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Exhibitions and art shows currently on along the Costa del Sol and inland

denise bush

January. Casa Museo de Mijas, Calle Libertad.. Galician born artist José Manuel López Toirán uses scrap pieces of wood to create his colourful sculptures. Victor Porlen Victor Porlen, Mijas La Cala de Mijas. Until 7 January. Centro Cultural ... de La Cala. Jaén artist Victor Porlen will be exhibiting a selection of his works. Los Machados Malaga.Until 12 December. Centro Cultural Fundación Unicaja. . Around 200 pieces are on display that form the legacy of the poets, the Machado ... display of belenes (nativity scenes) will take place this year but visitor numbers are restricted. Museo Revello de Toro Malaga Closed Mondays. C/Afligidos. Félix Revello de Toro is a distinguished Malaga artist. Around 117 of his works are on


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Pigsy's work goes virtual

Tony Bryant

Malaga-based Irish artist Pigsy (Ciaran McCoy) will host an online exhibition of his work from 28 November until 12 December. The artist, renowned for his large colourful paintings, will exhibit the body of work he has produced since arriving in ... that they have no boundaries: they portray spontaneity, frustration, simplicity and emotion. His work has been described as 'angry' and 'aggressive', but the artist disagrees, claiming he is simply expressing "the frustrations of someone who lives


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Picasso and friends move into Vélez-Málaga's contemporary arts centre

Jennie Rhodes

An exhibition showing 52 works of art by Picasso, his friends and teachers (Picasso, Amigos y Maestros) opened last week at Vélez-Málaga's contemporary arts centre (CAC). As well as 19 paintings, ceramics and lithographs by the artist himself, the ... artist Francisco Rodríguez, welcomes visitors at the entrance. The 19 Picassos can be found in room one, while room two is dedicated to works by the artist's closest friends, including eight works by Dalí. Miró, Chagall and Braque occupy room three and


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Revealing the creative direction of a Swedish artist

Tony Bryant

Swedish artist Kjell Sporrong is to launch an exhibition of his abstract art in La Casa de Las Tejerinas in Plaza de Las Flores, Estepona, this evening (Friday). Born in Stockholm in 1962, Kjell has spent his life exploring different creative ... directions. After studying music at the Adolf Fredrik Music School, he turned his attention to fashion design. Arriving on the Costa del Sol in 2000, the multitalented artist acquired a passion for painting, and several years later he began taking classes with ... Mijas-based artist Joy Fahey. This resulted in his first art exhibition in Competa in 2019. His new exhibition, which was previously displayed in Nerja and Frigiliana, features a collection of abstract works using a mixture of medias, including acrylic,


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From Malaga to Copenhagen

Jennie Rhodes

Malaga-based British artist Derek Worthington is showing his work at the APLAMA Manuel Barbadillo exhibition room in Malaga city (Avenida Comandante Benítez, 7) from 10 November. The two-part exhibition consists of Worthington's Malaga Tropical, ... a collection of 18 paintings, "several of which are my impressions of Malaga: exotic, palm trees, tropical vegetation, iconic buildings and wonderful light," explains the artist. The second part, Sunsets and storms over Northern Europe, consists of



Portrait of an artist with dyslexia

Tony Bryant

1972, established architect and artist Ciaran McCoy has struggled with dyslexia all of his life. Because he was born on Dublin's Northside, he was at first embarrassed to show people his art for fear they would think he was an "eejit", but he eventually ... Festival in London. The eight-minute film - which at first he was not keen to make - tells the story of an artist who struggled with severe dyslexia. It focuses on his school days, when being dyslexic brought him feelings of shame and inferiority. "At ... time of painting, he uses a mixture of chalk, charcoal, acrylics and spray paint. Semi-biographical Many of his paintings are self-portraits, or semi-biographical. His work has been described as 'angry' and 'aggressive', but the artist disagrees,



Johnny Depp: 'I really don't consider myself an artist'


...doesn't want to be anybody other than himself, and that for me is number one on the list of what a true artist should be. The alcohol and the drugs are like his form of self-medication. Learning J. T. : It seems to me he sometimes uses them for the ... regret anything. Do you think there can be people like you and Shane in the film industry, or the music industry, today? J. D. : I don't consider myself an artist at all. I really don't, I don't place myself on the level of other people who I admire ... and confuse the public because that type of film... no, no it's not worth it. You try to do everything you can. For example, I approach the subject from the perspective of an artist, but I can't do that because I don't think that cinema is going to


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Local Dutch artist showcases women at Nerja's Sala Municipal

Jennie Rhodes

Women are the theme of local Dutch artist Coby Bloemsma's exhibition 'Mujeres' at Nerja's Sala Municipal in Calle Cristo. Thirty-five paintings and eight sculptures are included in the exhibition which runs until 5 September. MUJERES / WOMEN ... What. An exhibition of 35 paintings and eight sculptures by local Dutch artist Coby Bloemsma. Where. Sala Municipal, C/ Cristo, Nerja. Every day from 11.30am to 2pm and 7.30 to 10pm. Until 5 September. Further information. /


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Museum Jorge Rando reopens after six months with six new exhibition rooms

Antonio Javier López

...nothing else matters or is of interest to me." It is signed by the artist Jorge Rando, who has given his name and the content - and the essence - to the museum in Malaga which reopened this week after being closed for more than half the year. Like the ... new room on this lower floor. In this display visitors will find the dark scenes of 'Finisterris' and 'Pinturas sucias', the artist's most recent ventures into territories which are closer to abstraction but without abandoning his figurative vocation ... represented at the reopening by Caixabank's territorial director for Western Andalucía and Murcia, Juan Ignacio Zafra, who highlighted the role of Rando not only as an artist, but also as a patron and promotor of culture through this museum which bears his


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Ana Barriga brings light and colour to the end of the tunnel

Antonio Javier López

...this for several days, the early ones of that lockdown last spring which for her seemed a type of "living death". And in the end she found painting to be a reason to carry on. A motive, if not for optimism, then for resistance. THE EXHIBITION Artist ... background," says the artist. Vitalistic and playful on the surface but with a depth of sarcasm running through them, the dozen works in 'La vida del difunto' (The life of the deceased), Barriga's second exhibition at the Yusto/Giner, have been created by an ... artist who comes onto the market as "a huntress with no preconceived ideas" and it can be viewed until 21 November. Objects that attract her are taken to her studio and there, little by little, she incorporates them into her creations in the form of