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What to do

Music for charity

Tony Bryant

...recently recorded a Christmas song to help cancer victims and children's charities around the world, and now he is hoping to help those whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the flooding. The event, which will begin at 7.30pm, will involve more than



Farewell to a legendary generation


...died at his New York apartment on 10 January after an eighteen-month battle with liver cancer. In typical Bowie style, there was no lavish funeral or service of any kind. His body was cremated just hours after his death. Because of Bowie's refusal ... Ironically, nine months later, on 7 December, his band mate, Greg Lake, died after a long battle with cancer, making the group's drummer, Carl Palmer, the only surviving member of the band. Two American music legends were next on this ever-growing list. ... poet, Leonard Cohen, died at the age of 82 in his home in Los Angeles. Cancer was the contributing cause. Cohen, considered one of the most influential poets of our time, received the Prince of Asturias Award for Literature in 2011. On Christmas Eve,



Cider vinegar, the cure-all

Denise Bush

...lower blood pressure, and even shrink cancer cells. However, one of the benefits attributed to drinking diluted ACV is of particular interest at this time of year; it is said to detox the liver after over-indulging.



A new technique means that cancer can be treated without damaging healthy cells


...photosensitizing agents, along with light to kill cancer cells. This research by the UPV/EHU into nanoscience could be a solution for cancer which differs from conventional treatments. Byusing silicon nanoparticles and by fixing the components necessary for the ... conventional cancer treatment this method hardly affects healthy tissueUnlike conventional treatments against cancer, in which healthy cells in the body are damaged as well as the cancerous ones, photodynamic therapy hardly affects the areas where treatment is ... not needed. In addition to cancer, this method can also be used to attack microbial cells, bacteria, fungus and viruses. Researchers at the university's Chemical Physics department have developed nanoparticles which are suitable for use in this type



Cudeca remembers loved ones by releasing 1,000 balloons

The Cudeca Cancer Foundation held a moving ceremony on 27 December in memory of loved ones that suffered the disease. The white balloons were sold to people attending for a donation to the cancer charity which is based in Benalmádena. The tenor



"It is not a good thing to abuse sunshine, but nor is it good not to use it enough"

MIGUEL A. OESTE interview that according to dermatologist Lola Bou, the skin has a memory and every time it burns, even when you are a child, it can lead to cancer later in life. Is that correct? –The skin obviously does have a memory, but you can’t go through your whole ... life thinking that you are definitely going to have skin cancer in the future. It is more likely if you have suffered from sunburn, which is why you should try to avoid burning by using protection and only exposing your skin to the sun when the rays are



US expats mark Thanksgiving in a year of change

leandro pavón / sur

...get-together included a lunch and charity raffle in aid of the Cudeca cancer charity, as well as plenty more debate and discussion about what lies in store for American politics in the next twelve months before the next time the chapters meet for their



“Hyperthermia can become the fourth pillar in cancer treatment”

j. j. buiza

After more than 25 years involved in the fight against cancer, Jorge Contreras admits that for the first time he feels that he is immersed in something which is truly new and exciting. This 51-year-old doctor coordinates the Spanish Society of ... Oncology Radiotherapy (SEOR), which wants to introduce hyperthermia into this country as a standard treatment. It believes this is a revolutionary technique in treating cancer. Dr Contreras, a specialist in oncology radiotherapy at the Regional Hospital ... (where he trains other doctors), is also the director of the Magna Clinic in Marbella, which has become a pioneer in Spain for using hyperthermia in the private sector. –How can hyperthermia help in the treatment of cancer? –Hyperthermia is a



Genetic engineering to stop AIDS

Eugenio Cabezas health

...and says it could also have synergies with other therapeutic strategies. “It will open the door for other illnesses such as diabetes and some types of cancer to be treated with this technique,” he explains. This young scientist believes the



"Palliative care is not a secondary level of medicine"


It all began with the personal efforts of Joan Hunt, a British pensioner who lives on the Costa del Sol, but the Fundación Cuidados del Cáncer (Cudeca) has become one of the most important charitable projects in Andalucía. With nearly 1,000



An unplanned but enjoyable career move

Jennie Rhodes

...materials as well as translating this information into various languages, helping the police and providing vital support at events like the "Noche del Vino" in August. Tom was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and after four years of treatment lost the fight



Major centre for research into prostate and breast cancer to open in Malaga's Hospital Civil


