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Spain's PM announces 11-billion-euro aid package for businesses and the self-employed


...medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed. This is a "significant amount of resources for sectors that were competitive before the pandemic, such as tourism, hotels or small businesses", according to Pedro Sánchez during his speech to the lower house. ... whether it will be direct aid, which other countries, such as Germany, have deployed and something that the business sectors, employers and different economic organisations are demanding. During his speech about coronavirus and the current state of



Marbella business group demands an immediate Covid-19 crisis rescue plan


An association representing around 300 business owners in Marbella has taken to the streets again to demand an immediate rescue plan for the hardship they are suffering due to the Covid pandemic. The group organised a motorised cavalcade through ... the town centre this Tuesday (9 February) and made sure that all coronavirus containment measures were complied with. A statement read on behalf of the business association said, "The lack of common sense and dialogue of our leaders is leading us to ... ruin." Spokespersons for the local business group in Marbella.JOSELE "Nothing seems to make sense these days anymore. On the one hand, the Junta de Andalucía closes our businesses - for many of us our only source of income”, they say, “But on the



Malaga province and Andalucía Covid-19 rates - town by town


...per 100,000 inhabitants; closure of all non-essential business activity with a 14-day case rate of more than 1,000 per 100,000 inhabitants. This page will be updated every day regardless of the date at the top. Infection rates in the province of



Torre del Mar gets stand-alone office for council business

Eugenio Cabezas

As of this week, council-related customer services for people living in Torre del Mar will be dealt with in the coastal town only. Torre residents will no longer be served in the main council building in inland Vélez-Málaga. The move has reopen



Potato crisps with the flavour of Malaga


Malaga: Paco José, Malaga Crisps are the star product of this business that has been operating in Malaga for over forty years and is regarded as the oldest of its kind in the city. It has several shops in the centre but the most famous is the one ... brands, Virgen de la Victoria and El Cautivo. They are commonly found on the shelves of large supermarkets. D. Sancho Melero, Antequera This brand belongs to the Antequera business group Unión Mels, founded in 1948 by Diego Sancho Melero, Rosario



Concern among small businesses in Marbella and other Costa towns in enforced closure


Small businesses in Costa towns such as Marbella, Estepona and Manilva, described their situation as "catastrophic" on Wednesday, when they were unable to open their shutters at all due to the local infection rates. The extra restrictions, brought ... hospitalisations and deaths. Malaga city has managed to avoid full closure measures in this weekend's review as its cases stayed just below 1,000, but in total 35 of Malaga province's 103 municipalities will see nonessential businesses shut by tomorrow, Saturday. ... uniform, she was preparing to return home. Enrique Guerrero, president of Apymen, the small and medium-sized business association of Marbella, spoke for many of his members. "The situation is catastrophic," he said. "Walking through the town centre you



Junta extends Covid restrictions in Andalucía to 4 March

Rossel Aparicio

...that the committee of experts had asked for an extra week with the current restrictions to analyse the stability of the downward trend in figures. With regard to restoring movement between provinces and recovering normal business hours in the future, he



Restriction changes: Pizarra joins towns with all non-essential businesses closed

Isabel Méndez

...rate of more than 1,000 per 100,000 inhabitants, the limit that requires the closure of all non-essential business according to the regulations brought in by the Junta de Andalucía. There are now 35 municipalities in Malaga province in that situation. ... de Tapia and Macharaviaya. There are now 40 municipalities in the 500-1,000 case band, where justification is needed to cross in or out of the town boundary, and non-essential businesses, bars and restaurants must close at 6pm. Municipalities with border ... closure and businesses open until 6pm Algarrobo, Almáchar, Alozaina, Antequera, Archez, Archidona, Benalmádena, Benamargosa, Canillas de Albaida, Campillos, Carratraca, Casares, Colmenar, Comares, Cortes de la Frontera, Cuevas de San Marcos, Cártama,


What to do

Spring concerts and events around Malaga province

denise bush

Live Music and Concerts Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Music Concerts Malaga. Auditorio del Museo Picasso de Málaga. 9 March, 8pm Cuarteto para el fin de los tiempos. .6 April, 8pm La Spagna. 11 May, 8pm Quinteto OFM. 1 June,



Malaga mayor: 'The Covid-19 closure is bad news for the city's economy'


"Bad news for the city's economy," is how the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, described the announcement of the closure of non-essential business activity in the city of Malaga after a 14-day cumulative incidence of 1,008 positive diagnoses ... per 100,000 inhabitants was reached. All non-essential business sectors - including hospitality - must lower their shutters from Wednesday for 14 days in line with the Junta de Andalucía’s orders. Bar and restaurant owners affected by forced ... overwhelmed by the pressure of hospital admissions and to save our businesses and economy while the vaccine is rolled out.” He concluded, “Now is the time, dear friends, to make an effort to reduce the infection rate to below 1,000 and then drop below 500.”



