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Local candidate for Miss Mundo to raise awareness of butterfly skin disease


'butterfly skin disease' (Epidermolysis Bullosa). The beauty competition will determine who will represent Spain at Miss Universe, and all the candidates are asked to champion a charitable cause. Noemí, who is from Benahavís, has chosen the DEBRA butterfly ... skin association, which began in Marbella and is still based there. "Few people know about butterfly skin disease and I really want to help those who suffer from it, by encouraging funding for research to improve their lives," she said. The painful



Christmas song for butterfly children

Tony Bryant

A British expat singer is to release a charity Christmas song to raise funds for the 'butterfly children'. Composed and performed by Rashpal Singh, the song is called Sack of Dreams, a catchy festive composition produced by John Springate, former ... Bullosa (EB), the genetic skin condition known as butterfly skin. Rashpal came across the charity just a few months ago and was so disturbed by the effects of the disease; she felt the need to offer her support. "I only found out about Debra a few ... she has recorded a song for charity, although she is already making plans to continue her support of the butterfly children. "The good thing about recording a Christmas song is that it can be re-released each year, but I have decided to sing part of


What to do

Mods and rockers unite to support 'butterfly children'

Tony Bryant

...known as 'butterfly skin'. Organised by local musician and presenter One Wish Steve, and sponsored by K and M Services, the concert will be held in the Millenium Bar in Calahonda on Saturday 30 March. Under the banner of 'A Way of Life', the event will



Fundraising horse racing night for butterfly children

Tony Bryant

...improves the quality of life of people that suffer with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) - 'butterfly children'. The event, which consisted of ten races, included a free raffle that offered several prizes, including a sailing trip for four people, beauty ... España in November. "It was a fun evening and generous people raised 428 euros for Debra. I am overwhelmed by the amount raised in such a short time. All proceeds will go to help improve the quality of life of the butterfly children ," Ian explained.



Education, in the kitchen and the cemetery


Les Roches Hospitality College Supporting DEBRA Les Roches Marbella Global Hospitality Education held the fifth edition of the 'Family Cooking Class' on 1 June to raise money for the DEBRA association (The Butterfly Children Charity), an NGO



Running a marathon to show solidarity with 'Butterfly Skin' children

Mónica Pérez

...sufferers of Butterfly Skin disease". "When you meet these children you can't stop thinking about them, about their eyes, their smiles, their wish to live the same way as other children. So you decide to do whatever you can to help them," says Mora. He ... to help, while others can do their bit by making a donation. "Between us we can give them the wings they need to have a better life," he says. Butterfly Skin disease, otherwise known as Epidermolysis bullosa, is a rare and incurable genetic



The Butterfly Children event continues to give wings to people with butterfly skin


On 2-3 June, the prestigious Aloha Golf Club will host the sixteenth annual Butterfly Children Golf and Gala event. Every year DEBRA, the butterfly children charity, celebrates the start of the summer with an event that offers the opportunity for ... their social and health care team to continue growing and improving the lives of people that suffer with the very rare butterfly skin condition. The gala takes place on the 3 June on the golf club's terrace. Anyone who wants to attend the dinner can do



'Rock & Law' raises over 60,000 euros for the Debra charity


...concert will help the charity Debra to improve the quality of life for children and adults suffering with 'butterfly skin', a rare condition which causes the skin to become very fragile. A cheque for 60,304.47 euros was presented to representatives of



Seven thousand euros for Butterfly Skin


The Debra Butterfly Skin Association raised 7,040 euros during their 2017 Christmas campaign. Volunteers from the charity wrapped presents in the FNAC shop in the La Cañada shopping centre to raise money. “The saying 'strength in numbers' has never



Rafael Amargo dances on top of La Concha for butterfly charity

Nieves Castro

Rafael Amargo himself took the initiative and offered to dance on top of La Concha, the most famous peak in the Sierra de Marbella at 1,200 metres high, in order to raise awareness for butterfly skin, a rare condition that between 3,200 and 5,000 ... choreographer, a leader of contemporary Spanish dance, wasn’t alone when he climbed the second highest peak in the Sierra de Marbella. He was accompanied by members of the Marbella Fire Department, who are always aware of the needs of the Butterfly Skin charity, ... families in Spain. Now, and thanks to Rafael Amargo, they hope to strengthen their resolve and continue defending the rights of people with butterfly skin within the framework of the public health and social system. The dancer arrived in an AVE train



Gleaming classic cars on the Costa

SUR IN ENGLISH or SOL classic car clubSUR DEBRA butterfly children's charity Christmas gift wrapping Volunteers raised 7,200 euros in the FNAC La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella for the DEBRA butterfly children charity.



Britons injured as Tenerife nightclub floor collapses

Forty people, including two Britons, were injured early last Sunday morning when the floor of a nightclub collapsed in southern Tenerife. The nightspot called Butterfly, in the popular resort of Playa de las Américas, was packed at the time with



The balloon plant

...animals, the Monarch butterfly larva is not affected and stores the poisonous alkaloids in their bodies, which passes from pupa through to adult stage, and makes them taste foul to predators. In traditional medicine, the dried leaves are ground into a



Doctors perform thyroid surgery using a new and less invasive technique


...patients with thyroid cancer or thyroid nodules. The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the lower front of the neck, just below the Adam's apple. The procedure is carried out by endoscopy, so it leaves no scarring on the neck and the patients



A life-changing test of endurance

Tony Bryant

...triathlon in aid of the Butterfly Children last year, although this was done over three days, so this one will be a little more demanding," the energetic athlete told SUR in English. Chris, who is working alongside the Somos tu Ola foundation set up to



Rafael Amargo reaches his peak to raise awareness for charity


Rafael Amargo, a dancer and choreographer from Granada, danced on top of La Concha, the most famous peak in the Sierra de Marbella on Thursday last week. His aim was to raise awareness for butterfly skin or Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare ... by members of the Marbella fire department, great supporters of the butterfly skin charity, as well as members of the IPA police association. Amargo danced on top of the bench that the local firefighters had carried up to the top of La Concha two ... strengthen their resolve and continue defending the rights of people with butterfly skin within the framework of the public health and social system. “Artists must respect associations, which, like Debra, do so much for people who suffer from certain



Debra golf tournament and ball raise 46,000


The sixteenth edition of the Butterfly Children Golf and Ball raised over 46,000 euros for the charity Debra last weekend. Aloha Golf Club once again hosted the event, which coincided with the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the charity that



Learning English and other stories

Rachel Haynes

...unexpected life events happen, everything can change in an instant, and that day would be the day that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings would change everything. about the author Alicia Ramírez Crespo Born in Jaén in 1976, Alicia holds a degree in ... four-pointed star. She opened it and she saw a butterfly breaking out of its chrysalis, twirling as the music played. It was a Blue Morpho, one of the most beautiful butterflies ever, which gets its name from the Greek epithet for Aphrodite. She saw herself as ... wouldn’t be lying. But, I wouldn’t be honest either. The truth is simpler than that. I’m dying. All of us are dying in some way from the moment we’re born. But now, I’m aware that my life is really short, as that of a butterfly. And, like a butterfly, I


What to do

Whodunnit murder mystery farce to be performed in Cártama

Tony Bryant

...revealing the identity of the murderer during the break. The funds raised will be divided between Debra Spain, a national charity that helps people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (Butterfly Skin); and Arca Noah, an Alhaurín El Grande-based organisation that