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Renfe wins six-billion-dollar deal for high-speed rail in Texas


The Spanish state-owned rail operator, Renfe, has won a contract worth six billion dollars, (5.56 billion euros), to help build and then run one of its AVE high-speed lines from Houston to Dallas in the American state of Texas. The deal was



Trade wars are good, according to Trump

ANDREW J. LINN lose customers, or pass it on and still lose customers. Either way it was almost certainly a prelude to closing down her business. The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Association has projected the loss of 36,000 jobs and US$1.6 billion in ... wages, costing the US economy more than $5.3 billion. The saddest aspect of the whole matter is that the wine business is paying for the Boeing-Airbus spat that Trump has emphasised as being the main justification for the introduction of the taxes on



All I want for Christmas

Tony Bryant, yet today, it has become a multi-billion-euro industry synonymous with commercialism and consumption. The tradition of gift giving was embraced by retailers, for whom the weeks and, eventually, the entire month before Christmas became a very ... industry's sales. Retailers in the UK predict 1.1 billion will be spent on toys this Christmas, while researchers found that it was normal to spend as much as 500 pounds on each child in the UK. Although my own memories of Christmas include many of the



Owner of La Cañada mall named among Spain's richest but trails Zara's Ortega by far


...estimated fortune of 2.1 billion euros. However the wealth of Tomás Olivo pales into insignificance when standing alongside the man at the top of the list, Amancio Ortega, founder of the Inditex fashion group, which includes brands such as Zara, Pull and ... Bear and Bershka. His personal wealth is estimated at 63 billion euros. Put another way, this is more than the economies of 120 countries, or enough to give, if he wanted to, every man woman and child in Spain a cheque for 1,340 euros. Behind Ortega ... is his daughter, Sandra, with six billion euros. Also featuring near the top of the list are other well-known Spanish business people. In second place is Rafael del Pino, president of construction and services giant Ferrovial with four billion



Government claws back 15 billion in unpaid or fraudulent tax in 2018


The central government's tax collection service, the Agencia Tributaria, has said that it managed to get hold of an extra 15.1 billion euros in 2018 in its efforts to prevent and to counter tax fraud. This is up on 14.8 billion extra collected in ... 2017, but 500 million short of the expected figure. In most years since 2008, the government has fallen short of its target to recover unpaid tax. Since 2004, when current records began, it says it has got back 156.1 billion in unpaid taxes through its



Some 1.6 billion euros of old pesetas still not handed in and time is running out


The Spanish peseta may have been consigned to history in 2002 with the introduction of the euro, but a regular report that monitors the old notes and coins from the Banco de España says that in July people still had 268.5 billion pesetas (1.66 ... billion euros) in kitchen drawers and down the back of sofas, or much of it may have been lost forever. Last year only 10 million euros worth was handed in to the central bank to be swapped into euros, mostly notes, and a tiny amount compared to what is



Illnesses resulting from traffic pollution cost Spain more than 3.6 billion euros a year


Spain spends more than 3.6 billion euros a year treating illnesses related to air pollution from traffic. This is the second highest amount in Europe (Germany spends 13.38 billion), according to a report carried out by the European Public Health ... Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. In total, atmospheric contamination caused by traffic is resulting in EU countries spending more than 72 billion euros a year in health costs, of which 52.86 billion are subsidised by the ... prohibition of diesel cars on highways and higher taxes on diesel, would save Spain around 2.83 billion euros, reducing its spending to about 770 million euros a year. In the EU as a whole, the saving would be about 58 billion euros a year. "93% of the



Caution on Costa over troubles at Thomas Cook


The hotel sector on the Costa del Sol has reacted this week with measured concern over the financial troubles of leading tour operator Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook saw its six-month losses to March rise to 1.9 billion euros compared to 283 million



Low seasons


...taken four and a half billion years to produce 'champagne.' " Altogether a pitiful array of inaccurate and insulting assertions that one of Spain's leading businessmen should know better than to put in the public arena. There are many wine lovers who



Cocaine seized in Malaga would have had a street value of more than a billion euros


The cocaine seized in an industrial estate in Malaga on Tuesday would have had a street value of more than a billion euros, police have confirmed. Sixteen people have been arrested so far and a record amount of drugs seized in the police ... a refrigerated lorry, vans and a Chrysler Voyager people carrier. The cocaine, which would have had a value of more than 360 million euros on the black market (but more than a billion once cut and distributed on the street), is believed to have been



About 80% of men and 55% of women will be overweight or obese by the year 2030


2016 3 billion euros will be the cost of healthcare in 2030 if the situation continues as at present Their report warns that if the present trend continues, in 2030 the figure will be three million higher. It also points out that whereas in 2016 ... the direct cost to the health system in attending to health problems caused by excess weight was 1.95 billion euros, if things continue as they are then it will rise to over three billion euros in the next 12 years. The study was drawn up from about ... higher than it had been in 2006, at 1.95 billion euros. That figure is two per cent of the health budget in Spain in 2015 (95.72 billion) and seven per cent of the Catalonian government budget for 2017 (over 28 billion euros). "If the number of cases



