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Putting off the kilos

Ángel Escalera

Although the link between cancer and obesity is more than proven scientifically, it seems that people still don't recognise the importance of reducing kilos in order to lengthen life. While in the so-called Third World, people continue to die of ... second biggest cause of cancer worldwide. Many of those tumours could be avoided by eating healthier food and doing more exercise to reduce weight and calories. The problem is that many people don't lift a finger and stuff themselves with fattening ... products. Based on the data we have available, being sedentary kills more often than going to war. Those who spend their days stuck on the sofa are much more at risk of suffering from cancer, a heart complication or a metabolic disorder. They are cannon



“We should never think that if we have cancer it's our own fault”


...she has been studying cancer for nearly 30 years now and is considered one of the greatest experts on the disease in Europe. Blasco, who was tutored by Margarita Salas, under whose guidance she obtained her doctorate in biochemistry and molecular ... Although she supports the idea of individuals being involved in the fight against cancer, and she stresses the importance of finding private donors to finance clinical studies and projects, Blasco doesn't mince her words when talking about the cutbacks ... imposed by the government in the State Research Plans: “Research is the only way of finding new treatments in the future for illnesses which are killing us now,” she says. What does ageing have to do with developing cancer? Cancer is an illness



Imbroda's biggest challenge yet


...was experiencing almost cost him his life. He had prostate cancer. “It was grade 10, the most aggressive and with metastasis,” he says. “My wife told me this was the one match I really had to win, and that's what I'm doing”How could that have ... happened? All medical studies which have been carried out have associated prevention of cancer with physical exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle. Imbroda, who was the national basketball coach and trainer in the ACB league for 17 seasons with teams ... mentally to deal with it,” he says. One year on, he is clear of cancer and all the signs are normal. He feels able to talk about his experience and wants to do so, “in case it helps”, in the same way that he has tackled the cancer during these months:



David Radford, 1932 - 2018


David Radford, one of the best known expats in Fuengirola, died of cancer in the Costa del Sol Hospital on 9 January, the day before his 86th birthday. Originally from Burton-on-Trent, David started his career as a cabin steward with BOAC, rising



Cancer support group in English starts next Friday at Costa del Sol hospital


A new cancer support group for English-speakers is to be launched next Friday at 5pm at the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella. The meetings are aimed at all patients, relatives and friends whose lives have been touched by cancer, either currently ... regarding a range of issues, from wigs and make-up to transportation. In association with Cudeca cancer care hospice foundation, phone help facilities will be made available to group members. Future group meetings will be held on the last Friday of each



First English-speaking Cancer Support Group meeting in Marbella


The first meeting of the Cancer Support Group in Marbella took place last week on Friday 26 of January in the cafeteria of the Hospital Costa del Sol. The event was hosted by Marion Winter, the group’s coordinator, and Susan Hannam from the local



Healthy lifestyle habits could prevent four out of ten cases of cancer


...cases of cancer could be prevented, according to the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM). However, people need to be persuaded to follow this advice, just as in the battle against smoking. The report was published ahead of World Cancer Day, ... Cancer. Over 7,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Malaga province in 2017 Dr Vera also says there is a lack of awareness in Spain that smoking can cause other cancers, such as in the mouth, stomach and oesophagus. Tobacco causes one-third of ... all tumours. “A healthy lifestyle is very important, and we also have other preventive tools such as the vaccine against cervical cancer, and screening for breast and colon cancer. We are also finding out more about the molecular changes



Making music to assist cancer care

Tony Bryant circuit. The year before moving to Spain, Steve recorded a single called No Good Blues for the Macmillan nurses in the UK, and this was to initiate his passion for raising funds for cancer research. “Macmillan did a wonderful job with my ... father before he died of cancer, and I decided to try to do something in return. The song did quite well and we raised around 3,000 pounds,” Steve says. Steve and his wife, Sandie, came to the Costa del Sol in 2001, after falling in love with the area



A name to honour a young boy's wish

Tony Bryant

The stage name, One Wish Steve, derived from the musician's involvement with a UK- based cancer charity called One Wish. Steve recorded a song to raise funds for a young boy called Mitchell, who was in need of treatment for neuroblastoma cancer



Queen Letizia speaks at Madrid Cancer Forum

sur in english

Queen Letizia was guest speaker at the 6th Forum Against Cancer in Madrid on Thursday, organised by the Spanish cancer association, AECC. She is pictured above with the presidents of the AECC and its Scientific Foundation, the Health minister



Over 7,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Malaga province in 2017

sur in english

The incidence of cancer is still increasing, and so is the cure. Last year 7,406 new cases were diagnosed in Malaga province, which was slightly higher than the 7,334 diagnosed in 2016. These figures are from the Observatory of Cancer in Spain, ... which was presented by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) earlier this week. In Malaga there are 455 cases of cancer per 100,000 inhabitants, which is below the Spanish average of 491. Of the 7,406 cases diagnosed in the province last year, ... 4,478 were men and 2,928 women. Nationally, 228,482 new cases of tumors were diagnosed (not including non-melanoma skin cancer), of which 137,234 were in men and 91,248 in women. In both sexes, the most common cancer among the Spanish population was



