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The return of Hors Pistes to the Pompidou


Democracia group which focus on football to 'The swimmer' (2006) by Maite Cajaravilla, the artist from Seville, which consists of three screens in a U-shape where an athlete immerses himself in an infinite journey below the water of a swimming pool. ... Metaphors for competition Another of the most notable works in the montage is 'Rendition' (2006) by Eugenio Ampudia. It shows sequences of a pole jump, but where the athletes need to clear a reproduction of the painting 'The rendition of Breda', by ... Velázquez, instead of the bar. “Athletes try to jump over an obstacle, which in this case is the picture, out of their comfort zone and shown in another context,” said Ampudia at the opening of the exhibition, describing a piece which approaches matters



A tribute to Regino Hernández

Ivan Gelibter

...very top of Spanish sport,” he said. “After the gold won by Francisco Fernández Ochoa at Sapporo 1972, and the bronze won by his sister Blanca 20 years later in Albertville, Spain has not achieved anything like this and now this Mijas athlete has made ... us famous in international sport at the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang.” The councillor for Sports, Nuria Rodríguez, said that Regino “is an example of values and a straightforward and humble athlete, despite having risen so high. I am very



Spain claim two medals in World Indoor Championships

D. MEABE Birmingham on Saturday. The athlete from Palencia, alongside Dominican Luguelín Santos, was disqualified for stepping out of his lane after recording a time of 44.92, which would have been a competition as well as European record time. Husillos



Duane is smiling again


...year of transition, almost of detox, for this 30-year-old athlete. She needed to stop for a while. “Just before the Games in Rio I became quite depressed but I did the best I could. Afterwards I took swimming a bit easier, but my problems didn't go ... athlete, because that is something all professionals face: “It's like a rucksack that you carry with you, but now it worries me less because I am starting that transition,” she says. “Now I'm going to train as an air stewardess and I'm also doing things in



Ten years protecting the Costa from the sun


...she says. The campaign is directed at different sections of the population: people who work outdoors, sunbathers, athletes, children and teenagers, people with a family history of melanoma. In total more than 4,000 people have taken part in campaigns



Duane's golden comeback

CARLOS J. MARTÍNEZ to tackle the psychological issues years of elite sport had inflicted, this was the perfect way to bring an end to two very complicated years for the athlete. Monday was a very intense day for Da Rocha. The Club Natación Mijas swimmer had to take



Provincial pride knows no borders

Antonio M. Romero

...the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. It was the first time in 26 years that a Spanish athlete had won a medal at these games. Regino, who was born in Ceuta but has lived in Mijas most of his life and says he is a 'malagueño' by adoption, was the third



Marbella Ironman event marred by death of British athlete


A British athlete, who was rescued on Sunday during the swimming stage of the Ironman 70.3 triathlon event in Marbella, died in hospital on Monday. The woman had to be rescued from the sea and was taken to the Costa del Sol hospital after ... suffering cardiorespiratory arrest, according to health service sources. Organisers of the event sent out a statement on Tuesday: “We are profoundly shocked by the news of the death of one of our athletes. Our condolences go out to the family and friends ... British athlete David McNamee was the first across the line, while the first woman was the German, Laura Philipp. McNamee crossed the line after three hours and 57 minutes, seeing off American Chris Leiferman in a sprint to the finish. The German Andreas



Taking opera to all walks of life


...throw at the Royal Opera House in Madrid, fantastic, there's nothing like hearing the best of the best. They are like Olympic athletes. But you can also see some good productions somewhere local, and have a really good night out without having to spend a



Promoting gender equality in sport


SUR to create an advisory committee in a bid to help promote equality in its sports coverage and across the newspapers. Malaga captain, Adriana Martín; former Olympic athlete, Dana Cervantes; rugby referee, Alhambra Nievas; former basketball player, ... stressed that, as with all news, certain criteria always had to be applied. How the news is reported Dana Cervantes, as a former elite athlete, spoke from personal experience: “I was always given equal treatment by the federation, in championships, in ... while women's sport is more a thing of beauty, a spectacle.” Alhambra Nievas, who took part via conference call from Santander, said that while her experience with the press has been mostly positive, “a female athlete is often used as a sexual object



