Gibraltar university prepares to offer maritime training

Kathryn Neilson (left) and Gilbert Licudi (right) met recently.
Kathryn Neilson (left) and Gilbert Licudi (right) met recently. / SUR
  • The minister for the university says Gibraltar, with its excellent reputation in the shipping world, is the obvious choice

The minister with responsibility for the university and for the port, Gilbert Licudi, recently held a meeting with Kathryn Neilson, a director of the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB), as part of the preparations for the maritime training courses which are to be offered by the Gibraltar Maritime Academy at the University of Gibraltar from September next year. Also present were representatives of the university, the Gibraltar Maritime Administration and the Gibraltar Port Authority, as well as Gary Hindmarch, a maritime education consultant.

The MNTB is the shipping industry's central body for promoting and developing seafarer education, training and skills. Neilson was in Gibraltar for two days of meetings, and also toured the university's facilities and the new Gibraltar Port Authority offices.

The Gibraltar Maritime Academy, which is part of the University of Gibraltar, will be offering four maritime degrees and associated officer cadet training leading to maritime engineer or deck officer qualifications.

Licudi said: "Gibraltar is the ideal location for major shipping companies to look to for their training needs. Our historical links with the maritime industry, our proximity to major shipping lanes, our excellent reputation in the shipping world and the fact that we now have a university and student accommodation all make Gibraltar an obvious choice for maritime training. This is an area which will be unaffected by Brexit. It is therefore important to develop the Gibraltar Maritime Academy as Gibraltar positions itself to face a post-Brexit scenario."