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Long-awaited Costa train extension is left out of national budget plan


Any hope that the rail extension from Fuengirola to Marbella would be carried out as part of EU Covid-19 spending appeared to be dashed this week. The government has included just 82,930 euros for an ongoing study of the long-hoped-for scheme in



Junta rules in favour of Benalmádena in El Higuerón land grab dispute

ALBERTO GÓMEZ to reach out to his counterpart, Ana Mula (PP), to "open a line of dialogue" so that the transfer of the land can be carried out "without incident", since there are residents and businesses in the area "for whom we don't want to cause uncertainty".



Surgeons warn of the risk of low-cost weight loss operations carried out abroad

Ángel Escalera

...private hospital in Malaga, where the complete process is likely to range from 14,000 to 15,000 euros. The problem is that bariatric surgery is complicated and should only be carried out by experienced surgeons who are authorised to carry out this type ... carried out in accredited and solvent hospitals. "No patient needs to leave Malaga to undergo surgery for obesity, because in both the health service and the private sector there are highly-trained professionals and guarantees of quality," says César ... Ramírez. He stresses that with these patients surgery is a last resort and should only take place if an endocrinologist recommends it. It must be carried out with very safe technology, and he says the surgeon who carries out the operation should be the



Junta to limit private gatherings to six people in Andalucía


...heightened, said Aguirre. Mass testing Further measures focus on towns and villages with contagion figures of more than 500 per 100,000 inhabitants over a 14-day period. Mass testing will be carried out, announced spokesman and regional minister, Elías ... Bendodo. Highly reliable rapid tests will be used, said Bendodo, and the measure will affect the small towns of Sierra de Yeguas and Villanueva de la Concepción in the province of Malaga. In the rest of the region the testing will be carried out in



More than 1,400 in-car Covid tests carried out in Axarquía area


The east of Malaga-Axarquía district health authority released statistics on Monday on the number of 'auto-Covid' tests it has carried out since the start of the pandemic. It said that 1,443 tests had been done up to last week with patients who



Concerns raised that coastal path works have affected Río Real archaeological site

Héctor Barbotta

Andalusian regional government and the local administration that the clearing work carried out on the seafront to the south of the Río Real Playa residential development, some 200 metres long, is where the Phoenician site of Río Real is located. According ... to the association, on initial inspection you can see that stones and ceramic remains that appear to correspond to the same historic period of the site have been disturbed. The work was carried out by machinery, so the group has sent a note to both ... the town hall and the Culture department of the Junta to ask if it was carried out under archaeological supervision, as the area is included within the boundaries of the site, as well as in the protection area of the no longer valid PGOU approved in



Laguna Village shopping complex in Estepona 'burned to the ground' in forest fire

fernando torres / europa press

...with wild fires were involved in the operation. photos Gallery Flames engulf popular Estepona leisure spot According to sources consulted, the flames originated in forest land north of the A-7 but strong winds in the area at the time carried ... them south, setting fire to one of the buildings in the Laguna Village complex, where the roofs are made of wood. According to witnesses, the flames then carried from one building to another, helped by the wind, before reaching the Kempinski hotel.