Warm welcome for barefoot runner

Jennie Rhodes

British athlete, Julia Chi Taylor has achieved her goal. She arrived in Almuñécar last Saturday, on her 59th birthday, after running 1,000 kilometres barefoot across Spain. Julia started her epic journey in the town of Suances in Cantabria on 23



A coach with an Olympic pedigree

Mari Carmen Barea (Malaga, 1966) is one of the athletes from Malaga who has received the highest number of awards in history. She and Theresa Zabell are the only 'Malagueñas' who can say that they have won an Olympic gold medal. Against all ... Spain. She has received several medals and awards, but never from Malaga council. She wasn't even included in the list of award-winning local athletes which has been installed on the Paseo del Deporte, beside the Ciudad de Malaga stadium. Maybe now is the



Triathletes take over sweltering Malaga

carlos J. martínez

Malaga’s coastal promenade was teeming with athletes by nine o’clock on Sunday morning as 190 participants prepared to take on the Malaga Triathlon, despite very warm weather conditions on the day. The first stop for the athletes was the waters of ... the Misericordia beach. The athletes had to swim 1.9 kilometres before taking on the cycling section, which consisted of 85 kilometres -three laps of a route from the coast to Puerto de la Torre. The final section of the race took the form of a ... time penalty dished out to Wymmersch for his illegal crossover from bicycle to foot. The fastest female athlete was Patricia Bueno, from Malaga, who recorded a time of four hours and 41 minutes. She has now won the competition for two consecutive



Triathletes take over a hot Malaga city


Malaga's coastal promenade was teeming with athletes by nine o'clock on Sunday morning as 190 participants prepared to take on the Malaga Triathlon, despite warm weather conditions on the day. The first stop for the athletes was the waters of the ... Misericordia beach. The athletes had to swim 1.9 kilometres before taking on the cycling section, which consisted of 85 kilometres -three laps of a route from the coast to Puerto de la Torre. The final section of the race took the form of a 21-kilometre run. ... dished out to Wymmersch for his illegal crossover from bicycle to foot. The fastest female athlete was Patricia Bueno, from Malaga, who recorded a time of four hours and 41 minutes. She has now won the competition for two consecutive years. The three



The people behind the artists at Cirque du Soleil


...the athletes use to exercise on the barre. These are five of the 46 artists from this Cirque du Soleil production, and each has a story to tell. Alejandro Romero Director musical An Andalusian managing the sound for 'Totem' Alejandro was born



Gibraltar, Barbate and Isle of Man at 33rd National Special Olympics

Debbie Bartlett

Picardo and government ministers. The Gibraltar athletes were competing against others from the Isle of Man and Barbate, and they all paraded into the stadium behind the Special Olympics flag, which was raised prior to the arrival of the Olympic Flame.



Fats that help to lose weight


What do Mick Jagger, Kim Kardashian, Kobe Bryant and Alec Baldwin have in common? At first glance not a lot, it would seem, but if we are to believe the American gossip press then the musician, the celebrity, the athlete and the actor all follow ... useful for athletes. Those who say it is point out that metabolic flexibility is also a blessing for people who do sport: when it comes down to it, why depend on a glycogen reserve of about 2,000 calories (stored half in the liver and half in the muscles)



Anger as athletes are told they cannot represent Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

Four of the five athletes from Gibraltar who were due to take part in the World Masters Championships in Malaga boycotted it after being told they would have to compete as 'neutral' instead of representing Gibraltar, and would not be permitted to ... "The IAAF supports Gibraltar's right to have its athletes compete under its nation's flag as they are a recognised European Federation. We urge the WMA to stand strong against this political interference".



Age is just a number


35 and 102, have come to the Costa del Sol from far and wide to turn back the clock in search of medals and new world records. Anger as athletes are told they cannot represent Gibraltar These outdoor championships were launched on Monday at ... the second time that Spain has hosted these championships, the biggest for athletes over the age of 35 - whether former athletes (and even Olympians) who want to keep the fire burning, or those who came to sport in later life. In 2005, San Sebastián ... attracted 6,000 athletes, but this time round Malaga has exceeded that number, with 1,793 athletes comprising the Spanish team alone (273 of which are from Malaga province). Group photo of the 101 national delegations at the Tabacalera building.Migue



