Gibraltar's resident population is Covid-free

Gibraltar. File photograph.
Gibraltar. File photograph. / SUR
  • Some coronavirus control restrictions are now being lifted although the situation will be closely monitored

On Thursday afternoon, 8 April, the chief minister of Gibraltar announced that the resident population is now Covid-free, for the first time in nine months. There are currently two cases in non-residents, who are self-isolating in Spain, and two visitors who are in isolation in Gibraltar.

Some restrictions are now being lifted: there will be no restrictions on the numbers of persons who can gather in public after 16 April, although public health measures may still be applied at large events.

There will be no limit to the number of people at a restaurant table, and masks will only be necessary in shops and on public transport. Catering staff will be allowed to wear one mask, instead of having to double-mask as at present.

The situation will be closely monitored, and the chief minister stressed that Covid cases are surging again elsewhere.