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The Z factor

Rob Palmer

It's looking increasingly likely that La Liga's run-in will be decided by the club that has the "X Factor". Or, to be more accurate, the "Z factor". A whole season ago, Zinedine Zidane returned to Real Madrid with 11 games remaining and discovered



Morocco cancels huge Strait of Gibraltar summer crossing plan


...return to Morocco and other parts of North Africa by ferry from their homes in northern Europe for a summer holiday, before coming back again several weeks later. The postponement has come as a big relief to the Andalusian regional government. The



Single use plastic: a Covid-19 hero with devastating environmental consequences

Jennie Rhodes

...reusing has "been undone" and that "we will have to start all over again". The good news is that Mi Moana has permission from Mijas town hall to organise a beach cleanup in July on El Chaparral beach and Ann Jenkins from Playa Patrol in La Herradura is ... confident that she will be able to start up again in late summer. "I don't know what the effect of Covid-19 will be on our oceans, but I am positive that people will adapt again when this is all over," Wegloop concludes.



Erik el Belga, the most famous art forger in the world, has died in Malaga

Héctor Barbotta

...detained in Belgium but managed to escape and come back to Spain, which he never left again. He specialised in stealing from small churches in rural areas of Catalonia, Aragón and Castilla y León and obtained at least 40 paintings that way.   His third



Sadiku goal not enough to earn win against relegation strugglers

henry flynn

...side, more fluent in attack than against Tenerife, looked more likely to score and almost did again, but Juanpi missed narrowly after a nice run at the Extremadura defence. The visitors created their first real opportunity at the end of the first half, ... Substitute Renato Santos also went close, but Casto saved once again at his near post. The team’s inability to follow up with another goal was punished in the 64th minute when Zarfino floated a header into the top corner from Álex Díez’s free kick. ... Extremadura, second from bottom in the Segunda table, were more commanding in possession during the second half but needed Casto again to stop a powerful shot from full-back Ismael Casas. At the other end, Zarfino could have put his side ahead with yet



Let's work together

Peter Edgerton may have missed the news that The Shakespeare pub, Malaga, opened its doors again this week after three months' closure. We didn't have a clue what to expect on the first night back but it soon became clear that it would be a wholly heartwarming ... return to the city's historic streets to provide the soundtrack of our lives once again. The trouble is nobody really knows and so we're left to try to adapt as best we can to wildly unpredictable circumstances. While I sit and contemplate the future,



The future of the guidebook

JOSEPHINE QUINTERO Trip Advisor. It seems there is nothing to replace that battered LP guide, researched by writers on the ground, and which tends to stay on the bookshelf as a dog-eared memento, long after your trip. When travel starts again - which it will - ... hopefully people will travel less and more simply, with reduced tech and more environmental conscience. And just maybe there will, once again, be a place for that faithful Lonely Planet guidebook. I certainly hope so.



Spending spree

Mark Nayler

...refurbish my flat, I wouldn't be impressed if you spent it all on a new sofa - nor, presumably, would a potential buyer. Here, again, the government's plans are vague: some of the money will go to tourism, some to healthcare, some to unemployment benefits,


What to do

Starlite Festival to go ahead after months of speculation

Tony Bryant exchanged for any of the other concerts. In addition, a full refund for tickets can be requested before Friday 26 June. "It's important to get everything going again," said Starlite creator Sandra García-Sanjuán, adding, "Music's the medicine of



Granada's Alhambra opens again to visitors


After three months closed to the public due to the coronavirus health crisis, members of the public once again were able to admire the courtyards and palaces of the Alhambra in Granada on Wednesday. Visitor numbers are limited to half the



Getting back to business with SUR in English

...lockdown easing is advancing, and local businesses are now able to set their wheels in motion once again. Some will have more difficulty than others, but as businesses come out of hibernation, so do the customers. Every day we are able to enjoy simple



Charity shops, facing numerous challenges after three months in lockdown

Tony Bryant

...came into force on Monday 8 June, has eased the regulations further, and now more charities are opening their shop doors again after taking the necessary precautions to protect their staff and customers. Complying with regulations In order to ... 72 hours and disinfected before being available again. Credit card payment is encouraged, but not compulsory. One thing that the shops have in common is the fact that they all rely heavily on the generosity of the general public, donations received



Malaga steady themselves with hard-fought away draw

henry flynn

...likely, threatened again when he turned sharply in the box but his shot was well dealt with by Munir. Keidi Bare (centre) was sent off just before half time.Agencia Lof Malaga, who struggled for possession, conjured an unlikely chance when Juankar’s low



Tune out the noise and stay the course

jeremy blatch |

...people to travel and fly again? Will demand recover to pre-pandemic levels? However, the probability is that equities will outperform bonds and cash in the coming decade. Markets and investors crave certainty, but in an age when technology allows us to ... investment portfolios. Cash gives us optionality but we cannot know enough about the future to time the market, and if trying to do so, we will likely miss the rebound as assets reprice again - which they will, as light follows day. Bull markets beget bear



Malaga slump to defeat as Segunda action resumes

henry flynn

...fine break. Tete Morente won the ball from the opposition defence to send Juanpi free down the middle, who found Tete again who was then fouled, allowing striker Armando Sadiku to score his eleventh goal of the season from the spot. Balls are ... González. Raba himself scored to put the team from Aragón ahead once again to conclude a chaotic first half. In the second period, Malaga too were reduced to ten men when defender David Lombán was adjudged to have stopped substitute Rafa Mir racing



It's all relative

Mark Nayler

The Bank of Spain has once again tweaked its prediction of the impact that Covid-19 will have on the Spanish economy, setting the projected range of GDP contraction for this year between 9% and 11.6% (a reduction from its previous projection of