A continuing quest to defy all odds


Just a few days remain of the World Masters Athletics Championships, currently taking place in Malaga at various venues across the city and Torremolinos, where more than 8,000 athletes, aged 35 to 102, have been turning back the clock and defying ... the years. The event, which started last Tuesday, is set to come to a climax on Sunday. That said, we have already witnessed a lot of great moments including when Indian, Man Kaur, 102, became the oldest athlete in the competition, breaking world ... could be the secret behind his good health. However, he admitted on indulging in "a good glass of wine" once in a while. "The joy of competing" This is the second time that Spain has hosted these championships, the biggest for athletes over the age



The curtain comes down on a record World Masters Athletics Championships

marina rivas

Anyone in Malaga or Torremolinos during the World Masters Athletics Championships will have witnessed the frenetic coming and going of more than eight thousands athletes over the last two weeks. The championships, with athletes ranging from 35 to ... nations, 73 of them came away with at least one medal to show for their efforts. World records were broken left right and centre, perhaps most impressively by Man Kaur and Giuseppe Ottaviani, both 102. But whether or not athletes took home medals, they



12 October 1910: Birth of pioneering Spanish athlete Margot Moles

Tony Bryant what happened today?

...competition. Margot and her sister, Lucinda, were among the first Spanish women to practise professional athletics, and along with alpine skier, Ernestina Maenza, were the first Spanish women athletes to participate in the Garmisch-Partenkirche Winter Olympics ... regime socially ostracised the athlete and refused to recognise her contribution to Spanish athletics. Accused of collaborating with the republicans, her husband, Manuel Piña, was executed in Madrid in 1942. Margot led a discreet life during the Franco ... regime, virtually retiring from sport. She died in 1987 without ever having received a tribute for her career. Her life was recorded in The Great Republican Athlete, a biography that recounts the life of one of the great pioneers of Spanish sport.



Contrasting fortunes for Malaga's karate stars

Juan calderón / Marina rivas

...her first professional medal in team kumite. All eyes were on Quintero and the fight for world domination against current world number one, Ryo Kiyuna. The Torremolinos-born athlete looked focused, motivated and confident, showcasing some excellent



An American dream on the Costa del Sol

Tony Bryant

...friend to the Munich Summer Olympics in 1972. His friend was a shotput in the American team, and although they were not personally affected by the events - in which a Palestinian terrorist group killed 11 Israeli athletes and a West German police officer



7 DECEMBER 1974 Star shot-putter Manolo Martínez is born in León


...the tender age of seventeen he had established himself as a junior athlete on an international level. Winning a silver medal at the World Junior Championships in South Korea in 1992, he then went on to become the European Junior Champion the ... following year. Martínez Gutiérrez had many successes throughout his time as a professional athlete. His main career highlights came in the form of his win in the 2002 European Indoor Championships and then going on to take the gold medal at the 2003 ... World Indoor Championships. Every professional athlete dreams of competing in the Olympic Games. This came true for Martínez in Athens in 2004. However, not only did he compete, but he was also awarded the bronze medal position following an IAAF drug



East African athletes dominate in the fastest ever Malaga Marathon


...different this time as some 5,000 athletes congregated in the central Paseo del Parque, some in fancy dress, ahead of the Malaga Marathon. This year saw a record number of participants, with 1,500 of those signed up taking part in the new half marathon. ... finished with times quicker than the previous record. Two-time world champion Abel Antón, ambassador of the event said: "It was a great day for many athletes who broke their record times." He also highlighted the very favourable conditions, with not too ... much heat and very little wind. The final rankings were dominated by athletes from east Africa with 23-year-old debutant Lemi Dumecha (Ethiopia) winning in the men's category with a time of two hours, 11 minutes and seven seconds. It was a dramatic



Torremolinos sees out old year with the San Silvestre solidarity fun run

Tony Bryant

...requirement is that participants donate one kilo of non-perishable food, which will be distributed among local aid organizations. Those taking part, whether seasoned athletes or fun runners, are asked to dress in festive costumes and prizes will be given for



Running a marathon to show solidarity with 'Butterfly Skin' children

Mónica Pérez

Ángel Mora, an athlete who is part of the 'Deportistas por una Causa' group, is to run the Zurich Marathon in Seville on 17 February to raise money for the Piel de Mariposa association. He will tackle the 42.2-kilometre challenge to "give wings to