To make Malaga a benchmark for cancer research: that is the objective of a project which is being carried out by the Spanish government, Junta de Andalucía, Malaga provincial authority and the University of Malaga, and which will turn the Hospital ... Civil into a major international centre for research into prostate and breast cancer. The initiative, which started life in 2015 at the Institute of Biomedical Research in Malaga (Ibima), has now taken a step further: it will be expanding its sphere ... at the hospital and has never been used, for the project. The CNIO, the Ibima and oncologist Emilio Alba are behind this project, which is expected to start this year"This centre will place Malaga at the forefront of the fight against cancer," said



The battle against sugar gets fiercer


...deaths a year in the world. Of these, 133,000 are due to Type 2 diabetes, 4,000 from cardiovascular illnesses and 6,400 to different types of cancer. Meanwhile, another research project published in The New England Journal of Medicine, carried out by ... the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Cancer Society and the Centre for the Control of Illness, to improve the image of soft drinks by reducing their support for laws which aim to lower their consumption. In the opinion of the authors



Cudeca celebrates 25 years of palliative care in Spain

Tony Bryant Benalmádena

...also cared for Joan's husband when he was ill with cancer. Joan said that the only thing she wanted to do was to spread the word about Marisa's wonderful work, so that other people could have the benefit that she and her husband had received. What ... began in a spare room in Joan's house in 1992 has turned into the only cancer hospice in Spain. The grounds on which the hospice now stands were donated by Benalmádena town hall in 1995. Joan laid the first stone of the hospice in 1997 and the



Actress, singer and model Bimba Bosé dies

sur spain

Spain lost one of its cultural icons this week as model, singer and actress, Bimba Bosé lost her battle with cancer, aged 41. The granddaughter of Italian actress Lucia Bosé and Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín, and niece of popular singer


What to do

Music, film and more

Denise Bush what to do

Charity dance performance Mijas. 28 January, 7pm. Teatro Las Lagunas. A performance by the expresión dance academy to raise funds for the AECC (Asociación Española contra el Cáncer). Tickets 3€ in advance or 5€ on the door. Cudeca Valentine’s Art



Tato's canine life saver

Nieves Castro Marbella

...of a medical alert dog in Marbella. Whilst there is no official register of trained dogs in Spain, the president of Marbella Canina says that there are only about thirty medical alert dogs that have been trained to detect certain types of cancer



A life-long dedication to marine birds

Tony Bryant

...his wife, who he met in Mallorca in 1977, was terminally ill. Andy's wife died after an extremely long battle with cancer, and so finding the time, or the enthusiasm, to work on the book was not easy. "It was difficult to get over the death of my



Oncologist at Marbella hospital gets award for cancer research project


...against Cancer. Thanks to this financing, Dr Pérez will be able to spend 12 months carrying out clinical tests on immunotherapy for cancer with semialogenic NK lymphocytes at the Centre for Applied Medical Research in Navarra, with the aim of improving ... the quality of life and extending the survival of cancer patients. The researcher took part in a press conference earlier this week and explained her future project, accompanied by the president of the provincial board of the Association against ... Cancer, Francisco Aguilar, and the president of the board's technical committee, Antonio Cobos, in the meeting room of the Rectorate building of Malaga university. Dr Pérez explained that cancer immunotherapy consists of directing the cellular



The number of cancer cases in Malaga province increases by 10 per cent in a decade

Ángel Escalera Malaga

Within Malaga province, the number of cancer cases has increased by 10 per cent in a decade. This is according to Emilio Alba, director of the intercentre oncology unit in Malaga which covers the Carlos Haya regional hospital, the Hospital Civil and ... the University of Malaga. This growth, he says, is currently registered at between 1 and 1.5 per cent each year and is down to two principal factors: the progressive ageing of the population and earlier diagnosis of tumours. Petition for cancer ... there were 247,771 new cases of cancer, 1,000 more than the forecast level for 2020. This figure, says Martín, shows that there is a shortfall in the number of oncologists as well as the funding that will be needed to pay for this increase in treatments.



Rincón de la Victoria rallies together to help seven-year-old with cancer

Eugenio Cabezas Rincón de la victoria

Following the success of a party last Sunday to raise funds for Pablo, a seven-year-old boy from La Cala del Moral who has cancer, further events are being organised for this weekend. The party, which took place on Plaza Gloria Fuertes, raised



17 February 1995: Singer Rocío Jurado and bullfighter José Ortega Cano marry

Debbie Bartlett what happened today?

