing a special visa for non-resident property owners Sources such as Brexpats in Spain (an association for UK citizens in Andalucía) have said that in December 2020 there had been an influx of British people who ... living) agree. According to the data from Mijas, the number of UK citizens in the municipality has increased by almost ten per cent. According to these sources, the majority of these British people already had a second home on the Costa del Sol, but not ... all of them did. Some decided to buy a home here in order to retire within the Schengen area, and selected Malaga province as the best place to be. British citizens with no access to the health care system are worried about how to get their Covid



Adapted bathing area to offer safety for seniors

Tony Bryant

Fuengirola town hall has installed an adapted bathing area for senior citizens on the Playa San Francisco, the most central stretch of the beach. The facility, which will remain until 30 September, is divided into three sections and offers elements ... to facilitate access to the sea, along with 22 semi-submerged seats and a cordoned off area where senior citizens can swim safely. The area will also be monitored by official life guards in order to offer extra security. The installation and



University project aims to involve citizens in local research in Rincón de la Victoria


Rincón de la Victoria town hall signed an agreement earlier this week with the University of Malaga's foundation, FGUMA, to roll out a yearlong project which aims to involve citizens across Malaga province. FGUMA's objective is to bring the ... classroom to all citizens and not just university students by running a series of courses and workshops outside of its city campuses. In Rincón de la Victoria, the initiative will investigate ways to regenerate and protect marine life along the town's



Collectives vow to keep fighting to protect citizens' rights in Brexit deal

Jennie Rhodes

As Britons living in Spain and across the EU27, as well as EU citizens living in the UK, come to terms with the reality of Brexit following last Thursday's election, groups representing them are beginning to plan for the future. Far from giving ... up, collectives including Bremain in Spain, British in Europe and The Three Million, which represents EU citizens in the UK, issued statements to assure followers that they will be continuing to campaign on their behalves. British in Europe and The ... Brexit but stands to protect people's rights, said she was personally "resigned" to Brexit but added, "With all my determination to get the best possible outcome for us as citizens in the EU." Hernández said, "We shall be needing the support of Spain and



The first plane from Afghanistan arrives back in Spain


Spain has begun the repatriation of Spanish citizens and their Afghan collaborators - trapped by the rise to power of the Taliban after the withdrawal of international troops - from Kabul's international airport. On Wednesday, a Spanish Air Force



"The vast majority of British citizens living here are angry about the Brexit situation"

Héctor Barbotta

Brexit. Are more British citizens coming to you for advice because the UK is leaving the European Union? It's still important to be prepared, despite delay, says ambassador Yes, there is more interest. Many British people come to us because they ... want an appointment with the police to apply for their registration certificate as a citizen of the European Union. That's the equivalent of a residence permit for EU citizens. It is essential that they have this certificate, or have applied for it, ... before Brexit occurs so they are covered during the transition period. What is the transition period? A period that expires on 31 December 2020, after which British citizens will be considered the same as those from non-EU countries. The General Law



Masking for a friend

Peter Edgerton

Walking around Malaga this week, I looked on, agog, at the wide and varied attitudes to compulsory mask-wearing. You can learn a lot about people from their mask habits, let me tell you. To be fair, most citizens are sporting the uncomfortable



Gibraltar and La Línea keen to collaborate on culture

Gibraltar and La Línea de la Concepción, the town the other side of the border in Spain, are looking at ways in which the two places could collaborate through culture for the benefit of their citizens and artistic communities. On Thursday La



Age Concern to open new social club for senior citizens in Arroyo de la Miel

Tony Bryant our volunteers, say hello to old friends and get to know new ones," secretary Steve Marshall told SUR in English. Age Concern Fuengirola/Mijas began in 2014 with the intent of helping senior citizens combat loneliness and isolation, and along ... with its four social clubs, the charity also organises an annual fundraising challenge. The challenges are designed to demonstrate that senior citizens can still enjoy adventure pastimes and an active social life. Previous events have included a skydive



Coronavirus crisis. Spain to declare 'state of alarm'

Paula de las heras

State of alarm - what does this mean? The "estado de alarma" regime gives the government the power to restrict movement of citizens for up to two weeks. Pedro Sánchez said on Friday that the measure was designed to protect the population. "The



More details released of law to allow expats 'votes for life' in UK elections


The British government has set out more detail on plans to scrap the rule that prevents UK citizens from voting in General Elections if they have lived abroad for more than 15 years. All British citizens living overseas who have been previously ... form part of the Elections Bill to be voted on by MPs in the UK parliament. British Ambassador Hugh Elliott, said, "In an increasingly connected world, most British citizens living in Spain retain deep ties to the UK. Many still have family there, ... worked there for many years, and some have even fought for our country." British citizens resident in Spain can also vote in local municipal elections in Spain once they have been resident for more than three years.