Sports weekend raises 14,000 euros for Sarah Almagro


Local athletes have shown that they are not only concerned about improving their results, but they support good causes as well. Organisers have now confirmed that the charity sports weekend for Sarah Almagro, which took place between 14 and 16 ... win the highest number of points in a limited time. At the municipal stadium 450 athletes took part in a relay marathon, and at the Antonio Serrano Lima complex 300 people participated in a karate display. The 'Somos tu ola' campaign was



Athletes and fun runners prepare for Torremolinos half marathon

Tony Bryant

Local and national athletes are preparing for the thirtieth edition of the Media Maratón de Torremolinos, the town's popular half marathon that will take place on Sunday 3 February. Athletes from all over Spain will participate in one of the ... longest-running half marathons in the province of Malaga. The 21.097 km race, which is limited to 2000 runners, is organised by the sports department of Torremolinos town hall. The event, which attracts both serious athletes and fun runners attired in an



Around 500 athletes head to Antequera for Athletics Championships


Antequera's Athletics Centre plays host to the 55th edition of the Spanish Indoor Athletics Championships on 16 and 17 February. The event, which will attract almost 500 athletes, will for the second time have more female than male representation,



Antequera hosts most successful indoor championships of the last decade


Glasgow European Championships being met six times and eight athletes overall sealing their qualification, the town's athletics complex was filled with positivity. IN NUMBERS Spanish champions: Sergio López and Jaël Bestué (60m), Orlando Ortega and Cari ... Olympic silver medallist Orlando Ortega came away with the title in the 60-metre hurdles. The following day, national record-holding sprinter Óscar Husillos also came away with gold as expected. A podium finish at just 15 Two young athletes grabbed ... under-23 category and picked up a medal which had not gone to an athlete so young in 46 years. On that occasion, it was Olympian Isabel Mozún, who won the high jump in 1973, aged 13 and 10 months. Another ticket to Glasgow went to Úrsula Ruiz, with a



Six medals in a successful week for Spanish athletics


...with a distance of 14.73 metres. The 23-year-old, who was junior world champion in 2012, has now, under the tutelage of retired Cuban track and field athlete Iván Pedroso, come of age and sealed an elusive European Championship win after so many ... for fourth. Minutes later came gold for Jorge Ureña. The heptathlete from Alicante was proclaimed European champion with a total of 6,218 points after coming out on top in the 1,000 metres. He also pipped a British athlete to the post, in this case ... Tim Duckworth who finished on 6,156 points. This was just the third medal won by a Spanish athlete in a combined indoor event after Antonio Peñalver in Genoa 1992 (bronze) and Ureña himself in Belgrade two years ago (silver). A further two medals



Age is no barrier for seven local athletes


In sport, if you think that age matters, you're making a mistake. Believing that a number can prevent you from reaching the elite is wrong. Just ask the seven 'Malagueño' athletes who have this week joined 280 others from across the country at the ... Save the Children to help the most disadvantaged children in society. Since then, this group of veteran athletes has continued searching for competitions in which they can participate and do what they like best, even if, as they told SUR ahead of ... what may in Poland, these veteran athletes know that a lot still lies ahead for them, even if it is just as an excuse to continue meeting up. After Torun comes Toronto in 2020. "Of course we'll be there - and I mean all of us!" said Fernando Peyrallo.



Malaga karatekas set the bar high and dominate at the European Championships


Rodríguez and Raquel Roy, collected the second on Sunday. Quintero proved once again that there are very few athletes in this sport like him. It came as no real surprise when he added the sixth individual gold medal to his repertoire; his fifth in



Padel player wins a match point against diabetes


...position as an athlete to help other people. He has revealed that he is diabetic and has suffered from this chronic illness since he was ten years old. He has learned to control it, in order to be an elite athlete. He has decided to talk about his



German athletes come out on top in Marbella Ironman


It was a good day for Germany on Saturday and triathletes Andreas Dreitz (3h 56:48) and Laura Philipp (4h 28:56) completed a doublein the Ironman 70.3 in Marbella. British athlete Alistair Brownlee came second with a time of 4h 01:00, just ahead



From Malaga to Tokyo at full sail


By 29 years of age, most athletes who haven't reached the elite already, will have given up on their hopes of reaching the pinnacle of their sport. For Gabriel Utrera, however, that couldn't be further from the truth. With the 2020 Olympic Games