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The purpose built village which will be a home for Alzheimer's patients

IRMA CUESTA world alzheimer's day

If all goes according to plan, by the end of 2019 the French town of Dax will make history by becoming the second place on the planet with a type of commune for Alzheimer's sufferers. It will have a community of 120 patients, living in a place which ... bears no, or practically no, resemblance to the special centres we are used to seeing. In this 'Alzheimer's village', just over 100 professionals including doctors, nurses, gerontological assistants, psychologists and psychotherapists, will look after ... The Alzheimer's village was born with the idea of being a place of innovation and a benchmark for other institutions and companies which provide services to people who have lost their memory and, with it, their signs of identity. In fact, a



Scientific studies show that red wine prevents Alzheimer's disease


Research carried out by the universities Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Castilla-La Mancha and the Autónoma de Barcelona has managed to demonstrate that red wine, consumed in moderation, prevents Alzheimer's disease. According to this study, this ... beneficial effect on health is attributed to a molecule, resveratrol, present in red grapes, which acts as a neuroprotective against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Mairena Martín, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the ... cell death that occurs in the neurons of the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease." "Resveratrol acts on the cellular receptors that pick up messages from molecules, among which is adenosine, in charge of telling the brain what it has



New support group offers lifeline to carers and families of dementia patients

Tony Bryant

La Cala de Mijas Lions Club has launched the association's first Alzheimer's and Dementia Support Group. The support group was formed because the Lions realised there was a great demand for a service to help English-speaking expats living in the ... Malaga province who care for people with dementia. Key Points Dementia. Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia - a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Cause. There are many different ... Sandie Tavendale, who became a Lion in 2016. Although not a qualified specialist, Sandie acquired experience as a carer while looking after her own mother, who suffered with Alzheimer's for 20 years. Sandie believes the support group is necessary here on



Virtual pet, actual therapy

Héctor Barbotta

...that it has changed and responds to that one, too. However, Luka is much more than a pet. For almost five years he has been used as a type of therapy for patients suffering from Alzheimer's, senile dementia and other illnesses. Despite his fluffy



What do people in Malaga die of?

nuria triguero

...province last year, of whom more than 500 were due to Alzheimer's. In this condition, as in others, the incidence differs according to gender: more than twice as many women die as men. Tumours are the main cause of death in men (over 30 per cent), while for


What to do

Indie Rock acoustic music night for Alzheimer's charity


The Clem Fandangos are a recently formed Indie/Rock band on the Costa del Sol and they will be playing on 26 April at the Estepona Cultural Centre in a charity concert to support ADSI (Alzheimer and Dementia Support International). INFORMATION



This is María at the age of 106


...because her daughter (83) and son-in-law (86) both have early Alzheimer's. When the carers aren't there, it's María who answers the phone and, especially, helps her daughter in the kitchen, as her daughter is forgetting how to cook. "I keep all the



Football to combat Alzheimer's


Football can be like a first love, the one which is never forgotten; a passion which arouses nostalgia. It is a sport which can have some surprising repercussions, and it is now proving an important tool for Alzheimer's sufferers. It can't cure



21 September 1994: World Alzheimer's Day is launched

Rachel Haynes What Happened Today?

World Alzheimer's Day has been celebrated on 21 September since 1994. The awareness day was launched at the opening of the annual Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) conference (held on that date in 1994 in Edinburgh) to mark the tenth ... anniversary of the organisation. In 2012 the whole of September was declared Alzheimer's Month "to enable associations worldwide to extend the reach of their awareness programmes over a longer period of time", explains ADI on its website. ADI is a ... London-based umbrella organisation that unites and empowers 94 Alzheimer's associations around the world and is officially linked with the World Health Organisation. As with other international awareness days and months, ADI says that the initiative serves to



Local Alzheimer's association needs funds to build a larger centre in Benalmádena

ALBERTO GÓMEZ world alzheimer's day

The Association of Relatives of Alzheimer's Sufferers in Benalmádena (AFAB) is still seeking financing to expand its present facilities in Avenida Ciudad de Melilla, and build a centre on a site in Myramar that the council set aside for their use in ... 2010. The association's current headquarters are 320 square metres in size, but demand for their services is so high that it has become too small and there is even a waiting list. Town halls join forces to raise awareness on World Alzheimer's Day ... the effects of Alzheimer's at its day centre and help provide a better quality of life for sufferers and support for their families," said Navas. The president of AFAB Mari Cruz Azuaga, stressed how important it is for "everyone to get involved, and



