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A crazy week


...from China, whether bathroom fittings or steak knives. But Trump should know that outsourcing is not a guarantee of success. The catastrophic Trump Vodka was made in Germany and bombed spectacularly, probably because marketing tradition dictates that



For all the tees in China

Rob Palmer

Player of the Year grabs the office globe which he was using to track the club's complicated world tour and sticks a pin into China. The globe bursts but Bale needs no translation. Later that afternoon the stressed star sits down for a cup of tea with ... his new wife. "Yaki da." This quashes the myth that he isn't bi-lingual. "Emma my love, I know we were going to discuss the wedding album, but we need to speak about my job. They want me to transfer to China." Once he's picked up the broken Welsh ... this is Gareth Bale, do you speak English?" "Hello Mr Bale. Yes sir, here at the club we speak many languages with those who honour us by playing here." A beaming Bale responds "Brilliant. I hear Shanqin is the best club in the whole of China. I'd



Fujitsu plant in Malaga working to avoid temporary layoffs as a result of coronavirus

NURIA TRIGUERO, has 336 employees. Bosses believe that some of its production lines (the firm assembles electronic components) could grind to a halt in the next few days as parts are not arriving from China. Plant director, Blanca Hermana, recognised on ... of [Wednesday] we calculate that the first shut down we will have to do is on 11 March," added Hermana. She explained that the Malaga factory has found it hard to get parts and raw materials from China since the start of the year. "Chinese New Year



Ericsson bans its 200 staff from PTA tech park over coronavirus fears

francisco gutiérrez / ángel escalera

...infected. Seville patient is first Spanish case of infection not linked to Italy or China Two people who had recently been to northern Italy and displayed flu-like symptoms were put into isolation at Malaga’s main Hospital Regional on Monday. By



The coronavirus outbreak sees up to 14,000 high-spending Chinese cancel Costa trips

Pilar Martínez

The alarm raised over the spread of the coronavirus by the World Health Organization has also caused concern among the tourism sector on the Costa del Sol as airlines stop flying to Europe from China. The head of the Andalusian travel agents' ... These cancellations are particularly important for the area as Chinese customers are higher than average spenders on accommodation and services. Travel agents are also feeling the reverse effects as Spaniards are not going to China either "We're ... particularly worried as we don't know how long this will go on for," explained García. He also added that travel agents are feeling the reverse effect with Spaniards not going to China on holiday either. "Today I've cancelled three tickets to Shanghai, a trip



Chinese companies on Costa count the cost of coronavirus


...park close to the airport, are still being affected, Chen claims. These are starting to run out of stock as the ships aren't leaving China. "On the industrial estate there is very little movement. Imports have halted due to the scarcity of goods. There ... it's hardly any fewer," adding that there is no risk to potential customers at all in Chinese restaurants. Meanwhile, other businesses in the Malaga area that buy and sell goods and services to or from China are being hit. Data shows 348 million euros ... in goods was imported from China to the area last year and 185 local companies sold a record 134 million euros. Pork exporters at risk The biggest exporters at risk are those selling processed meat products, principally pork. These make up 75 per



The great wine wall of China

ANDREW J. LINN temperature and toasted almonds make a perfect accompaniment. Around 7 euros. When French oenologist Denis Dubourdieu declared a few years ago that Chile is the El Dorado of winemaking and China is a basket case, many experts agreed with him, ... including the legendary Michel Rolland. No one argued with the assumption that the north of the country was too cold for vines and the south too tropical, so clearly China would always be an importer but never a producer. Right? Wrong! The boss of China ... bodegas, Changyu Moser XI, go overseas, some to European winemaking countries. Indeed, China could eventually be self-sufficient in wine.



Spain, champions of the world

amador gómez Japan 2006. This time the success was less expected as Spain had not started the competition in China as favourites and struggled to get through the first rounds. The absence through injury of Pau Gasol was not, in the end, the handicap that would