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Sustainable travel

Andrew Forbes

...he could help his wider family and save a little too. The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with the Republic of Haiti - one Caribbean island yet two very different nations. The Dominican Republic has focused on creating a stable, ... investment-friendly economy which has wholeheartedly embraced tourism. The World Travel & Tourism Council suggests that foreign visitors contribute up to 17.2 per cent to the economy, which is one of the biggest and fastest growing in the Caribbean. Yet it's neighbour ... impossible to escape the problem of rubbish and litter. It's the most visited country in the Caribbean, and despite having a waste collection infrastructure, I saw disturbing amounts of waste, including plastic, dumped by the sides of the roads. Being an





Fisherman's tavern is right by the boardwalk leading to the shell island of Fadiouth. Wide selection of fish, seafood and traditional Senegalese cuisine. Chez Rasta, Lagune de la Somone, Saly Here the Caribbean and Africa collide



Invader birds


Caribbean image that these birds have brought with them; it might be very bright and cheerful for a while, but ask the residents who have to put up with them day after day. And that’s all without mentioning the spread of disease and the financial risk if



Sky Princess debuts in Malaga

Andrew Forbes through interactive screens throughout the liner; and personalise their experiences on board. Sky Princess is now crossing the Atlantic on a repositioning cruise, ready for its winter itineraries in the Caribbean. More information -


What to do

The Film Symphony Orchestra arrives in Andalucía

Tony Bryant

...popular Hollywood movies of the last few decades, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic World, Star Wars, Back to the Future and Willow. The orchestra will perform just four dates in Andalucía, the first of which will be at the Príncipe



The insider guide to Havana

Andrew Forbes and residential district, the hotel’s position on a small hill means visitors have superb views across the city, bay and the Caribbean. Hotel Nacional de Cuba is a national monument, but I can’t help but feel it has become a bit of pastiche of its



Havana turns 500

Andrew Forbes

Caribbean metropolis. From the guest room window, I had a privileged perspective of La Habana Viaja, the Unesco World Heritage historical centre of Cuba’s sprawling maritime capital. The warm tropical breeze carried up to the window the smell of motorbike ... hurricanes that sweep across the Caribbean. On first impression, the dereliction and decay of Old Havana lends the city a weathered beauty. An exotic, romantic atmosphere that is amplified by the classic cars, and the sounds of Cuban tunes and rhythms ... day here with breakfast in the Confluencias restaurant, with the Caribbean sunlight bouncing off the mirrors and crystal chandeliers, I had found it hard to imagine that I was staying in a Communist country that rationed food to residents. The generous



The culinary magic of a good tomato 'sofrito'


(Brazil, Antilles and Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina ...). Although umami was not defined until 1909 by the Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda, the ability of glutamate and other amino acids, present in many foods, to enhance and harmonise the



Balearic bliss

Andrew Forbes

...reached for a day trip from Ibiza on the regular ferry. In summer its white sandy beaches, sheltered bays and shallow waters look like a scene from the Caribbean. The Formentera crowd is a mix of day-trippers, bohemian holidaymakers and the


What to do

Cuban cabaret comes to life in Malaga

Antonio Javier López

...the city, at the Cortijo de Torres fairground, for five weeks. The show brings together 36 Caribbean performers. "This is a story that proves that if we're united, we can achieve our goals. In life, if you fight for something together, you can ... Caribbean island. Tickets for a show exclusively for SUR readers on 24 May, 7pm, are available from Oferplan.



Reinventing the all-inclusive

Andrew Forbes

...trees. A. Forbes This was my first time visiting the Dominican Republic, one of the more than two dozen nations that make up the Caribbean archipelagos of hundreds of islands. This is a Spanish-speaking Caribbean country that together with its neighbour, ... the French Creole-speaking Republic of Haiti, shares Hispaniola - the Spanish island, so called following the arrival of navigator and colonist Christopher Columbus in 1492. It's the second biggest, and most populous island in the Caribbean. Punta ... Cana I was staying at the newly re-opened Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar hotel, one of the finest complexes in the tourist destination of Punta Cana, on the island's hugely popular Bavaro Beach - an attractive Caribbean scene of white sand, azure sea and



The Directory: Caribbean all-inclusive resorts

Andrew Forbes

Costa Mujeres (Mexico) TRS Coral Hotel Costa Mujeres is a few hours south east of the bohemian coastal enclave of Holbox, and about 30 minutes drive north from Cancún on Mexico's Caribbean coast. It's a more tranquil alternative to Cancún's ... the World' property with a Caribbean beach of white coral sand, is raising the bar for all-inclusive in the Caribbean. Guests not only have access to the hotel's exclusive à la carte bars and restaurants, but also to all the facilities, services and ... for visitors looking for Caribbean resorts close to upscale boutiques, restaurants and a lively nightlife. Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún is an adults-only 'sensorial lifestyle resort', where everything has been designed to indulge the senses, from



Royal Caribbean unveils its first vessel for the Chinese market in Malaga

Pilar Martínez

Cruise line Royal Caribbean chose Malaga this week to unveil its first ship dedicated to the lucrative Asian market. Spectrum of the Seas will be based in Shanghai and recently left a German shipbuilders for the long journey to China. The cruise ... Spain for Royal Caribbean, Sergio Arévalo, and the head of Malaga port, Carlos Rubio. “Both the port and the city of Malaga are key for Royal Caribbean, which is why we’ve decided to unveil our new ships to the world here, as we did last year with



Royal Caribbean to unveil new Spectrum of the Seas liner in Malaga

Pilar Martínez

Cruise company, Royal Caribbean, has chosen Malaga as the first stop for its new liner, Spectrum of the Seas, which will dock in the city's port on 16 April straight from German shipbuilders, Meyer Werft. The company is promoting this latest ... addition, which will be in the city during Holy Week, as the most technologically advanced yet in its fleet. In recent years Royal Caribbean has chosen Malaga as first port for new ships and last year it hosted Symphony of the Seas, the largest ever built



The peak cruising season will bring around 180,000 passengers to Malaga

Pilar Martínez

...the first time, including Royal Caribbean's new 'Spectrum of the Seas', for whom Malaga will be the first stop after leaving the shipyard. This giant of the seas will arrive on 16 April, during Holy Week. Another landmark this season will be the



Ten of the best winter escapes

Andrew Forbes

The Caribbean remains the perennial choice for a winter escape; and if you fancy spicing things up a little then take advantage of the low-cost flights, from Spanish hubs like Madrid, to Cuba, the island home of salsa. Here visitors can stay with a



Winter breaks, the insider guide

Andrew Forbes the Caribbean? For an authentic travel experience, it has to be Cuba. Kempinski's new hotel captures the romance of Old Havana. Its fabulous roof terrace is not to be missed. CYPRUS: Cyprus is one of the warmest islands in the Mediterranean



A tiny, but unwelcome visitor turns up in Marbella


...places and just have not been sighted," added the biologist. The electric ant normally lives in warm, humid climates, like those found in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific islands and northeast Australia. They are often found around coffee and cocoa