Supermarket chain dubbed the 'Russian Lidl' plans to open 40 stores in Spain this year


Mere, the supermarket chain that has been dubbed 'the Russian Lidl', is planning to open 40 stores across Spain - including Malaga - before the end of the year. These are stores with a business model that promises prices up to 30 per cent cheaper ... in industrial areas or near busy roads with easy access to the premises and the possibility of parking for 30 to 40 vehicles. The sales area of its stores is between 800 and 1,200 square metres and it intends to establish business hours from 9am to



Álora's bars and restaurants choose not to reopen - although the Covid data allows it


Bars and restaurants in Álora will not reopen their doors this Saturday (6 February) despite the town's coronavirus infection rate data allowing it. This was explained in a statement, in which the town's hospitality business owners said they will ... allowed to reopen bars and shops The mayor, Francisco Martínez, thanked all the hospitality businesses for their co-operation. "It seems to me an initiative worthy of admiration and an example of responsibility so that together we can get out of this ... situation." Although most businesses will reopen on a staggered basis in the coming weeks if the infection numbers continue to decline, the hospitality sector said that several establishments will resume their business on Saturday to serve key workers. "We



Why Malaga is the best place to have a business in 2021

Joanna Styles

...short break in the sunshine will be irresistible for many Northern Europeans, virus or no virus. Expect big interest in Malaga this winter. Plenty of new investment. Despite the effects of the pandemic, businesses have continued to invest in Malaga. ... that 2021 will be Malaga’s year. The year when the city emerges as one of Europe’s preferred destinations for safe, sunny and quality short-breaks and relocation. And the year that the city’s best businesses reap real rewards. Joanna Styles is CEO



Costa del Sol hoteliers fight back against Covid business devastation

Pilar Martínez

Costa del Sol hotel owners are seeking European funds to fight their way out of the Covid-19 crisis and have presented their bold ideas for five new projects. The initiative includes plans for smart hotels, an energy efficiency experience centre, a



Urban art brings warmth to Soho


Soho to attract new visitors. Estrella Zurita and Estrella Malet, who are mother and daughter, own the Lock And Relax left luggage business, and they had time on their hands because there are so few tourists in the city nowadays. What began as a ... mother's hobby, something to do to pass the time, has become an initiative that is highly appreciated by other business owners and residents of the district. "We wanted to cheer things up a bit," they say. The wraps are strikingly colourful and cover ... practically the whole trunk of the orange trees. Salvador Salas Their aim was to decorate all 29 trees in the district, starting in Casas de Campos, the street in which their business is located, and they have almost completed the project. The younger



New 1,000 euros of virus crisis aid in Andalucía for small businesses and the self-employed


The Junta de Andalucía has approved a plan to grant 1,000 euros of direct aid for small businesses and self-employed workers in the commerce, artisan production, hospitality and travel agency sectors that have all suffered heavily during the ... Covid-19 health crisis. The 46.1-million-euro fund is designed to particularly help businesses that have been severely hit by pandemic control measures to continue trading. National, regional and municipal restrictions on trading hours, capacity ... restrictions, the compliance with hygiene measures and, of course, a general reduction in footfall because of mobility restrictions have all combined to create a critical situation for many small businesses. There will be two lines of grants, financed with



Local tourism figures paint a desperate picture after a year of pandemic

Pilar Martínez

...number of workers and suppliers who have been badly affected. The worst crisis ever to hit this industry has already eradicated 12,000 small and medium businesses and self-employed workers in this sector, because they have been unable to carry on with ... so few tourists, according to the 2020 report by the Tourism Committee of the Confederation of Businesses in Andalucía (CEA). The figures show that last year the region only received 41 per cent of the number of tourists who came in 2019, which ... Sánchez. The crisis is affecting all tourism segments. The figures speak for themselves. Hotel occupancy dropped by 80 per cent, travel agencies have lost 90 per cent of their business and the restaurant sector is down by around 70 per cent. In addition,



More than 2,600 bars and shops in Malaga city apply for council aid of up to 3,000 euros


