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What to do

A festival of art on display in the streets of Torremolinos

Tony Bryant

...local artists, which will be displayed in different parts of the town. There will also be exhibitions in the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Centre and several restaurants, including Bodegas Guerola, Loft del Mar and El Gran Vino, and these can be viewed ... exhibitions, the Calle San Miguel and Plaza de La Nogalera will become workshops for numerous art students from the Universidad Popular de Torremolinos. Visitors will be able to watch the artists at work and they will have the opportunity to purchase a painting



An air of the Alhambra on the patio floor


...and that week it rained in Malaga. "It was pretty tense at times... luckily the weather cleared up for long enough for everything to turn out alright," says Pablo Purón, one of the founders of Boa Mistura. This group of artists has just finished ... to work on the social aspect of the centre, something that all the members of Boa Mistura are very involved with. There are two other courtyards and our aim is for the artists to do something in the main building and finish this series of patios,"


What to do

The bishop's palace in Malaga exhibits 26 works of contemporary art

Antonio Javier López

The Palacio Episcopal in Malaga is currently hosting a collection of works from the Unicaja Foundation's collection of contemporary art works. They include pieces by several Malaga artists including Rogelio López Cuenca, Nono Bandera, Noelia


What to do

Ojén lets its hair down

Tony Bryant

It is a typical Andalusian village with white-washed houses and narrow streets, but in July, Ojén's reserved image will be swept away by the Ojeando Festival, a two-day independent music festival where more than 40 bands will perform on three large s



Tattoo fever takes hold at convention

Ivan Gelibter

The Malaga tattoo convention celebrated its fifth anniversary last weekend, once more attracting thousands of people from far and wide. Whilemany came to get a tattoo themselves, the skill of the tattoo artists, alongside shows, performances and ... live acts brought together many spectators simply in awe of the artistic talent on display. According to sources, this year the event had artists from twenty different countries, including the United States, Argentina and Italy. Throughout the ... embraces the convention with open arms. "In a city that has tattoo artists with a year-long waiting list, this comes as no surprise," he said.


What to do

Expressionism, an invitation to connect


'Simpatía con el Expresionismo' is the title of the new exhibition that runs at the Museum Jorge Rando in Malaga until 23 May. Artists from the Pro Arte y Cultura group, together with painters from Das Atelier, the Museum Jorge Rando's own art ... school, are displaying their works in the museum's Sala 1. The exhibition is curated by Julia Sáez Angulo and Carmen Pallarés. Seventeen artists, from among the more than four hundred who make up the international Pro Arte y Cultura (PAC), were selected ... to display their work at theJorge Rando alongside paintings by two artists from Das Atelier. Sympathy with Expressionism “is the unity felt by the painters of the group with the work of the artist Jorge Rando that is permanently on display here, in


What to do

Experimental art and Buster Keaton


27 April. Contact. Tel: 952224002 The title of the display is 'Vik Muniz and Buster Keaton: Art as experimentation'. Muniz regarded Buster Keaton as one of his main inspirations when he created his works. Twenty-six artists ... artists from diverse disciplines, including Cyro García, Equipo Lalufa and David Burbano, will be demonstrating the links between Brasilian artist Vik Muniz and Buster Keaton, star of the silent screen. The result is an eclectic and interesting mixture of


What to do

Contemporary art exhibition

Jennie Rhodes

SaloArte. The art on display, Helen explains, is “contemporary and expressing a variety of styles.” Ten artists will be participating in the event, most of whom live in either Granada or Malaga province. They include British artists, Annabel Keatley and ... “lover of art.” She also recognises it as a way of attracting visitors to Salobreña, which is why she started SaloArte in the castle. “I am committed to art and to Salobreña and I understand the struggle that artists have to get people to see their work,”