New MRI machine signifies end of referrals for Axarquía patients


...allow for “faster and better results with improved precision and quality.” The MRI machine will be used to help detect diseases related to the brain and heart, as well as prostate and breast cancer. It will also allow surgeons to plan surgery and



Food and drinks are to contain ten per cent less sugar, fat and salt


...and various types of cancer. Manufacturers have promised that by 2020 they will have reduced the added sugars in soft drinks, sweetened fruit juices, dairy products and sauces by ten per cent, and by 18 per cent in mayonnaise. However, the reduction



Acute leukemia in children is being cured in 90 per cent of cases

ÁNGEL ESCALERA the Materno Infantil hospital, Ángeles Palomo, at a demonstration held on the main steps outside the hospital to mark International Childhood Cancer Day. Last year 76 new cases of tumours were diagnosed in children at the hospital (22 acute ... director of the provincial board of the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC), Pedro González, was organised by the associations and foundations which form the 'Agrupación Unidos contra el Cáncer' platform. A statement was read out, calling for more ... donor). Worldwide, the survival rate of children with cancer is about 80 per cent, said the head of the paediatric oncology unit at the Materno, Ana Benito. The great challenge for doctors is the number of paediatric patients who don't respond to



Great chronicler of the Civil War

...after her death in 1998, when Temas de Hoy released a translated version which, on the front cover, referred to her marriage with Brenan to attract readers. She died of cancer in 1968 and is buried in the English Cemetery in Malaga.



Couple gear up for epic bike tour to raise money for breast cancer prevention charity

Jennie Rhodes

...set off from the Nightingale Centre at the Wythenshawe Hospital, which is home to the Prevent Breast Cancer charity; the charity they will be raising money for, on 9 July and aim to finish in Madagascar some five years later. This isn't the first ... They have always raised money for charities and say that their trips are “self-funded”. Fight against cancer This next project, however, is enormously personal for Chris and Gabriella. They have been personally affected by cancer, having lost two ... close friends in recent years and Gabriella was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in spring 2017 and subsequently underwent both a double mastectomy and the removal of 18 lymph nodes from her right arm. “We were all geared up to go



The legacy of Pablo Ráez


...leukemia. “People in my family have also had cancer, but it was Pablo's strength which made me take the decision; the way in which he let people know what was happening to him,” she explains. Although so far she has not received the call asking her to give



Mammoth fundraising challenge for determined Paris Marathon runners

Tony Bryant

Cancer Research UK. Because of her successful Kilimanjaro climb, Milly was asked to do something for Cudeca. As Tim's father had died from cancer, the pair decided to run the marathon to raise money for the Cudeca hospice. They both realise what a



New Cudeca furniture store opens its doors

Sur in english

Cudeca opened a new furniture store in Torremolinos on Thursday. Situated in Plaza Unión Europea, the new shop will sell quality second-hand furniture, bric-a-brac and ornamental items. This is the 20th shop the cancer care hospice organisation


What to do

Memorial night concert

Tony Bryant

Cudeca is to host a musical memorial evening to celebrate the life of Roy Alan, a popular local expat who recently lost his battle with cancer. INFORMATION What. Memorial musical show for Roy Alan with singing and dancing. Where. Club Náutico,



Dining, singing and dancing to help local charities


Rogers, Willie Nelson, Charlie Rich, Dolly Parton, Nancy Sinatra, Shania Twain, The Bellamy Brothers, The Eagles, and many others. The proceeds will be donated to the two local charities which TOPS have chosen to support this year. Cudeca Cancer Hospice ... Chinese lunch for charity A charity lunch organised by Sofía Wu and Linda Donaghy was held at the Hong Kong Restaurant - Jardín Botánico in Mijas Costa to help Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice raising a total of €1,200 on the night. Guests were entertained by



Fake news that's easy to swallow


...about health which circulate and multiply on the Internet. These are sometimes inoffensive claims but they can also be dangerous, such as when TV presenter Mariló Montero announced that “aroma of lemon can prevent cancer” or when Javier Cárdenas linked ... hair transplant companies who spread the rumour that some treatments for hair loss can cause cancer. Those responsible can also be people who want to raise their public profile, conspiranoids linked to pseudoscience, famous people wanting to make the ... cancer, and recommended a number of dietary strategies. The hospital was obliged to deny this in a statement in which it said that these therapies do work. “The proof is the millions of cancer survivors in the USA who are alive thanks to them.” Despite



Walks that make a stand against cancer


...several groups undertaking regular planned walks.” This quote comes from Tamara Rivera, nursing auxiliary on the oncology ward of the Hospital Costa del Sol and promoter of an initiative that aims to make sure that cancer patients are taking regular ... exercise. With the direct support of the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC), the professional started the campaign 'Ponte en marcha' which organises weekly walks based on the premise that moderate exercise is very beneficial for cancer patients, ... before, during and after treatment. The idea came about from patients who wanted to find a way to reduce the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Based on this request, Tamara Rivera, volunteer at the AECC and sport



