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Tickets now on sale for Caminito del Rey visits from 12 June


The biggest tourist attraction in inland Malaga province will open again on 12 June with adjustments for new heath and safety rules. Admission tickets for the Caminito del Rey gorge walkway went on sale today (22 May) for weekend visits only ... as the University, so that the Caminito walk can be done with full guarantee for visitors and staff, including measures from the start to end of the route as well as the shuttle bus linking the entrances." Salado encouraged locals to make the trip



New car park to open in El Chorro as Caminito del Rey prepares to reopen

andrea jiménez

Álora town hall is preparing to set up a 6,000-square-metre car park for visitors to the Caminito del Rey as the attraction prepares to potentially reopen on 29 May. Arriving by private vehicle or train will be encouraged, with further plans to ... add an extra Cercanías stop at El Chorro to facilitate the arrival of visitors. The car park, which has already been given the green light, will be located in El Chorro and is part of the measures being studied for the reopening of the Caminito del



A quiet fifth birthday for the Caminito del Rey


March 28th marked the fifth anniversary of the official opening of the Caminito del Rey after its restoration by the Malaga provincial government, in collaboration with the Junta de Andalucía and councils in the area. During those five years it has ... become a major tourist attraction and the authorities have received huge support for an application for it to be classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Although at present the Caminito is closed because of the lockdown in Spain, the latest visitor ... means 'King's Path' and refers to Alfonso XIII, who visited the original walkway when he came to open the Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir in 1921. The chance to take a 360º virtual tour Spain may be in lockdown and the Caminito del Rey closed but


What to do

Malaga starts opening up for art, music and culture again

Denise Bush

Every Sunday at midday and on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am. People wishing to access the service E-mail details to Fr Nigel Thomas (Chaplain): or John Hodgson: Visits and attractions El Caminito del Rey



Ticket price for Caminito del Rey daredevil walkway to rise

antonio romero

The cost of a ticket for the Caminito del Rey is to go up from 10 to 12 euros and the number of visitors per day will be increased to a maximum of 1,500 under the new conditions for the management of this major tourist attraction. The company



Caminito del Rey officially puts forward Unesco heritage candidacy


The Diputación provincial authority has this week officially presented its candidacy for the Caminito del Rey 'daredevil walkway' in El Chorro to become a Unesco World Heritage site to the regional government's Culture and Heritage ministry. This ... Ardales town hall and the Diputación itself. "The bid is strong," said Del Pozo, who recognised the work of the Diputación who had "put aside all ideological differences to do something great for the province". She added: "[The Caminito del Rey] ticks



Companies bid to build the Axarquía's Caminito del Rey


Companies interested in bidding for a contract to build the Axarquía's answer to the Caminito del Rey had until last Monday to submit their proposals. The project is set to connect the villages of Canillas de Aceituno with nearby Sedella via a ... walkway and hanging bridge, similar to the Caminito in Álora and Ardales. Much of the walkway is already in place but needs to be improved and a bridge will be constructed 54 metres above the Almanchares river. The area, known as El Saltillo, forms part


What to do

Art, music and culture during the lockdown

Denise Bush

Every Sunday at midday and on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am. People wishing to access the service E-mail details to Fr Nigel Thomas (Chaplain): or John Hodgson: Visits and attractions El Caminito del Rey ... Ardales. Opening 12 June. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. El Caminito del Rey Tickets are available now for June and July. Centro de la Prehistoria de Guadalteba Ardales. Open from 10am - 2pm.



Sierra de las Nieves access road is to be improved with new funding


...access improvement plan to the nearby Caminito del Rey gorge walkway and will cost 500,000 euros. Some of the road will be rebuilt and the rest resurfaced and markings repainted. This overall plan for the roads in the area has been 80 per cent financed



Age no obstacle for Caminito's oldest walker


Between Manuel Crespo Hoyo's house and the Caminito del Rey there is little less than sixty kilometres. However, some journey have more significance than others. At the age of 94, after living in Malaga province for 50 years, he never had the ... opportunity to walk the Caminito del Rey and absorb the natural surroundings of El Chorro. A few months ago an idea came into his head: "I don't want to die without having done the Caminito del Rey," he told those closest to him. His niece, María Dolores ... Sanjuan, took the initiative and bought tickets for the whole family without knowing that what she was organising what would turn out to be a record. Until now no one over 90 years old had completed the new Caminito del Rey. On 7 January, the day after his



Diputación to increase funding for improvements to Caminito del Rey


March this year marks the fourth anniversary since the Caminito del Rey reopened to the public after twelve months of works. The success of the project cannot be denied so the Diputación provincial authority has set aside funds in this year's budget ... for the expansion of the route. related news Age no obstacle for Caminito's oldest walker Specifically, six million euros are to be set aside for the extension of the Caminito del Rey itself and for actions in the four surrounding



Caminito del Rey visitor centre complete


The new visitor centre at the Caminito del Rey gorgeside walk is nearly ready to open. The work, which cost the local government around one million euros, was completed this week. Several officials visited the new building on Wednesday, including ... “help and inform” the 300,000 people who visit the Caminito every year. The visitor centre has information screens, attention desks, and spaces where images can be projected. There will also be a car park with space for 200 cars.