Citizens' rights campaigner to stand for Mijas council in municipal elections

Tony Bryant

A Mijas-based expat known for her continuous efforts to protect the rights of British citizens living in Spain has decided to stand for election in the municipal elections in May. Anne Hernández was approached to stand for a seat on the council ... British citizens when the UK leaves the EU. She believes that foreign residents in Mijas have seen that an important change is necessary and she has promised to campaign to secure the "unswerving support" of local councils. A voice for Brits "I have



Some Gib locals can vote in upcoming UK election

Debbie Bartlett

British citizens who moved from the UK to Gibraltar in the past 15 years will be able to vote in the British general election on 12 December. They can register to vote in the UK as an overseas voter as long as they are a British or eligible Irish



UK government reminds citizens about six-month passport rule


The UK government has reminded British nationals living in Spain that if Britain leaves the EU without a deal new passport validity rules will apply. For travel from the UK to most EU countries (including Spain) British citizens will need to have



UK parliament votes to ringfence citizens' rights, regardless of deal

Jennie Rhodes

The House of Commons has passed the amendment to the UK Withdrawal Agreement that seeks to ringfence rights for Britons living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK, regardless of the circumstances under which the exit eventually occurs. The ... the son of Italian immigrants, said that citizens "should never have been used as a bargaining chip" and that "ringfencing" their rights "should have been done at the outset" of Brexit negotiations. His amendment, which calls for the part of the ... withdrawal agreement that includes citizens' rights to be implemented at "the earliest opportunity", regardless of the outcome of negotiations, gained cross-party support. Costa thanked the umbrella group British in Europe, which represents Britons living



"I appreciate people are anxious but my message would be one of reassurance"

Rachel Haynes

citizens. A Brexit deal: "I'm still optimistic ... I don't pretend this is easy but we're working hard to find a way through this"Citizens' rights: "Britain and Spain have a shared understanding of wanting to make sure that people are protected"Gibraltar: ... transition period, which gives us time to give stability to business and citizens; it minimises disruption and means that we can go ahead and negotiate a free-trade agreement to establish a clear framework for our future relationship with the EU. Many ... with groups representing British citizens in Spain including in Andalucía. I know that my colleagues at the consulate in Malaga are making a huge effort to give people all the information they need. It does mean changes, people have got to make certain



New UK Ambassador meets with pro-EU groups


The new British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, met last week with members of three pro-EU groups of UK nationals in Spain: Bremain in Spain, Brexpats Hear our Voice and EuroCitizens. They discussed the issues affecting British residents in Spain ... British Ambassador to Spain. We have had frank conversations and I have learned a lot about what matters to our citizens living here, and how people feel. I and my team will continue to work hard to address any outstanding issues." Sue Wilson, Chair of



Ministry of Health admits the Covid situation in Spain is 'very delicate'


...coronavirus vaccination schedule, which is 54.7 per cent of the population. A total of 30.8 million citizens, 65 per cent of the population, have received at least one dose. In those over 40 years of age, 92 per cent have at least one dose and 86 per cent



Citizens' groups in EU27 react angrily to draft Brexit deal

Jennie Rhodes

Citizens' groups representing Britons abroad have reacted "with anger and disappointment" to the draft Brexit deal which Theresa May's cabinet approved on Wednesday evening. British in Europe, which is an umbrella organisation representing British ... people's rights with regards to Brexit, issued a statement on Thursday morning while MPs debated the 585-page draft document in the House of Commons. Jane Golding, co-chair of British in Europe said, "We were told in March that citizens' rights were a ... referendum and that is what we will deliver". She also stated that there were "no plans for no Brexit" but that in the event of a no deal, the rights of EU citizens already living in the UK "would be protected". The rights of British citizens living in the



Brexpats in Spain holds its latest event to answer UK citizens' questions on the Brexit process

Tony Bryant

...they were "not only British, but citizens of Benalmádena and part of the community." British Chamber of Commerce in Spain shares its concern with the UK's ambassador Ana Scherman expressed her concerns about the outcome of Brexit, claiming that ... areas that seemed to be causing the most confusion, like citizens' rights, pensions and healthcare, which, she stressed, have been prioritised in the withdrawal agreement. However, Arbouin warned of the possible dangers for British nationals who were not ... legally registered, then little will change at the moment. The Spanish government and local town halls are working to ensure that citizens' rights do not change. Equally, it is your legal obligation to register correctly if you live here permanently," the



Enough is enough

Ivan Gelibter

...taking a new swipe at our rights as citizens. The first state of alarm brought in due to the pandemic - and perhaps the second - had a justified reason and saved thousands of lives, whatever the Constitutional Court - whose members should have retired