The five million euros of direct aid put aside by Malaga's city council to help hospitality and small businesses mitigate the losses suffered by the pandemic is likely to run out. With almost two weeks left until the deadline for submitting ... applications is closed on 2 March, the council has already received more than 2,600 claims from business owners for the aid of between 2,000 and 3,000 euros. Given that the money allocated shows clear signs of running out, the government team will need to ... find additional funds although the exact amount has not yet been specified. At the moment, the criteria for distribution to small businesses is in order of the arrival of applications and to qualify for the aid, it is necessary for them to prove a



Gibraltar government joins Global Blockchain Business Council

Debbie Bartlett

The government has joined the GBBC, the leading industry association for the blockchain technology industry, as an observing member. Earlier this year it also joined INATBA, a group of international blockchain industry players at an EU-level , and



New Year sales in Spain start with the lowest spending forecast in history


...turnover could fall up by to 40 per cent compared to last year - a huge setback for a sector that has been struggling since last March and that has just finished a Christmas campaign to forget. The president of the Malaga business federation, Salvador ... Pérez, estimates that businesses have already lost between 40 and 60 per cent of sales during the recently concluded Christmas period and said, “There is uncertainty since we do not know if new restrictions are going to be implemented." He claimed the ... businesses, which is where the main buyers have concentrated. Shoppers Laura and her mother Elena were on the look out for bargains. "There are very good offers, especially in branded clothing, which is what we are looking for," explained Elena.



Building up a successful English-language business in a Spanish-speaking world

Jennie Rhodes

When you combine passion, knowledge and business acumen, success comes naturally, if not easily. Joanna Styles, the brain and braun behind Guide to Malaga knows exactly what that feels like. In under five years Joanna, 54, has built up a ... successful business by marketing her adopted home city to local businesses and English-speaking residents and visitors alike. WOMEN IN BUSINESS Virginia Calvo, owner of Malaga gaming company The entrepreneur has lived in the province for over 30 ... to businesses and self-employed people who work or are thinking of working in Malaga. She was awarded the Costa Press Club Communicator award in 2016 and the website was featured on a BBC evening news programme in summer 2018. Joanna has a



Virginia Calvo, owner of Malaga gaming company


...trend and made sure her company was the first to introduce new gaming products the to Spanish market. WOMEN IN BUSINESS Building up a successful English-language business in a Spanish-speaking world 17 years on and Calvo is considered one of ... the departmental managers are women," Calvo says. The company started off selling computer chassis in different colours and designs and began to import exclusive American brands "which revolutionised the market", the business woman explains. Atlas ... gamers" they understand the industry and "the ecosystem of gamers", which helps them to develop their business and respond to the demands of their customers. She has also competed as a professional athlete and studied physiotherapy as part of her degree,



Trapiche market - a firm fixture in the Axarquía diary

Jennie Rhodes

...natural cosmetics. Some of the local charities are regulars and insurance companies, estate agents and other businesses also attend. Despite the early starts - she gets up at 4.30am and drives from her home in Cártama to be at Trapiche by 7.15 - Anita



Shops have lost up to 60 per cent of business due to the Covid restrictions


businesses have seen the number of customers drop by 60 per cent, and shoppers have missed out on offers such as the Black Friday price reductions and are increasingly turning to online purchasing because they cannot get to shops in other towns. The move ... business," says Salvador Pérez of the Malaga Comercio federation. The limited opening hours, with non-essential shops having to close at 6pm, is also having an effect. Major stores are also noticing the difference, such as Ikea, Leroy Merlin and shopping ... what we have lost, but at least we can start to lift our heads out of the water," he says. It is a similar picture everywhere, and affects shops of all sizes. In Torremolinos, the president of the retailers' association, Juan Vallejo, says businesses





...winemaker from outside the company or family is not recorded, but once the practice had started it became widespread. As in all businesses, an outsider coming in can see things that insiders don't. Woods and trees and all that. These days it is more



Tapas route launched to support local catering businesses


A new initiative by the catering establishments and backed by the town hall in Alhaurín de la Torre hopes to give local businesses a boost. It consists of a tapas route which will offer potato-based tapas and a drink for 2.90 euros. The route is ... open until 8 November and there will be prizes to win for customers that take part, according to the town's mayor, Joaquín Villanova. "In these difficult times which have been especially hard for businesses and the catering industry, we need to get ... involved in promoting and helping them to emerge stronger from this situation," he said. A passport for stamps and a list of the participating businesses and their tapas will be available from the establishments themselves and from the tourist office on