...with pancreatic cancer in 2004. She underwent medical treatment in Houston, Texas, but by 2006 it was obvious that her health was failing fast. She died at her home, La Moraleja, in Alcobendas, Madrid, on June 1st that year, and was buried as she had



Nearly 80 per cent of children who suffer from cancer overcome their illness

Ángel Escalera Malaga

Every year in Spain about 1,100 children are diagnosed with cancer, of whom about 60 are in Malaga. The positive side of this is that nearly 80 per cent of them are cured. These figures were revealed recently in a moving event which took place on ... the steps outside the Materno Infantil hospital on the International Day against Child Cancer. Three girls (Deborah, Manal and Almudena) who have all recovered from tumor, read a statement in which they sent a message of hope to patients and their ... hospital, Hilario López; councillors Julio Andrade and Estefanía Martín Palop and representatives of the United Development against Cancer group, which is formed by several associations, among others. When the girls finished reading the statement, there


What to do

What to do: music and events

Denise Bush

9.30am. Marbella Country Club. Shotgun start, Individual Stableford. 100% funds to Cudeca Cancer Hospice. MGCC Members 25€, Non Members 65€, just lunch 15€. |or tel: 952 830 500 Climber's charity dinner ... Mijas. 23 February, 7.30pm. Olivia’s, La Cala de Mijas. 55€ To raise funds for Cancer Research UK Milada Fitzgerald of deVere Spain, is going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. To help raise money a gala dinner is being held. The ticket price of 55€ includes a ... the ‘La Voz Kids’ finalist Charlotte Summers. Flamenco fashion for cancer Antequera. 4 March, 7.30pm. Antequera Golf Hotel. Flamenco fashion show by Patro Flamenca to raise funds for the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC). Guest of



Guadalhorce hospital's new plans to tackle breast cancer

F. TORRES Cártama

The Valle del Guadalhorce hospital has just announced that from November this year it will implement a new programme to help detect breast cancer early. During the launch of the programme that took place last week, the hospital's representative ... the launch González was also accompanied by the president of the provincial committee for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), Francisco Aguilar, as well as the manager of Virgen de la Victoria hospital, José Antonio Media. She thanked



Malaga doctors are starting to use a pioneering technique to treat prostate cancer

Nieves Castro Marbella

Two local doctors have become the first specialists in Andalucía to use a treatment called Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) for patients with prostate cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in men. Dr Santos and Dr Schulten explain ... ultrasound. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic, takes between 45 and 90 minutes and the patient can go home within 48 hours. Alternatives In Spain about 28,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed every year and about 30 to 40 per



From couch potato to marathon junkie


Simon Jacobs, who was due to run his third marathon in the space of a year, refused to take 'no' for an answer as extreme rain and flooding forced organisers to call the Malaga Marathon off in December. Having raised 1,500 pounds for the cancer ... cancer charity. Simon completed the distance in 5:22:17, having to allow for a few water and stretching stops. He told SUR in English of his aim to achieve a time under the five-hour mark but how, unfortunately, tight hamstrings resulted in a much ... participant. The feeling of knowing I have done as much as I possibly could to support The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity is really what keeps me going on all of these challenges". Simon's family have experienced cancer first-hand as his father was diagnosed



New technique for removing digestive-tract tumours with no need for surgery


Removing a pre malignant polyp or tumour in its initial stages from the digestive tract (esophagus, stomach or colon) is key to a patient recovering and a cancer going no further. This is what can be achieved with a new procedure that means ... early-stage tumours can be taken out without the need to resort to surgery. The method, which originated in Japan where there is a high rate of gastric cancer, is being used at the Hospital Quirón in Malaga by Pedro Rosón, director of the Andalusian Digestive ... patients, learned the technique last year in Japan from Yutaka Saito, who works at Tokyo's National Cancer Centre Hospital. Doctor Saito is the world's leading expert on the removal of pre malignant polyps and surface gastric tumours with this method.



