Gibraltar government files criminal complaint against Vox in Spain

The chief minister.
The chief minister. / SUR
  • The government accuses the Spanish far-right party of inciting hatred towards the people of Gibraltar

The government announced on Wednesday that it has begun legal proceedings against the Spanish far-right party Vox for inciting hatred towards the people of Gibraltar, including statements urging violent action.

It says Vox is abusing the right of free expression and has crossed the line to incitement of hatred, libel, slander or defamation, and that the government will not allow anyone to cross that line unchallenged.

The action is being taken against four of the party's leading figures.

The leader of Vox in La Línea recently resigned, accusing the national party leadership of fomenting hatred against Gibraltar.

Since the recent election, Vox has had a significant political presence in the area.