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No money for carnival competition prizes


The traditional competition for the carnival's musical groups has been cancelled because the council cannot afford the prize money. Putting on the event, which was due to take place on 6,7, 8 and 13 March at the Príncipe de Asturias auditorium,


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A messy centuries-old celebration for carnival


This weekend in Alozaina, and from Sunday until Tuesday in Tolox, the annual carnival celebrations take place. These two towns have a tradition which started in the nineteenth century but possibly dates back 400 years before that. In Alozaina


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Flamboyant Drag Queen Gala to kick off Torremolinos Carnival

Tony Bryant

The fourth edition of the Gala Drag Queen del Carnival Gay will be held in Torremolinos on Saturday 15 February from 8pm. This colourful event is organised by the ACOGAT, gay business owners' association of Torremolinos, and the cultural department ... top LGBT artistes, including outrageous boy band Butchqueens; and Dácil Suárez, the flamboyant singer who opened the Gala Drag Carnival in Las Palmas in 2019. The event will be held in the Principe de Asturias auditorium at 8.30pm and it promises to ... the 2020 edition of the Torremolinos carnival.


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A pagan festival to mark the beginning of Lent


Carnival, or Carnaval as it is called in Spanish, takes place every year close to the beginning of Lent. The date of Carnival is variable but traditionally it starts on 'jueves lardero' (sometimes 'jueves gordo': fat Thursday) and finishes on the ... following Tuesday. Although Carnival probably arose from a pagan festival, it is celebrated throughout the world in mainly Catholic cultures. In Spain it is a very popular event with gaudy and ostentatious processions, satirical songs, drag queens and ... Carnival procession is on Sunday, 23 February which will leave the Plaza de Fray Alonso de Santo Tomás at 5.30pm and end at the Plaza de la Merced. On 28 February is the Procession of the Gods starting at midday in the Plaza de la Constitución. It will





...thong during a raunchy dance routine right in front of them. Except, that is, once a year. Carnival time means that for a couple of weeks everyone can be something they're not, or for once be what they really are. They can bring out the fancy dress, ... Constitución. The drag queen gala is just one of numerous events staged during carnival celebrations which attract a varied audience of all ages, all out to enjoy the fun. Even though Malaga's carnival festivities are much less important than its Holy Week ... same word as 'disguise', or a mask during carnival time traditionally implies added confidence to do what would normally be frowned upon thanks to a level of anonymity. Masquerading as something or someone you're not is all well and good within the


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Colourful carnival celebrations reach their climax

Tony Bryant

The annual carnival celebrations are coming to a climax in Andalucía, but there is still chance to catch a few of the remaining colourful galas and parades. This weekend, Malaga will host the annual Drag Queen Gala, a flamboyant and extremely visual ... competition where dozens of outrageously-attired drag queens compete for the title of Carnival Drag Queen 2019. The event takes place in the Plaza de la Constitución at 9pm on Friday (today). INFORMATION Malaga. Carnival Drag Queen Gala: Plaza de la ... Constitución, Friday 1 March, 9pm. Parade of the Gods: Plaza de la Constitución, Saturday 2 March, 6pm. Battle of the Flowers: Calle Larios, Saturday 2 March, 7.30pm. Gran Boqueroná: Playa Malagueta, Sunday 3 March, 8pm. Benalmádena. Carnival Drag Queen Gala:



The greatest show on Earth?

Rob Palmer

...nothing else in football. It's a carnival, an outpouring of emotion and this year it was a political rally. The colour, passion and verve are quite spectacular. Sadly, the football on the pitch didn't match the sensational surroundings.



Malaga lights up for Carnival


Coinciding with the start of the traditional group theatre competitions, Malaga town hall switched on the lights in the town centre on Thursday evening. The lights utilise the great arc constructed in Calle Larios for the Christmas lights, and the



Carnival fish 'spared' in EDAR protest


Organisers of this year's carnival in Nerja used the traditional burning of the 'chanquete', which forms the final act of the annual event, as another protest over the town's incomplete sewage treatment plant (EDAR). This year the fish was paraded ... throughout the streets during Nerja's carnival on top of a open sewer pipe with raw sewage spilling out. “Brilliant idea” The organisers explained during the parade that for the first time in the carnival's history, the fish “wouldn't be burned until it ... involves taking the model 'chanquete' (a small fish served up in local restaurants) to the Calahonda beach where it is set alight. Winners of the carnival's fancy dress competitions, who traditionally dress in black to mourn the end of the carnival period,