Restrictions relaxed to reveal a new normal for Gibraltar

Gibraltarians with no masks in the street after restrictions were relaxed.
Gibraltarians with no masks in the street after restrictions were relaxed. / EP
  • Masks off, no curfew and bars open till 2am as Gibraltar starts to get back to normal

Crossing the short distance from Spain over the border to Gibraltar is like entering a different world now, one where masks are only obligatory in certain places and the atmosphere is much more carefree and cheerful.

With all its adult population and many of its cross-border workers now having been offered the vaccine against Covid-19, combined with very low rates of the virus, the Gibraltar government has eased its social restrictions.

While in Andalucía people are confined to their provinces and masks are compulsory everywhere outside the home, including on the beach, the people of Gibraltar are enjoying their newfound freedom. They can also enjoy more of their homeland, as the lower reaches of the Upper Rock have just been reopened to traffic after being closed during the lockdown.

Some restrictions are still in place, however. Masks are no longer needed in Main Street and the nearby area of the town centre, but must still be worn in enclosed public places, shops and on public transport, and the ban on the consumption of alcohol in public places, in other words away from licensed premises, remains in force from 7pm to 8am every day.

This does not apply to the outside area of a bar or restaurant as these areas are counted as being part of the licensed premises.