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British embassy updates travel advice for tourists in Spain

SUR in ENglish

The British embassy in Madrid has recently updated its coronavirus crisis travel information aimed at tourists from the UK still in Spain. The information covers the situation regarding hotels, which have been ordered to close across Spain by next ... Thursday, as well as travel options for returning to the UK. Here are the latest instructions issued by the embassy. The most recent video message from the British ambassador, Hugh Elliott, can be viewed here. Hotels "The Spanish Government has ordered ... that hotels and short-stay accommodation must close by midnight on 26 March. These instructions do not apply to long-stay accommodation where people can cater for themselves. The local authorities may ask British travellers to move hotels, as guests are



British Ambassador to Spain stresses that the key requirement is to stay at home


British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott has released a video message informing citizens of the "big implications" of the drastic measures brought in on Saturday by the Spanish government due to the coronavirus crisis. The message comes after the ... British government advised against all but essential travel to Spain and recommended that all tourists return home. More information Travel advice from the British governmentGet updated information here The ambassador reminds residents and ... work - if working at home is not possible - and to carry out caring duties. British tourists have been advised to go back to the UK.SALVADOR SALAS "It's really important that we all comply with this," said the ambassador, reminding British



20 March 1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono wed on the Rock

Daryl Finch

Fifty-one years ago today, John Lennon and Yoko Ono got married in Gibraltar: it was 20 March 1969. After a ten-minute ceremony performed by registrar Cecil Wheeler at the British Consulate Office, the newlyweds headed to the airport where the now ... to go across." They decided to try their luck in Paris, but were unable to tie the knot there because they hadn't been in the country long enough. Finally, their friend Peter Brown suggested they head to Gibraltar as it was a British protectorate. ... The Beatle later recalled that it was sold to him as "quiet, British and friendly" and because they could go ahead at short notice. "We went there and it was beautiful," he said in a 1980 interview. "Symbolically they called it the End of the World


What to do

Art, music and culture during the lockdown

Denise Bush

Theatre Theatre productions online National Theatre at home. Watch the best of British theatre every Thursday. The much loved National Theatre will be live streaming on YouTube every Thursday at 7pm British time (8pm Spain) starting yesterday



New British supermarket set to open in Mijas by the end of March


Mijas, in Las Lagunas. It is between rival supermarket Aldi and the car dealers Carsol. The company has an exclusive licence to sell goods from Tesco, the leading British supermarket group. It will offer 7,500 product lines of Tesco-branded goods as ... well as household brand names. Managers at The Food Co commented that they are always looking to offer "the best of British". The Food Co is part of Overseas Imports, which is also linked to Overseas Supermarkets, the firm already running the ... can find out more by contacting the company at Overseas success story The mastermind behind the project is the Alicante-based food importer Overseas Imports, specialising in British supermarket products. The businessman and



A Place in the Sun in the Axarquía

Jennie Rhodes

The film crew from Channel Four's A Place in the Sun have been in the Axarquía area east of Malaga to talk to British residents this week. Presenter of Channel Four's A Place in the Sun, Danni Menzies, interviewed a couple at La Viñuela ... reservoir during filming on Tuesday. Danni Menzies and Periana resident Angela Karlsson during filming in the village. Chloe Gavin She has also spoken to British residents in Periana and Su Derrick of La Vaquería café in Benamargosa.



21 February 1980: 100 British couples become Costa celebrities


On 21 February 1980 a casual observer at Malaga Airport might have been forgiven for thinking that the British prime minister or an 80s pop star had arrived. Instead there were 200 British tourists. That morning, 50 British couples celebrating ... popularity and continues in its campaigns to attract more off-season visitors. Saga Holidays has survived long since its 200 guests of honour returned home to the UK. Dan Air, however, did not share the same fortune. It was bought by British Airways for £1



British man living in Mallorca goes down with coronavirus


A British resident of Mallorca tested positive for coronavirus last Sunday, becoming the second person identified with the illness in Spain. He had returned from the French Alps where he was in contact with the British man from Brighton who was