Two Spanish retail giants announce big profits in 2018


...year grew six per cent to 24.3 billion euros. For the second year running, it is also Spain's top-selling company in all sectors, having beaten Repsol to the number-one spot last year. The company now had 27 per cent market share among large supermarket ... chains, three times its nearest rivals. The president and founder, Juan Roig, said that despite a 1.5 billion-euro investment programme in updating its store format, earning after costs rose 84 per cent to 593 million euros. Two years ago, Mercadona ... come from outside Spain, meaning they are affected by more factors. Last year profits grew 2.2 per cent on 2017 to 3.4 billion euros. Despite being record-breaking figures for the largest clothing group in the world, the rate of sales growth (three



Tourism brought in 7 billion to the Costa this summer


The tourist industry contributed 7.12 billion euros to the local economy this summer. President of Turismo Costa del Sol, Elías Bendodo and Luis Callejón Suñé from the Costa del Sol hoteliers association revealed that the Costa del Sol attracted 7



European Commission announces target of zero emissions by 2050


2030, which estimates suggest would require an annual investment of 260 billion euros, or 1.5 per cent of the EU's combined GDP in 2018. Von Der Leyen's new plans of 50 or even 55% reductions by 2030 would raise this cost further, but the German stressed ... the huge costs of inaction; droughts and floods currently cost EU countries 15 billion euros a year. The Commission's plan would involve a yearly investment of 100 billion euros, and also involves the European Investment Bank incentivising billions



Man of the match


...would be “doing a Curry” that morning. Certainly “doing a curry” will have a new meaning in our household from now on! If you missed it, watch it on catch up. When I heard that two billion watched the royal wedding (more than one quarter of the ... population of the world), I had to do a double take to hear the number again. Did two billion people really hear Bishop Curry talk about the power of love in Jesus Christ and how that power can revolutionise our world? There among the most shiny of people



Telefónica announces 3.1 billion euro profit in 2017 at AGM


Madrid that it had made a 3.13 billion euro profit in 2017. It added that despite the negative impact of exchange rates in some of the markets it operates in and less income from roaming charges now EU rules have changed, it was helped by the sale of ... assets, such as part of Telxius, a telco infrastructure operator, and fewer restructuring expenses during the year. Worldwide sales in 2017 were flat at just over 52,000 billion euros, hindered by the weakness of the British pound, Argentinean peso and



Shares in Zara-owner Inditex fall as company announces slowdown


2.4 billion euros profit to October, up four per cent on a year earlier. Sustained by a sales increase of three per cent, nevertheless, it upset some analysts. Last year it grew six per cent in the same period. "The current situation at the company ... off. Total sales in the nine-month period were18.4 billion euros coming from its 7,442 shops and internet. The Galicia-based company added that the winter season had started well and that in November it had launched a new web platform for Zara in 106



An avalanche of similar cases could cost the government billions

SUR madrid

...although each one has to be treated on its own merits, if it finds in their favour it could cost the government more than one billion euros in compensation. With so many cases arising in response to its energy reforms, Ciadri is examining more claims



Zara and five other Spanish brands among the world top 500


According to the survey, the highest valued Spanish brand is Zara, with a value of 17.5 billion dollars (14 billion euros) and an annual increase of 21.2%. Santander is close behind, increasing 1.7% to 16.2 billion dollars (13 billion euros). Within the ... ranking, Zara, which is part of the larger Inditex group, is number 82, rising eight places in the year, while Santander falls from 81st to 92nd place. BBVA (11.6 billion dollars) rises from 177th to 131st, Movistar (11.4 billion dollars) from 136th to ... 132nd and Repsol (four billion dollars) from 483rd to 443rd; Iberdrola (3.9 billion) fell back from 407th to 468th position. Department store group, El Corte Inglés has entered the list for the first time in 434th position, with a value of 4.1 billion



Unicaja Banco profits surge by almost 40% in first half of 2018


...left the balance sheet, equivalent to 1.25 billion euros. Unicaja looks after 44.2 billion euros of clients' money. Some 27.3 billion is on instant access deposits and almost 13 billion in fixed-term deposits. A further 13.1 million is in investment



Malaga's exports beat the two-billion-euro mark in one year for the first time


The 'Made in Malaga' label is gaining strength as the province beat the two-billion-euro mark in exports last year. Between January and November 2017, Malaga sent products to the value of 2.05 billion euros out of the country, 216.8 million more ... and Andalusian [exporting] firms are small and medium-sized enterprises,” he added. The Malaga products that are most sold outside Spain are olive oil, fruit and vegetables, meat products, electrical equipment and textiles. Of the 2.5 billion





...middle and spiral arms of stars gradually getting thinner towards the edges. It is huge, about 180,000 light years across and containing around 400 billion stars. Our solar system is located in one of the spiral arms about three quarters of the way out ... light years across and containing about 800 billion stars. When you see the Andromeda Galaxy you are seeing it as it was 2.5 million years ago, even before there were humans on the Earth.