Climbing path opened at the Caminito del Rey

Fernando TORRES.

The El Chorro area boasts a new open-air feature designed to enhance the sporting experience. The via ferrata (a protected climbing route supported by a steel cable and iron rungs) is 650 metres long, with a 250 metre incline. Though it has been



The launch of Caminito del Rey Unesco heritage bid is approved

Agustín PELÁEZ

The move towards the Caminito del Rey walkway becoming a Unesco World Heritage site took an important first step forward on Tuesday as the Diputación provincial government unanimously approved launching a bid. The Diputación has agreed to the



The Caminito through scientific lenses


Experts from the neuromarketing company Fusión have carried out a study on people walking on the Caminito del Rey to find out the effect the site has on their emotions. KEY AREAS OF THE STUDY The eyes. The eyes transmit data constantly through the



Period drama on the Caminito del Rey


Visitors to the Caminito del Rey gorge walkway were taken back in time at the weekend when they came across the incongruous sight of a royal party from the 1920s - wearing modern-day hard hats. Fifteen actors from the Ardales amateur dramatics ... gorge to provide access for the hydroelectric company’s workers, its name - the Caminito del Rey. The modern-day dramatisation of those events, repeated over two days, included the signing of the documents to mark the end of the works at the spot known ... to Pizarra, where he spent the night, before going to Malaga the next day for more official engagements. Last week’s drama had been organised by Ardales town hall and the Caminito management. Pedro Cantalejo, archaeologist, director of the Ardales



Four stages of next year's Vuelta a España to pass through Malaga province


...concluding in Plaza de la Constitución at the end of the iconic Calle Larios. The following stage will run from Marbella to the Caminito del Rey in El Chorro - the latter being used for a finishing line for the second consecutive year. Provincial chief ... Elías Bendodo said to the race's general director, Javier Guillén, at the presentation recently: “I would love to see the Caminito as a permanent feature in the Vuelta and I invite you to look into the possibility.” Guillén replied: “It certainly is a ... beautiful stage end and we are looking at this option.” The third stage will connect Mijas and Alhaurín de la Torre - the latter being used as a finishing line rather than a starting point as was the case in last year's stage to the Caminito. All corners



Caminito del Rey puts 100,000 more tickets on sale

Pilar Martínez

One hundred thousand new tickets for the Caminito del Rey gorgeside walkway in El Chorro went on sale on Monday for the period June-October. According to the attraction's director, Francisco Campano: “Our forecasts are very positive. We expect to



A sensory trip along the Caminito


"The feeling of being surrounded by nature at such a height is unexplainable," said Rosa García, who lost her vision many years ago. She was describing her experience this week as a participant in the Caminito del Rey's pilot tour customised for the ... three different tours arranged in the coming months, as part of plans to make this tourist favourite more inclusive and "open to every kind of person", according to Paco Campano of the company that managers the Caminito on Tuesday. Before starting the ... walk, the ten blind participants and their companions met with a guide, who helped to familiarise them with the route and the terrain, using a scaled-down model of the gorge. There, the guide described the Caminito for the walkers, comparing it to a



Caminito reaches one-million milestone but work to be done to attract overnight visitors


It has been three years since the Caminito del Rey became a top-level tourist attraction following a huge architectural redevelopment. On the third anniversary of the reopening of the walkway, the provincial government and local mayors have taken ... Campillos on Monday to give a speech about the results of the first three years of the new Caminito. Bendodo said that the greatest success of the Caminito is “that it has become a brand, something very difficult to achieve”. For him, this “international ... recognition” has been fundamental to its success. In relation to this point, Bendodo added that “65% of visitors come from abroad” with nationalities ranging across all five continents. “I'd say that the Caminito del Rey is known around the world,” he said.



Summer tickets for the Caminito del Rey now available online

Pilar Martínez

Until this week, anyone planning a trip to the Caminito del Rey, the famous daredevil walkway in El Chorro, has not been able to book a slot for any later than 31 May. However, it is now possible to purchase tickets for June through to September ... from the Caminito's website. The walkway's manager, Francisco Campano, explained that "until May, almost all of the tickets are already sold out so it made sense to open up booking for the summer months." Caminito del Rey A marvel 140 ... Elías Bendodo, announced that since its reopening two years ago, the Caminito has welcomed 600,000 walkers. Of those, he added, approximately 420,000 were foreigners, confirming the Caminito's reputation as an international tourist attraction.


