Gibraltar reports active Covid-19 cases again after none for days

Gibraltar is not dropping its guard against coronavirus.
Gibraltar is not dropping its guard against coronavirus. / InfoGib
  • The numbers are small and two of the present cases are crew members who had flown in to join their ship and were tested as a precaution

On two occasions in recent weeks the Gibraltar authorities have reported no active Covid-19 cases for several days running, but once again the virus has been detected on the Rock albeit in very small numbers.

So far three recent cases have been crew members who had flown into Gibraltar to join their ships. They were tested before being permitted to do so, and found to be positive despite being asymptomatic. Two of these cases, which are registered as 'visitor cases' on the official records, were notified on Wednesday. Each time this happens, the people concerned are placed into immediate isolation.

Yesterday, the number of active cases in Gibraltar had risen to four, with two cases among residents for the first time in a while, and 75 people were self-isolating, which was 58 more than the previous day.

Gibraltar is carrying out numerous tests for the virus, with some tests as part of the scheduled programme and others being carried out randomly on, for example, cross-frontier workers. By Thursday 18,869 tests had been carried out and there had been 184 confirmed cases since the pandemic began, and no deaths. Gibraltar also has its own track and trace app, which has been operative for several weeks.

The fact that the virus has been detected again comes as no surprise to the Gibraltar authorities, who continue to stress the need for responsible behaviour and caution, saying the virus "is still with us". Precautions are being made for a possible second wave in the winter, although everyone hopes that can be avoided.