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The fading colours of summer


...replaced by sandals and my outdoor activities consist of searching for birds from the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle or finding shaded areas to explore, ideally close to a water source. Like us, birds feel the heat and avoid open exposed places in ... shade and respite from high temperatures. It is a time I search for some elusive and wonderfully bizarre small birds such as common crossbill, with its crossed bill adapted for extracting seeds from pinecones; and the amazing hawfinch with its heavy and ... strong bill that can crack open a cherry stone. Both birds are common in suitable habitat, but both are also elusive as they blend into the leafed canopies of woodland. And so, a water source becomes more important in tracking down these two birds


What to do

Summer concerts, theatre and dance

denise bush

...and facilities accessible to everyone, has now re-opened. The gardens cover 40,000 square metres of land and contain nearly a thousand plant species of which there are 150 varieties of palm. There are also several different species of birds, including



Sea birds affected by oil spill off Gibraltar, as investigation continues

Debbie Bartlett

...operation and a clean-up began, but the oil affected numerous sea birds and some of the spill still remains in areas north of the harbour. These accidents are rare, but they come at great environmental cost. Gibraltar's Environment Minister, Dr John



Police free around 20 wild birds captured illegally


National Police have intercepted a vehicle in Malaga city as its occupants transported around 20 wild birds, apparently captured illegally in the countryside. In the boot of the car officers also found prohibited hunting gear (nets and ropes), so ... 32 and 35. The rescued birds (15 chamarixes, five verdones and two goldfinches) were released into their natural habitat.



Natural treasures - hidden, yet in full view


...are nice places to visit and are good for physical and mental health, but they are also a haven for numerous woodland birds. One tree which is particularly interesting in the urban environment is the silk floss tree, which can be seen in Avenida ... Beside the Virgen del Carmen marina, on La Fontanilla beach, we can followthe tracks of sandpipers and occasional ruddy turnstones. These small marine birds can be seen drinking here because, just steps from the sea, like magic, there is a stream of fresh ... vegetation and is a paradise for birds. "We like to call it the cosmopolitan wood," says Antonio Figueredo, "because you can see birds from all five continents there. One of the most unusual is the common firecrest, which only measures nine centimetres and



Invader birds


Junta de Andalucía.For the first time since this flying phenomenon invaded our treetops, politicians and experts are going to sit down to talk about what can be done to control the spread of these birds.There is just one obstacle left: for whatever is ... Caribbean image that these birds have brought with them; it might be very bright and cheerful for a while, but ask the residents who have to put up with them day after day. And that’s all without mentioning the spread of disease and the financial risk if ... indignant protest. Underneath their pretty and cartoon-like façade, these birds are a serious environmental threat. If the plague is permitted now, it will spread and start to damage crops and other financial resources and infrastructure in the province;



Cities belong to the birds now

carlos benito

...killing machines and their annoying noise with them. The towns now belong to the birds, who can move around in peace, with no fear of the deadly wheels of the cars, and sing without having to compete with the constant thunder of our everyday bustle. The ... know what birds think, especially in times like these when we hardly know what we think ourselves, but the lockdown has definitely made us realise what a huge presence they have in our surroundings. Suddenly, inside our homes, we can hear them sing as a ... gardens and on the edges of towns can take advantage of the calm to come into other areas, even the centres. This is the migratory period and breeding time for several species of birds, and it may be that we are seeing more of them, or we notice them more.



The eagles of Benalmádena are not flying high


...and his son Jan has become a reality: one of the biggest collections of birds of prey in Spain with about 160 examples from all over the world, including eagles, vultures, falcons, owls, goshawks and even a female Andean condor. Unfortunately, the ... cable car runs. Those who come to the centre - and many people do not even know it exists - discover birds from almost everywhere on the planet. Visitors can watch the birds scheduled for a training session that day demonstrate their flying and hunting ... years and when he returned to Europe he set up a successful sports and martial arts centre in Strasbourg. At the same time, he cultivated his passion for birds. The Valle de las Águilas centre is on top of the Calamorro mountain in Benalmádena.Germán


What to do

A full programme of events in Malaga

denise bush

40,000 square metres of land and contain nearly a thousand plant species of which there are 150 varieties of palm. There are also several different species of birds, including some unique in Spain. Cathedral rooftop tour Cathedral rooftop tour,