What to do

Images from on high


The exhibition 'Los Alrededores del Caminito del Rey' is a selection of around 20 images taken by photographer Sebastián González to illustrate his book 'Recorridos por el Paisaje de las Sierras de Huma, Abdalajís y Llana' (or 'Tours around the ... countryside of the Sierras de Huma, Abdalajís and Llana'). EXHIBITION WhereDiputación de Málaga building, Calle Pacífico, Malaga. WhatAn exhibition of photographs taken around the Caminito del Rey area. WhenUntil 9 February. Open 9am to 2pm. ... The exhibition was inaugurated by councillor Marina Bravo with the objective of promoting the natural area around the Caminito del Rey as a tourist destination.



More than 100,000 tickets on sale for the Caminito del Rey

fernando torres

Those who love nature and enjoy active tourism now have another chance to visit what was for years the most dangerous path in the world, the ‘Caminito del Rey’, which was fully restored recently and has become a major tourist attraction. Tickets ... Francisco Campano, realises that it may seem strange to be offering the tickets so far in advance, but he says people travel long distances or even from abroad to walk the ‘Caminito’, and this will give them the chance to organise their trip. He is confident



Work well under way on new Caminito del Rey visitor centre

fernando torres ardales

On a visit to the Caminito del Rey this week, local and provincial politicians inspected the ongoing work on new visitor facilities and improved access. Work started on a new visitor centre at the southern end of the high-level walk through the El ... it could be up and running.” The Caminito del Rey, opened two years ago, already receives over 300,000 visitors a year. However existing access routes and facilities have proved unable to meet the demand and several improvements have been planned to ... visitor flow as well as explain the attraction better. The visiting officials also opened the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes tunnel, an alternative route for walkers when high winds prevent access to the most elevated part of the Caminito. Bendodo



New Caminito del Rey visitors' centre will open in August


The first stone of the new visitors' centre at the 'Caminito del Rey' was laid last week in an event attended by provincial government (Diputación) president Elías Bendodo and the mayors of towns surrounding the tourist attraction. At the event, ... which highlighted the contribution of the Caminito to tourism in Malaga, it was announced that the site, expected to open in August this year, will be located on the MA-5403 road and will be comprised of two buildings. Inside, tourists will have ... the same company that was employed in 2014 to rehabilitate the Caminito. Luis Manchuca, the architect who designed the site explained that the buildings will largely be constructed from wood in order for them to "integrate into the landscape, which



The 'new Costa del Sol' is launched in Madrid

Pilar Martínez

...developed over recent years thanks to the principal new drivers of the tourist economy, namely the Caminito del Rey, gastronomy, golf and inland tourism. According to Jacobo Florido of Turismo Costa del Sol, though foreign tourist numbers had fallen, the



Top cyclists kick off their tour of Spain on the Costa del Sol

MARINA RIVAS the Plaza de la Constitución. Stage 2 (Sunday): Marbella-Caminito del Rey (163.5 kilometres.) There are three high points in this stage, the Puerto de Ojén (km. 7.5), the Alto de Guadalhorce (km. 91.1 and again at km 163.1) and the Alto ... Chorro and the Guadalhorce dam to reach the Alto de Ardales, before returning via Bermejo and El Chorro to finish at the Caminito del Rey. The first racers are expected to arrive around 5.28pm at the Caminito del Rey visitors' centre. This is the



Try something new, make a splash


Antequera and Álora and is also famous for the recently re-opened Caminito del Rey walkway.



Bobastro: the rebel's refuge


Leaving behind the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gorge and the Caminito del Rey walkway, one approaches the remains of Bobastro. This location in Ardales was firstly the refuge and later the general headquarters of Omar ben Hafsún's rebellion against ... large fortress built with ashlars, whose interior contains ben Hafsún's palace and several turrets which acted as a defensive circle in the surrounding territory (the Pico del Convento, in the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gorge, above the Caminito del ... the history of the area to be included as part of the cultural and environmental aspect of the Caminito del Rey project. If this were to be done, it would also be a further attraction for cultural tourism, which is being developed in the region.



Malaga helps get La Vuelta off the line

Daryl Finch

...the end of Calle Larios in Malaga.Migue Fernández The second stage proved to be a good one for Maté who, competing on home soil, picked up the King of the Mountains jersey following the 163.5-kilometre stage from Marbella to the Caminito del Rey in ... Caminito del Rey, which provided a breathtaking backdrop not only for the riders and the international press, but also fans following in person and around the world on TV. The cycling comes to the Costa Monday's third stage, which departed from La Cala



What happened to the eggs at El Chorro?


British, who considered plundering their nests to be the only means of conservation. Today there are no lammergeiers to be seen around the Caminito del Rey, but what happened to their eggs at El Chorro? To understand what happened, we need to look back ... as the head of the Malaga regional government's environmental programmes, says lammergeier eggs are on display in at least 13 museums around the world. One of them, taken from the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gorge (below the Caminito del Rey) is at