Town halls join forces to raise awareness on World Alzheimer's Day

Tony Bryant

The town halls of Torremolinos and Benalmádena have joined forces to mark World Alzheimer's Day by supporting events aimed at generating social awareness of the condition, while offering information and support for those affected by the disease. The ... events began last week, with the installation of an information marquee outside Torremolinos town hall. Assisted by AFAB, the Benalmádena-based organisation that offers help to Alzheimer's sufferers and their families, the initiative provides ... information on the prevalence of the disease and guidelines for its detection. related news Local Alzheimer's association needs funds to build a larger centre in Benalmádena The organisation has also arranged a lecture in the Pablo Picasso Cultural



Marbella Rotary Club to attempt world-record beetle drive for Alzheimer's

Tony Bryant

...challenge in Marbella will hopefully break the current world record of 252 players, while also helping to raise funds for the Asociación de Familiares de Enfermos de Alzheimer's (AFA), the Marbella-based organisation that supports Alzheimer's sufferers and



Alzheimer's sufferers and their families get royal support

Ángel Escalera

Queen Sofía, the mother of King Felipe VI, expressed support for those suffering from Alzheimer's and their families, as she officially opened the VII National Alzheimer's Conference in Malaga recently. She said relatives who care forAlzheimer ... Services and Equality, Mario Garcés, and Cheles Cantabrana, the president of the Spanish Alzheimer's Confederation (CEAFA), which organised the event. Susana Díaz stressed that it is important for Alzheimer's sufferers to benefit from integral treatment. ... she said. The mayor of Malaga said that Alzheimer's is challenging for everybody, and that more progress is needed in research and in the way these families are looked after and assisted. He stressed that caring for Alzheimer's patients is difficult



Spanish researchers make progress towards early detection of Alzheimer's Disease


Spanish researchers from the Pascual Maragall Foundation have made a pioneering discovery which will enable some types of Alzheimer's Disease to be detected early in people who are still healthy and showing no sign of the illness. About 800,000 ... people in Spain currently have Alzheimer's, and that number is expected to triple in the next 30 years and reach epidemic proportions. The experts, who received financial support from La Caixa Foundation, have just published the results of the world's ... largest neuroimaging study - magnetic resonance scans of the brain - carried out on people who are healthy but who carry the gene which gives the highest risk of suffering Alzheimer's, the APOE-E4. The study, which will be published in 'Alzheimer's &



Alzheimer's charities swap experiences in a fact-finding visit thanks to an online meeting


...partnership with the British Consulate in Malaga, was meeting with local charities that have been using it to help their work, including Age Concern, Red Cross, AVISA interpreters in the Axarquía and local Alzheimer's groups. Dr Hall explained, "The Support ... addresses of their local town halls, charities or health centres." Rebecca Flowerdew, ADSI: "It is hard to explain what it is like looking after an elderly relative with Alzheimer's unless you have been through it""One positive result of the Support in ... Spain website is that groups with similar interests and activities are finding out about each other for the first time," added Dr Hall. This is the case of groups supporting Alzheimer's and dementia sufferers. This week she was able to witness first-hand



“We'll be able to predict Parkinson's and Alzheimer's before symptoms appear”


Alzheimer's, which is precisely what you are also researching now. Yes; it is worrying because some very promising clinical tests have been carried out, but they haven't produced results. That's why we are asking ourselves what the problem is; why aren't we ... are being developed in order to be able to predict Parkinson's and Alzheimer's before they start to show. Many of the clinical tests at the moment are going in that direction. It's impressive how many genetic and molecular studies are being carried



The steps of the lost


...go to the other side of Spain: they're right here, in a radius of three kilometres from their homes. These are deaths which could have been prevented,” says Joaquín Amills, the president of SOS Desaparecidos. Why do Alzheimer's sufferers get lost? ... are early symptoms of this form of dementia. “There can also be temporary disorientation”, says Cheles Cantabrana, president of the Spanish Alzheimer's Confederation (Ceafa). “They might go to the hairdresser on a Sunday, or head off to work without ... from the past A tendency to wander about is a typical sign of Alzheimer's and it also appears in more advanced stages. “Some patients have recurring and obsessive ideas. They don't recognise the house in which they live and they go out to look for



“I haven't changed because they have told me I have Alzheimer's: I'm still me”

Ángel Escalera

Ildefonso Fernández, a 58-year-old from La Rioja, has recently helped others to understand what life is like for someone who is affected by Alzheimer's. “I haven't changed because they said I have Alzheimer's; I'm still me and that's how I want to ... be treated,” he said. Ildefonso is in the initial stage of this neurodegenerative condition, which was diagnosed when he was 57, and he was giving his point of view at the VII National Alzheimer's Conference which took place at the Palacio ... de Ferias y Congresos in Malaga recently and was organised by the Spanish Alzheimer's Confederation (CEAFA). Alzheimer's sufferers and their families get royal support After being introduced by the president of CEAFA, Cheles Cantabrana, he explained



Keep your brain in shape now, avoid problems in the future


...affecting the brain. For example migraine, which can affect the quality of life of those who suffer from them; stroke; neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, or epilepsy, are some of the most common neurological pathologies in ... our brain to neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer's and help to prevent them."



