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Star chefs bring children into the kitchen

Nieves Castro

Some of Spain's best chefs have joined forces to take part in Chefs & Kids, an initiative in aid of the children's charity Aldeas Infantiles and endorsed by the town of Marbella and the Diputación de Málaga. Martín Berasategui, Ángel León, Eneko ... one star each) and Diego del Río. The events are organised by the Avalon company and will start in the morning of 21 May with culinary workshops at los Monteros, Marbella. The 24 participating chefs will work with children from the Aldeas Infantiles ... centre in Malaga and several schools in Marbella. These kitchen greats will teach the children to recognise textures, ingredients and, what is most difficult, try to pass on their passion for cooking. The chefs and children will also take part in a



La Cónsula cooks up its new stars


A prestigious catering college outside Malaga looks set to once again be an incubator for top Michelin-starred chefs. The Junta de Andalucía regional government and Malaga city council have promised to work together to restore the outstanding



Michelin muddle


People have still not got the hang of this Michelin nonsense, so, once and for all, repeat in unison: there is no such thing as a 'Michelin chef'. The Michelin Guide, love it or hate it, awards its prized stars to restaurants, never to chefs or ... cooks or whatever. However, the chefs themselves understandably prefer to be called 'Michelin chefs', rather than be referred to as 'chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants'. WINE OF THE WEEK Vía De La Plata Cava This wine shows good cava can be made ... 'Michelin chefs' were visiting Malaga. A reader quite sensibly made it clear that this would be impossible, and pointed out the above facts. The reply went something like this: "I am aware that Michelin stars are granted to restaurants and not to people.



The intoxicating creativity of Marian Beke


(including an Anne Sémonin Paris spa) and gourmet menus designed by Michelin-star chefs. It's surely set to raise the bar for visitors' expectations of the Costa del Sol. Cocktail inspiration It's here, at the resort's main bar that I met with Marian



A delicious tribute to unsung heroes


...very special event. Nearly 50 chefs from all over Spain came to thank the volunteers of the Child Oncology Volunteers Association (AVOI) for their daily dedication to ensuring that children and their families do not feel alone while they are in ... chefs association to mark the 25 years that the AVOI members have been providing this invaluable service. Sergio Garrido, the chef who is the organisation's representative in Andalucía, began to plan the event six months ago. The volunteers, who came ... volunteers that it was just an outing to celebrate the years that the association had been in existence. At the celebration, the 45 chefs who had come from Granada, Caleta de Vélez, Palmones (Cadiz), San Pedro Alcántara, San Sebastián and Almeria cooked



Women grab the pan by the handle


chefs whose names may be more familiar, such as Joan Roca, Dani García and David Muñoz. Many of them discovered cookery thanks to their mothers, who traditionally toiled over a hot stove and from whom they learned the skills that have made them famous. ... But what about the women? There must be hundreds of successful female chefs but their names don't spring to mind because few women are well-known in the field of gastronomy. They are in the minority at conferences and competitions, in photo sessions, ... with the best price-quality ratio recommended by the guide), but that is still a minority. Association It was for this reason that Guadalupe Montejo decided to grab the frying pan by the handle and set up 'Amuco', the association of female chefs in



Chef to chocolatier; Scotland to Spain

Jennie Rhodes

...knew he needed a slower pace of life. "Working in kitchens is such high pressure," says Sam, explaining why it is not uncommon for chefs to suffer from heart attacks, bouts of depression and even contemplate or indeed commit suicide. "I have



Repsol unites its 'suns' in Malaga


...thirty chefs from across Andalucía. “We're starting the tour in Malaga because we have seen how it is awakening, it is very powerful, there is a lot of talent and much attention to the raw materials,” explained the director of the Repsol Guide, María ... The Repsol Technology Centre is behind the innovative fabric that is stainproof, allows liquid spills to slide off and resists heat. The Andalusians who wore it yesterday included the Malaga chefs whose restaurants have been honoured with one 'sol':



The Michelin stars pay tribute to Arzak


...reconstructed that same dish at a dinner in Marbella, which was held as part of the A Cuatro Manos gastronomy conference so that many of Spain's greatest chefs could pay tribute to Juan Mari Arzak. They had been wanting to do this since 2014, but he was strongly ... modern Spanish gastronomy, is also considered by many of the Michelin-starred chefs in this country as a true 'aita', which means 'father' in Basque. “What is happening today is very moving for us and I am delighted for him because he deserves it. I ... have experienced his energy all my life and seen how much he loves cooking and the respect he has for his colleagues. What better way could there be to pay tribute to him than for his fellow chefs to hold a party like this?” said Elena Arzak, herself a



Dani García presents 'A 4 manos'

sur in english

The fifth edition of the 'A 4 Manos' gastronomy days will be a tribute to the pioneer of Basque nouvelle cuisine, Juan Mari Arzak, announced Dani García at the presentation of the event last week. Some of the greatest chefs in Spain will each