Costas rally to meet the demand for protective kits

Jennie Rhodes

...together to provide materials, machinery, premises and time as the race to keep up with the demand of masks and protective clothing continues. In Periana, British resident Chloe Gavin is coordinating a group of women, including a handful of foreign



Embassy urges UK tourists to return home as soon as possible

The British Embassy in Madrid issued information and advice for British travellers in Spain, when the order for all hotels and short-term accommodation to close by 26 March was announced. Ambassador Hugh Elliott recorded a video which was posted ... on social media, saying the Spanish authorities had clearly said that nobody would be left without accommodation but that British visitors should arrange their return travel to the UK as soon as possible. He explained that the Embassy was liaising



British author releases final instalment of Africa memoirs

Tony Bryant

A local expat author has released the eagerly awaited final book in the Zambia Trilogy of her Africa series. Much More Into Africa continues the light-hearted look at the life of Ann Patras and her family after they left their fhome in Burton upon Tr



Cooking with preserved foods


...submerging it in liquid (fat, salt water or syrup) in glass jars sealed with wax in a bain-marie. Although Napoleon never used the method, Appert's life was changed forever; he started a new industry making preserves. Unlike Napoleon, the British Navy



The British Consul urges foreign residents in Coín to register on the town hall ‘padrón’


“If you live in the municipality and you are not registered at the town hall, the council isn’t receiving money which is due to it so it can provide more services. We always encourage British residents to register”. That was the message from ... Charmaine Arbouin, the British Consul for Andalucía, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, who visited Coín this week to give a talk about the effects of Brexit on foreign residents there. It was attended by about 140 people. “We were able to reassure ... them,” she said. The Consul also held a meeting with Mayor, Francisco Santos, because Coín council is carrying out a campaign to encourage British residents to register on the ‘padrón’. It estimates that more than 5,000 residents are not registered.



Man held over threat to British embassy

A.F. / J.C.

A Lebanese man has been held in Benalmádena after threatening to attack the British Embassy in Madrid. The alarm was raised earlier this month after diplomatic staff received a series of phone calls in which the caller said that an attack was



A few hotels stay open for key workers and stranded tourists

P. MARTÍNEZ / N. HESKETH hospital overflow and search continues This policy was also echoed by the British Embassy and a list of the hotels was published on its BritsinSpain Facebook page. British Ambassador, Hugh Elliott, said, "This is a very difficult time for ... British nationals who find themselves currently unable to get back to the UK and we welcome this announcement by the Spanish authorities that some hotels and short-stay accommodation will remain open during the state of emergency." The list is subject to ... closed with the staff laid off and will have to be reopened again. Also this week, the British Embassy, through its Facebook page and other social media, started to keep those wanting to return to the UK informed of the few flights available, while also



British people could have to pay more tax on properties they rent out on the Costa

Héctor Barbotta

Tax changes which will follow the UK's withdrawal from the European Union are likely to have an important effect on the property sector on the Costa del Sol, about 50 per cent of which depends on the British market. Unless an agreement can be ... reached to the contrary, from next year Brexit will result in fiscal modifications which will affect British citizens who live in the UK and earn money from renting out properties they own in the EU. Around 50 per cent of the properties sold on the ... Costa del Sol, especially in Marbella, Mijas and Estepona, are bought by British people as holiday homes and are rented out during the times the owners are not using them. A reminder for British citizens to register The British Consul for



Withdrawal Agreement eases healthcare concerns of British pensioners in Spain

Rachel Haynes

After the British government approved the Withdrawal Agreement last Friday, the final step, ratification by the European Parliament was completed on Wednesday, meaning that the UK leaves the EU at midnight tonight, Friday. A rollercoaster ... four years for Brits in Spain MORE INFORMATION Facebook Q&A. British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott will be answering questions during a live Q&A session on Facebook/Brits InSpain today, Friday, at 12 noon. British government website. ... once again towards the next, and final, deadline - 31 December 2020 - when this period of grace ends. The British consul for Andalucía, Charmaine Arbouin, and the Ambassador in Madrid, Hugh Elliott, have both stressed how the deal ratified this week