New anti-Covid restrictions introduced in Gibraltar

Restaurants are affected.
Restaurants are affected. / SUR
  • "I know you are sick of hearing this message but you may get very sick if you don't heed this message," said chief minister Fabian Picardo

With Covid-19 cases rising sharply the Gibraltar government has introduced new restrictions, some of which are 'strongly advised' and others which can be legally enforced.

People over the age of 70 and those who are immunosupressed are asked not to leave their homes unless absolutely essential, and if they do then they should wear a mask. Masks are strongly advised in general for everyone over the age of 10 in busy places such as Main Street and Irish Town, where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

People are also strongly advised not to attend funerals unless they are a direct relative of the deceased, and to wear a mask if they do, and not to attend communal worship if social distancing is not possible. Services will be broadcast online.

The new measures which can be enforced by law mainly affect bars, cafés and restaurants. The maximum number of people who can sit at one table in a restaurant has been reduced from 10 to eight and live music in these venues is now banned.

Tables must be booked in advance and details of all customers at the tables must be taken by the establishment and kept.

Last orders for alcoholic drinks has been brought forward to 11pm and only one alcoholic drink per person at a table is to be permitted at last orders.

Restaurants can continue continue to close at 1am, as can bars with their own kitchen, but any bars, pubs or clubs without their own kitchen must stop serving by 9pm and close at 10pm.

Bars, clubs and other establishments must now block off their pool tables and darts facilities so that customers cannot use them.

With regard to Chatham Counterguard, an area which has come under frequent criticism because of the numbers of people who congregate there, all restaurants must now close at midnight and masks are mandatory in the leisure area except when sat at a restaurant table. Only people sat at a table will be served, and capacity is limited to three metres per person in the usable external common area.

It is also unlikely that organised Christmas parties will be permitted in restaurants, bars etc this year.

Full details of these and other new measures can be found on the Gibraltar government website.