Zara owner sees sales jump 12% and profits beat three billion euros


Spanish retail giant, Inditex, carried on its upward march in 2016 and continued to beat its own sales records. The Galicia-based company, which owns brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius, saw sales of 23.31 billion euros ... worldwide in the twelve months ending 31 January, an increase of 12 per cent. Over 15 billion of these sales came from the Zara brand. Group sales grew in each of the 93 countries where it operates. There were 279 net store openings last year and it now ... has 7,292 shops around the world. Inditex profits increased ten percent to 3.1 billion euros, helping it keep its market leadership and beating nearest rival H&M. Reporting the annual results this week, Pablo Isla, company chairman and CEO,



The last planet


When Pluto was downgraded to dwarf planet status in 2006, it put Neptune as being the most distant planet from the Sun at almost 4.5 billion km. It is so far from the Sun that it takes almost 165 earth years to travel once around in its orbit.



Juanma Moreno talks of 'green revolution' in Andalucía at Madrid summit


Europe. He encouraged local businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the European Commission's announcement of a one-billion-euro fund until 2030 to support sustainable industries and green energy. Moreno was speaking alongside several



Sánchez congratulates Johnson and calls for an "ordered" Brexit that protects citizens' rights


The Chamber has stressed that a no-deal would put the more than 60 billion euros of bilateral trade between Spain and the UK at risk, as well as a large number of jobs in both countries if the free movement of persons is limited. The organisation ... said it hoped that the new Spanish government would take the lead in the upcoming negotiations, since the UK is the country which has invested most in Spain in the first half of 2019, with 3.1 billion euros. The president of the BCC in Spain,



The importance of liquidity when investing in capital markets


Standard Life Aberdeen were also under pressure to provide cash when investors withdrew 1.3 billion from the fund, an amount equivalent to six months of redemptions. Neil Woodford was once a celebrity star investment fund manager, but his flagship UK



The submerged economy


...benefit the fine can be between 10,000 and 187,000 euros. 24.6% is the percentage the submerged economy represents of Spanish GDP. It means 250 billion euros a year escape tax and employment controls, according to the Tax Inspectors Union. Manuel ... they should, and, above all, affects the income of the State. “The submerged economy in this country represents 24.6 per cent of GDP, and means that 250 billion euros escape fiscal and employment controls. According to our estimations, the money the ... State is not receiving in tax and Social Security contributions is between 60 billion and 70 billion euros a year,” says José María Mollinedo, the general secretary of the Ministry of Finance Technicians Union (Gestha). Tax havens and dividends There



Unicaja Banco profits rise 12% in first nine months of year


...its 2020 reduction target ahead of time. The reduction in problem assets has helped a fall in bad debt of 2.8 percentage points to 4.7%. Despite offloading some of its problem assets, a total of just over 1.5 billion euros is still on the books, a



Brexit isn't diminishing the UK's commitment to investing in Spain


...million euros in 2018. At a national level, Andalucía is in fourth place, a short distance behind Valencia (121 million) and Barcelona (159 million), although quite far behind Madrid (one billion). These are just some of the findings of the fourth ... Park (PTA) in Malaga on Thursday, is that the volume of direct investment from the Britain has gone from being the sixth largest for Spain in 2015 to the second in 2018, with 3.1 billion euros, excluding entities holding foreign securities (ETVE). This ... is slightly lower than in 2017 (3.9 billion), although it is three times higher than the volume recorded in 2015. "Every year, especially since the referendum on the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, we have seen an increase in



Russian magnate's superyacht moors in Marbella until November

Héctor Barbotta

...huge vessel belongs to Viktor Rashikov, a Russian iron and steel magnate said to be worth 7. 2 billion euros. Despite its size (in addition to its extreme length, Ocean Victory is 28 metres wide), it only has room for 26 passengers, serviced by a crew



Manilva council calls for investors to take over abandoned housing developments

CHARO MÁRQUEZ investors, with space for 5,787 homes. "But the priority isn't to build on more land but to finish what has already been constructed and authorised," he said. "To finish off all the incomplete homes could cost 3 billion euros": Marcos Ruiz He ... to develop Manilva and focus on bringing quality and sustainabilty for our local residents," said the councillor. To finish off all the incomplete homes could cost some three billion euros, he said, adding that Manilva had seen a lot of real estate



"We'll keep bringing taxes down," says regional finance minister


...and even in some cases your grandchildren, will have to pay 25 euros a year for the next 20 years to return the six-billion-euro debt run up between 2008 and 2010. Next year's budget Juan Bravo promised to maintain and "hopefully increase" budgets