Ambitious new park project planned for Gibraltar town centre

View of Commonwealth Park from King's Bastion.
View of Commonwealth Park from King's Bastion. / VISIT GIBRALTAR
  • The latest addition to the Rock's green spaces will be between the MidTown development and the King's Bastion leisure centre

The Commonwealth Park project in the town centre has proven so popular that the Gibraltar government has now announced that another park is to be built in the area between the MidTown development and the King's Bastion leisure centre.

The new park will be similar in style to Commonwealth Park, and the two will be linked via the leisure centre and along Queensway. The plans include extensive grassed areas as well as an open paved space which can be used for screenings, live performances and other cultural events.

The project will see the planting of 80 new mature trees, which will provide a shaded canopy and a new carbon sink for Gibraltar. It will also incorporate a natural children's play area featuring wood structures in keeping with the environmental aims of the space. The junction linking Queensway and Reclamation road will be moved north along the edge of MidTown, allowing for a seamless pedestrian flow between the new park, the leisure centre and Commonwealth Park.

The Cross of Sacrifice will be moved from its current location on Winston Churchill Avenue to become a landmark feature of the new park. Its new location next to the British War Memorial will provide a new place for remembrance in a green area at the heart of town, and will mean that in future the annual Remembrance Day service can take place in an open public area with minimum disruption to traffic.

Environment minister Dr John Cortes says the new park "is consistent with our climate change aims and will bring more new life - in more ways than one - into the heart of Gibraltar".