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Ideas come from isolation

jennie rhodes / tony bryant have long conversations with relatives are all advantages associated with being stuck at home that many people are now discovering. In fact some have a busier social life than ever. “We all have the time right now to get in touch with family” ... each morning knowing that day is going to be much the same as the one before, and the one before that. And also the lack of social contact. For me personally, it’s the fact that I can’t see my grandchildren.” "Being in isolation is a great chance for ... concentration.” However, he explains that he also has to keep up with the practice. “Of course as a professional musician and occupying a place in a professional orchestra, I have to keep my performance skills as a trumpeter at a high level.” He adds, “Being



'I've always been a bit of an action man'

Ash Bolton was in 2004 that Franky decided to move to Marbella with his Portuguese wife, as they both fancied an adventure somewhere new. VIP bodyguard Thanks to his military background, he picked up security work and ended up being a body guard for VIPs ... such as Pamela Anderson, Bruce Willis and George Clooney. He told SUR in English: "The truth is that everybody thinks being a bodyguard is the coolest thing to do. Yes, it looks cool and you look badass, but the reality is that it's a lot of hours



Hearing centres ask for donations of snorkelling masks to help fight coronavirus


An Andalusian group of hearing centres is appealing for donations of snorkelling masks in a drive to help the health services in the coronavirus crisis. 'Easybreath' masks sold by the firm Decathlon are being adapted for use to protect health ... workers, thanks to pieces made by a 3D printer. Dr Francisco López Navas at the Virgen de las Nieves hospital in Granada developed the idea using a printer provided by the OírT hearing centre group originally to make ear pieces. Now it is being used to



Women who wear grey hair and wrinkles with pride


...three women who left their youth behind them some time ago and have become successful in the public sphere talking about how being middle-aged, or even elderly, doesn't mean having to hide or camouflage anything. Model Pino María Montesdeoca, actress ... strong and have a lot to offer; we will not be relegated to invisibility." She believes they are reinventing "the meaning of being an older woman" and fighting the idea that men's 'value' increases with age while theirs reduces. The same theory is ... fantastic in their 70s”, and also Queen Elizabeth II, still on the throne despite being 93 now. Toti doesn’t try to hide the effects of age. We are all likely to have grey hair once the coronavirus lockdown is over, but she says hers are part of her



Help combat isolation among elderly people without taking any risks


...other than those which are strictly necessary, this also increases their sense of being alone. This, too, poses its own risks for their health. On one hand it can affect their state of mind, making them feel low in spirits and sad; on the other, as ... Andalusian Geriatrics and Gerontology Society, recommends limiting visits to elderly people as much as possible and being very strict about the hygiene measures and protocols set down by the Ministry of Health. "We need to reduce contact with elderly



Campanillas under water as heavy rain and storms batter Malaga province

ignacio lillo

...roads have been cut off, but for the time being, damage to homes has not been reported. Residents in Campanillas are following the situation very closely, however, given that some parts still haven't recovered from the mudslide which struck at the end



Costas rally to meet the demand for protective kits

Jennie Rhodes

Sanz is coordinating around 30 volunteers who are using their own 3D printers to make the visors, which are being delivered to hospitals in the region. Cártama resident Ernesto Soler is one of 20 people with access to 3D printers in the town who is



Los Monteros, first Marbella hotel inspected for use as makeshift overflow hospital

Héctor Barbotta

...accommodate patients with milder symptoms, to free up beds in the hospital for more serious cases. It could also be used for health professionals who are not resident in the area but are being brought into to strengthen the staff at the Costa del Sol ... hospital, which is one of the medical facilities on the frontline of the battle against the pandemic. The hotel has the advantage of being close to the hospital as well as to the main Costa del Sol dual carriageway. A disadvantage could be that a lot of