Smoothies to fight the illnesses of the 21st century


...death, including cardiovascular illnesses, cancer and respiratory disorders. Dried fruits are characterised by their low amount of water, but they concentrate the remaining nutrients and provide calories. "They have exceptional nutritional properties,"



Pablo Ráez's brave fight comes to an end but his legacy lives on


...people have taken to social media and the internet to ask for Pablo's memory and his fight against his cancer to live on. On Monday alone, 22 different petitions were started on website related to Pablo. These ranged from naming a street after ... efforts to raise awareness of his illness and cancer suffering in general. Pablo García from Marbella wrote on the petition that he created to have the local hospital named after Pablo that he "demonstrated day after day the example of life, overcoming



Finding Leo the lion


Leo was killed by Hercules during his twelve labours and it is one of the earliest constellations to be named. It lies between Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east. Leo contains many bright stars and is easily recognisable. The head and neck of the


What to do

Music, charity and culture

Denise Bush

HairtoCare Fuengirola. 11 March, from 9am. CR and Petro’s Hairdressers. All proceeds raised by the businesses on the day will go to Cudeca Cancer Hospice. There will also be live music, cakes, mojitos, other refreshments and paella available. Petro’s



The untold story of the 'Spanish Aylan'


...later from the Mangueta beach in Barbate. His mother, Véronique, was bringing him to Spain in the hope of finding him medical treatment for a lung condition; she was also suffering from a serious cancer in the neck and the doctors who were treating her



Twenty years of liver transplant success at Carlos Haya Hospital

Ángel Escalera malaga

...implant after being told it was the only way to save his life after being diagnosed with liver cancer. Rivas was a teacher at the Campanillas secondary school and further education college near Malaga when he was diagnosed with the cancer . Ten years



Palm oil? There's no need to panic just yet


...other items. "It is sometimes difficult to find a biscuit or pastry which doesn't contain this type of fat," said Dr Sanz. There are claims that cancer feeds on palm oil and its consumption can lead to metastasisThe second claim has also been ... about vegetable oils, and especially palm oil - that it can encourage the spread of cancer - still lacks sufficient testing in laboratories and on humans. "Recently there has been a great deal of negative talk about palm oil because of comments made ... exaggeration but it is making people worry and think that if they buy products which contain palm oil they are going to get cancer. In Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia people consume palm oil the same way that people in Spain consume olive oil, and there is no



Gazpacho and salmorejo, allies in the fight against colon cancer


A team of researchers at Almeria University (UAL) has demonstrated the health benefits of olive oil combined with tomato in combating the development of colorectal cancer, and has praised the many recipes from the Mediterranean diet which use both ... helping to prevent some types of cancer," he adds, referring to a report with the title 'Phytochemical composition and in vitro anti-tumoral activities of selected tomato varieties'. The Spanish research team has also carried out previous studies to ... cancer cells. In new trials, explained in the article, "the researchers worked with HT-29 cellular lines, a human colo-rectal line of cancer. All the varieties of tomato were analysed to ascertain their content of bioactive compounds, such as



Cudeca’s donation tins are a huge success

sur costa del sol fund free, specialised care for cancer sufferers in the final stages of their illness. The charity’s coordinator for fundraising, Natalia Aparicio, has expressed her appreciation of residents’ generosity and of the efforts of volunteers who



Fashion show for the Bosom Buddies Trust

Debbie Bartlett Gibraltar

On April 21 Luisandro, who as well as being a successful businessman is also a professional model and personal trainer, will be taking part in a Gala Fashion Show for the Bosom Buddies breast cancer association. The event will begin with a cocktail



“Together, we can beat cancer”

Debbie Bartlett in the frame

cancer. Luisandro was diagnosed with myeloid leukaemia. “I didn’t really know what leukaemia was. It was only when someone told me the hospital I was going to was the best cancer hospital in England, that I realised. I thought: Oh my God, I’ve got ... cancer. I’m going to die.” The chemotherapy sessions he needed made him go temporarily blind from blood clots on the eyes; he was in severe pain because his intestines were swollen, his immune system wasn’t working and he had to spend four months in ... strong, lad. You can’t give up.” Many people might have given up the fight, but not Luisandro. He decided he was going to “beat the beast,” as he describes it. “Cancer is like a beast standing on top of you, pushing you down and not letting you get up.



University teachers held over ‘false cancer drug’

Five people, including two teachers at the Universidad de las Islas Baleares on Mallorca, have been arrested on suspicion of fraud involving the sale of a supposed cancer drug. The accused allegedly benefited from the 600,000 euros income from the