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Judge decides to seize all of the Al-Thani family's assets in Spain


The Al-Thani family's grip over Malaga CF loosened considerably this week when the judge investigating the criminal complaint against the Qataris by the club's Association of Minority Shareholders ordered the seizure of all assets in Spain belonging ... the Al-Thanis would be blocked from selling shares in any company in Spain (Málaga Club de Fútbol, NAS Football, NAS Spain 2000 and Nasir bin Abdullah and Sons) without judicial approval. These assets will now remain blocked until the conclusion of ... the trial. If the sheikh and his sons are found guilty, these assets could go up for public auction. The sheikh's shares in the club are also being contested in parallel court proceedings. Though more than half the shares have been provisionally



Merger talks between BBVA and Banco Sabadell under way


BBVA bank and Banco Sabadell restarted discussions this week to merge both companies. After the announcement on Monday, shares in the banks surged around 20 per cent. Bilbao-based BBVA and smaller Sabadell - from Barcelona province - have hired inv



Marbella's official language school set to be ready by next term

Héctor Barbotta

...began in November last year and were funded by assets seized from Juan Antonio Roca, mastermind of Marbella's huge town-planning corruption scandal. The school, which has 12 classrooms, is already 95 per cent complete and will be furnished by the Junta



Protecting purchasing power safely


...wishing to preserve the purchasing power of their capital over time should construct a well diversified portfolio of assets that will protect against the economic pressures we may encounter. Among suitable assets are Inflation Protected Treasury Bonds ... recessions tend to be around 20-40%. Risk-averse investors wishing to preserve capital over the long term would be well advised to consider TIPS as a hedge against risk assets, as part of a well diversified investment strategy. The author is a member of



The importance of liquidity when investing in capital markets


The MG investment group's real estate fund also recently had difficulty selling underlying assets in order to realise cash to cover investor redemptions, because investors holding UK real estate investments were nervous in the run-up to the UK general ... election. When managing money, the ability to generate cash with readily saleable assets is important, especially if the fund or construction allows for daily redemptions. All these funds were open-ended, meaning that investors are able to receive a ... share price and redeem shares. However, the manager can only return cash to meet redemptions of shares if there is a market to sell underlying assets. Real estate is notoriously illiquid, which is why banks are reluctant to hold real estate on their



No exceptions

Mark Nayler

...already possessed, or live a life more lavish than was already possible, makes the greed of politicians such as Rato look negligible. Did there come a point at which this once-popular monarch checked the balance of his accounts or surveyed his assets and



Shares in Liberbank and Malaga-based Unicaja surge as merger talks resume

NURIA TRIGUERO / Neil hesketh

...had 63 billion euros in assets, 6,274 staff and 1,029 branches. Liberbank had 45bn assets, 3,698 staff and 579 offices. Unicaja grew out of savings banks principally in Andalucía, while Liberbank was formed in 2011 by former savings banks in the



More Malaya corruption assets to be put on sale on new website

Héctor Barbotta

A court in Malaga has decided to launch a second website to sell off assets seized as part of the Malaya corruption case in Marbella. Although the trials of those in the massive scandal, which rocked the town hall when news broke over ten years ago, ... are now long over, large compensation payments due from those sentenced are in most cases still outstanding. The raising of funds from the sale of seized assets belonging to the ringleader, former town-planning boss, Juan Antonio Roca, has been ... helped by the publication of a special public website displaying his multi-million-euro property and assets, with money from sales going towards paying Roca's debt. Now a judge, seeing how slowly the money is being paid back by the rest of those



Home of corrupt former Marbella planning boss is sold by a court despite him still living there

Nieves Castro

...high-value assets frozen as now-released Juan Antonio Roca was sent to jail in the infamous corruption scandals that rocked the resort over ten years ago. The eight-bedroom property was put on sale on a court-supervised website for 2.6 million euros but in ... emerged that Roca has complained to a court in Madrid. His lawyers told the court that heard the 'Saqueo II' part of the trials that it is not fair that he is being targeted for his assets (in this case alone he was ordered to pay back 37 million euros). ... He told the court that it would do well to investigate more thoroughly assets of others culprits such as former mayor Julián Muñoz, as well as the heirs of former mayor, Jesús Gil.