Marathon effort raises £1,611 for Gibraltar charity

Ash Bolton

A Gibraltar woman is celebrating after raising £1,611 for charity in memory of her grandfather. Abigail Evans raised the money by running every single day of 2019 in aid of the Gibraltar Alzheimer's & Dementia Society. The 29-year-old decided to ... take up the challenge after her grandfather Freddy Ignacio passed away in February 2018 at the age of 79, after suffering from a number of illnesses including Alzheimer's. In total, Abigail ran over 1,600 kilometres during 2019, which included three



Age Care supports local dementia association


...raised by Age Care, which was presented to the director of the centre, Rocio Segoria Lebron, by Age Care president, Syd Weldon and social worker Africa Fontcuberta Ramirez. Local Alzheimer's association needs funds to build a larger centre in ... Benalmádena Town halls join forces to raise awareness on World Alzheimer's Day AFA Fuengirola- Mijas Costa is a self funding charity that supports families caring for elderly people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia providing psychological



Calling for men to create harmony

Ash Bolton

The choir recently presented a cheque for 938 euros to the Alzheimer's and Dementia Support International charity in Sabinillas. The money was raised during a tea party at Duquesa Golf Club and the International Day in Duquesa. The choir's next



Bill Gates donates funds to for new research into the brain disease which affects millions


Bill Gates, multi-million cofounder of Microsoft, has announced recently that he will donate 50 million dollars of his own money to finance research into fighting Alzheimer's disease. In his blog he emphasises that the money will come from his ... and that's Alzheimer's disease” he said. He added that he has a connection with Alzheimer's, “Several of the men in my family have this disease. And so, you know, I've seen how tough it is. That's not my sole motivation, but it certainly drew me in.”



The lawyer who challenged the regime the post-war period, criticised the chauvinist attitude which judged male and female adultery differently. She died in Malaga in 2002, after losing her memory through Alzheimer's.



Three months with no news

sur in english

Saturnino Garzas is a clear example of preventable drama. Suffering from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, at the age of 67 he went into a care home in Torrelodones and a week later he disappeared without trace. The management at the home say he jumped



Links between deafness and diabetes to be discussed at support group


10.30am at Hogar, Calle Paloma, Fuengirola, includes a talk by Alfonso Sánchez, senior audiologist at Sontec Hearing Centres. Sánchez will speak about the links between deafness and diabetes and possibly even Alzheimer's. He will also be offering free


What to do

Oh yes it is...a charity panto in the Axarquía

Jennie Rhodes

...nuggets for children). This year's chosen charity is the Alzheimer's Day Centre in Velez Malaga. In previous years the drama group has raised money for Cudeca, Angels of Axarquia, Caritas, Torre del Mar Food bank and AnnAxarquia. The group is also



Rotary beetle-drive challenge attracts hundreds and raises thousands

Rachel Haynes

Alzheimer's association, and the rest will be shared among other NGOs. A large cross section of the local community took part, with a range of different nationalities and ages The event had the enthusiastic support of Marbella town hall and was attended by



Chasing a world record with six legs

Rachel Haynes

...participants to donate 10 euros each or for 30 euros to register a group of four. The funds raised will go to the local AFA Alzheimer's organisation and other charities supported by the Rotary Club, some of which will be present on the day to inform people of



Entertainment and help for local causes


Alzheimer's sufferers, Adana, Aprona, Aspandem and Cudeca. New members are welcome - annual membership is €15. For more information contact President Mary Erlich on 952 896820 or visit La Cala de Mijas Lions Club



Malaga's forgotten female writers

ALBERTO GÓMEZ the post-war period, criticised the chauvinist attitude which judged male and female adultery differently. She died in Malaga in 2002, after losing her memory through Alzheimer’s.



A hundred years of Bebo Valdés


...previously. "They had a nice apartment in Benalmádena, not big but very well planned, only two stops and a five-minute walk from my place," he says. When Rose Marie died and Bebo developed Alzheimer's it started to get complicated, explains Lundahl.