We're all Swedes now

NEIL HESKETH surprise at the question and my inability to answer has never really left me. I was reminded of this again recently, a couple of weeks into lockdown on a first trip out to Carrefour. This is the kind of trip, in normal times, I would always



Julieta, pleased to see visitors again

Ivan Gelibter

again, with strict hygiene and safety conditions in place. "We have reduced the number of people allowed inside at any one time to about 25 per cent," said the general manager, Francisco de Asís García, "Even though, now that we are in phase 3 of the ... first in Andalucía, following the lockdown which began in March due to the coronavirus crisis. Even so, not all the animals were as pleased to see visitors again as Julieta. Species such as chimpanzees, orangutans, and other apes and primates at the



Andalucía starts a 22.5-million-euro campaign to attract tourists to the region

Pilar Martínez

Now that Andalucía has entered Phase 3 of the easing of the state of alarm restrictions, the regional government is keen to attract travellers again and has chosen internationally famous actor Antonio Banderas, who is from Malaga, as the face of its ... it: "Today, it is as if we were all recovering from a heart attack. Being alive doesn't just mean breathing again, it means feeling emotions again. This summer, let's go out and enjoy life to the full in Andalucía," he urges. This is the region's



The challenge of rebuilding global travel

Andrew Forbes

As travel is once again becoming part of our lives, the industry is endeavouring to meet the new challenges we all face. It has to almost reinvent itself and certainly evolve. In the short-term there will be pain, in terms of inconveniences, risks and ... generation will enjoy the simplicity of those kinds of trips; while going on an intercontinental holiday will be a treat again. Road less travelled If flying and international travel once again becomes a little more of a luxury, then we'll all be



Gibraltar border reopens to official residents on both sides

Debbie Bartlett

Official residents of Gibraltar and Spain are now able to cross the border again, following direct contact between the chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, and the Spanish Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, as announced by the



A passion for Andalucía inspires debut novel

Tony Bryant

...this time round, the Andalusian culture and environment again filled me with wonder: it was the perfect soil to plant the story's roots," she declares. Julie describes the book as contemporary women's fiction with deep social, spiritual and ethical



No particular place to go

Peter Edgerton

One of the many joys that phase two of the confinement deescalation process has brought is the permission to potter aimlessly about once again. I'm sure it's not expressed in precisely those terms in the official government guidelines but,


What to do

Malaga starts opening up for art, music and culture again

Denise Bush

Museums Museo del Patrimonio Municipal Malaga. Tuesdays to Sundays 10am - 8pm. Avda de Cervantes 4. With art collections from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century as well as artefacts, documents etc. relating to the economical, social and c



Brexit rears its head again with Specialised Committee meeting


With concerns over the coronavirus crisis taking up every waking moment for more than two months, it comes as a jolt to realise that the Brexit negotiations are still continuing. The UK government insists it will not ask for an extension to the trans



The cultural heart of Malaga beats again


...pulse beating again," he says. On the far side of the Plaza de la Merced, Picasso is also waiting with 'Trozo de piel', the exhibition which reflects his friendship with Camilo José Cela. "We hadn't seen it and decided to make the most of this nice ... its first visitors this week. "We are happy to be open again but it has been a challenge for us, because we are normally interactive. People can usually touch the instruments but that is prohibited now, so we have had to adapt," says director Miguel ... Ángel Piédrola. Staff at the Pompidou Centre on Muelle Uno were also pleased to be able to welcome visitors again, but there was a slight sense of nervousness as they opened at 9.30am and waited to see if anybody came. It seemed a long half-hour before



We were going to be better

Héctor Barbotta

We knew it was going to be tough, but when all this started we had certain expectations that the experience could make us better as a society. Not only because after 2008, and what followed 2008, there was no room for the chain to break again at its ... again we believed the tale that in every crisis lies an opportunity, as if that opportunity were to present itself to everyone, and as if those who end up losing had, what's more, to feel guilty for not having been able to work out where that opportunity



A bad idea

Mark Nayler

...least, this stealthily-made pact highlights, once again, the government's readiness to promise anything to anyone so long as they receive much-needed votes in return.



29 May 1953: Mount Everest conquered for the first time

Jennie Rhodes

...face of Everest, taking him 26 hours from base camp. Just five days later, on 27 May 2017, the mountaineer reached the summit again, this time in 17 hours from Advance Base Camp.



Iconic hotels on the Costa start to reach out to customers with reopening dates

Pilar Martínez

Tourism has started to wake up at varied points along the Costa del Sol. In Malaga, El Gran Hotel Miramar, luxury flagship in the city, has said that it will open its doors again on 1 June. The property, part of the Santos chain, will open with ... preparing to reopen again. The first to open its doors will be the emblematic Fuerte Marbella on 3 July as well as Fuerte Conil-Resort and Fuerte Grazalema, in Cadiz, and Fuerte El Rompido, in Huelva. Managers of the group said they had decided to open, ... "after the positive progress that the easing of lockdown appears to be having and the approaching new normal". Marbella's iconic Puente Romano hotel also informed that it will be opening again on 2 July. Along with other hotels, bosses again stressed



Airlines include the Costa del Sol on their new summer schedules


Some of Europe's biggest airlines have announced plans of how they plan to take off again after the coronavirus grounded their entire fleets in March. The companies' finances have been hit by the crisis and giants such as Air France and Lufthansa



Malaga and Granada provinces move to Phase Two of lockdown easing


Health minister, Jesús Aguirre said, “Neither Malaga nor Granada should stay one more day in Phase One.” Last weekend there was disappointment as both provinces once again failed to keep up with the rest of Andalucía as it moved to Phase Two. Less