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Bookings for flights to Malaga shoot up 62 per cent in a week

Pilar Martínez

As the Costa's hotels start reopening, the latest report from Turismo Costa del Sol shows that for the week 9 to 15 June, flight bookings to Malaga increased by 62 per cent compared to the previous week, coinciding with the government's announcement ... that the opening of the borders would be brought forward to 21 June. The majority of these bookings were made by people from France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Belgium, with the United Kingdom lagging behind due to uncertainty over a quarantine on



Ryanair to reduce flights to 40% this October

Pilar Martínez

...forward bookings by continuous changes in EU government travel restrictions and policies, many of which are introduced at short notice". The airline expects to fill more than 70% of its seats within the new reduced schedule. It said however, “If current



Malaga steady themselves with hard-fought away draw

henry flynn

Malaga battled hard to claim a point in Tenerife on Monday night, standing firm in the face of the dominant home side in a game made all the more difficult by midfielder Keidi Bare’s red card just before half time. Keidi, the second Malaga player t



The devastating effects of a Costa with no tourists

Pilar Martínez

Holland, Belgium and Denmark not to travel to Spain, and the UK's quarantine on travellers coming from Spain, have taken the sector to the limit. There is no activity from tour operators, no bookings from the clients who always come in winter, because



Hotels are offering discounts again as July bookings are lower than expected


...the tourism industry was predicting that this summer would be better than last year and occupancy levels could even match those of 2017, but it hasn't happened. The hotels thought there would be a rush of last-minute bookings and there were some, but ... is that in general the last-minute bookings that hotels were relying on were lower than expected. In cities like Malaga it is different. We are seeing a clear gap between beach and city tourism". As an example, he points to the fact that on the ... Costa del Sol, unlike recent years, the hotels have even had vacancies at weekends in July. Since 2017, demand for weekend bookings had increased so much that some hotels had begun to insist on a four-night minimum stay. However, Sánchez does point out



Owners of thousands of holiday apartments search for long-term tenants as tourism crashes

Pilar Martínez

...lost income during the peak summer season. "Bookings were relatively good for August, all things considered, but since the UK's decision [to impose quarantine] all I'm getting are cancellations," he said. He warned, however, that now is not the ... situation has turned into a double-edged sword for property owners. They need to encourage tourists to make bookings, but this also allows them to cancel up to 48 hours before their arrival date at no cost. "This volatility complicates our work a great ... deal. There's no margin for reaction," said Pérez-Lanzac. With few bookings, panicking owners have started to drop their prices. This summer it is up to 30% cheaper to rent a holiday home on the Costa del Sol than last year. This figure could be even



Historic Vélez building included in holiday flats expansion plan

Eugenio Cabezas

...las Titas can't meet visitor demand at popular times of the year or cater for large groups. They added that while in summer most guests are Spanish, at all other times of year bookings mainly come from foreigners and in particular German and UK visitors.



How much could a typo on an airline ticket cost a passenger?


What happens when someone making a reservation adds an extra letter in their name or accidentally leaves out a number from their passport? How much do airlines charge for such a mistake in order to make up for it? The holiday website Destinio has c