Learning to live with pain


...switch which affects the intensity of the pain,” he said. These patients often feel very alone and they isolate themselves, which makes the pain even worse. Lumbago Most of the patients they see (90 per cent) are not cancer patients and the most



Local charities benefit from tribute gala for popular expat


More than 1,200 euros was raised at a tribute gala held in honour of Roy Alan, a popular expat who recently died of cancer. The event was held in Club Naútico in Benalmádena last Friday and included performances by the Costa Soul Singers and A Touch



Is Guinness good for your health?

Tony Bryant

...alcohol may have heart benefits for some, alcohol can also increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. It was once not uncommon for a doctor to advise pregnant women to drink Guinness for its health benefits, but today, experts caution of the dangers



Fundraisers plan flying visit to conquer La Concha


A group of ten adventurers from Scotland are training for an intense 17-hour trip on Saturday 31 March. In order to raise funds for the Beatson Cancer Charity in Glasgow, the group will climb the La Concha mountain in Marbella, whose peak stands at ... Beatson Cancer Centre. She stressed the important work carried out there and how they want to raise as much money as possible for the centre. “They perform amazing, life-saving work every day and provide incredible support to families. Throughout ... everything in the last 18 months the Beatson has been there every step of the way and I would urge anyone who has been touched by cancer in any way to donate to this fantastic cause,” said Stephanie.



Sport, culture and St Patrick's Day


Cudeca Cancer Hospice Fundraiser A fundraising evening, hosted by Rafaele Morelli, took place at the Valparaiso restaurant in Mijas on Saturday. The event was the launch of Milly and Tim's Paris Marathon run in aid of the Cudeca Hospice. A



Mods and rockers unite to raise funds for Cudeca

Tony Bryant One Wish Steve - who spent more than four months organising the event - the night raised 2,200 euros for the Cudeca Cancer Hospice. Steve Hughes, a die-hard mod at heart, told SUR in English of his delight at the outcome of the event, the fourth



Ten years protecting the Costa from the sun


Yes, more people are aware now, but as with any change of habits in society it takes time to see the results. The incidence of skin cancer in one of the places of the world with the greatest solar radiation, Australia, started to drop nearly three ... heads. It was undertaken by the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella and the district health authorities as part of a collaborative project which was a pioneer in Spain, trying to prevent skin cancer by raising awareness of the risks, encouraging people to ... type of skin cancer, melanoma, was three times the average of the rest of the country and there were twice as many less serious cases than elsewhere. Teenagers are more likely to suffer from sunburn, despite greater awareness María Haydee,



Queen for Cudeca

Support the Cudeca cancer hospice and enjoy an unforgettable concert experience at the same time. This is the invitation being extended to everyone when Europe's best Queen tribute act plays in aid of Cudeca at the Castle in Fuengirola on Saturday, ... Fuengirola. About Cudeca Since the cancer hospice Cudeca was established in 1992 it has cared for more than 14,000 cancer patients on Costa del Sol. Some patients stay in-house at Cudeca’s hospice in Benalmádena, while others receive out-house treatment ... and care in their homes. All cancer patients can ask Cudeca for help regardless of the person’s sex, age, religion and nationality. Last year alone Cudeca took care of more than 1,400 patients. And the number is growing every year. Therefore, the



Drugs to the rescue


...article to promote one of his books, Goetzsche said that the consumption of psychotropics is the third cause of death in Britain, after heart problems and cancer. He attributes this to their side effects: patients with dementia being treated with drugs



Raising awareness about the disease

sur in english

The Spanish cancer association AECC set up an information table at the entrance to Marbella town hall in order to raise awareness for Day Against Colon Cancer on 31 March. Bowel cancer is the most common form of cancer in Spain, with 41,400 new


What to do

A day of fun to celebrate the flowers of Estepona


11.30am. The festivities in Plaza Antonia Guerrerowill begin at 1pm. There will be free tastings of traditional Andalusian and local dishes. This event will also raise money for AVOI, a charity for children with cancer, as the bar will be run by the


What to do

Classic motor car show for breast cancer

Tony Bryant

Cártama is to host the second edition of the Classic Car Show in aid of breast cancer on Sunday 15 April. INFORMATION What. Vintage car show in aid of breast cancer charity. Where. Parque de los Naranjos, Cártama. When. Sunday 15 April. ... Organised by ANVER, the Malaga-based association against breast cancer, and Cártama town hall, the event will be held in the Parque de los Naranjos in Cártama Estacíon. The motor cavalcade will begin at 10.30am and will showcase more than 20 vintage, ... typical of the area. Those wishing to register their cars for the show should contact the association on 630060444. Registration costs 15 euros per vehicle. The event will be used to highlight breast cancer and offer information and advice to those