Zero Covid-19 cases among residents, but several new ones detected in visitors

Zero Covid-19 cases among residents, but several new ones detected in visitors
  • The population of Gibraltar has been Covid-free for days but this shows that caution is still needed

Gibraltar has registered no cases of Covid-19 among its resident population for several days, but on Wednesday the number of cases among visitors shot up from one to 14. These visitors are normally ships' crew or tourists, and the virus was detected while they were in Gibraltar.

One person has been admitted to the Covid-19 hospital ward, and the rest are in isolation. In total, 40 people are currently in isolation in Gibraltar, including those who are extra-vulnerable and people who have not tested positive themselves but have been in close contact with someone who has.

Gibraltar's vaccine campaign is generally believed to be responsible for the lack of cases among residents. Yesterday the figures showed that 66,209 doses of the vaccine have been administered so far: 35,825 first doses and 30,384 second. These include vaccination of many of the cross-border workers, as they are part of the vaccination campaign.

In the meantime, the Gibraltar government is warning people to familiarise themselves with public health restrictions in Spain and to ensure that they comply with them, as the public health situation is of concern in several European countries and that includes the neighbouring Spanish region of Andalucía.

The statement said it is important to bear in mind that even a person who has been vaccinated against Covid-19 can still contract the disease, albeit with a lesser degree of severity, and spread it to other people. The Spanish authorities have indicated that a fourth wave of Covid-19 is expected to materialise over this week and the next as a consequence of contacts made during Easter.