Gibraltar Museum acquires 18th-century Henry Cowper watch

The work of goldsmith Henry Cowper is highly coveted.
The work of goldsmith Henry Cowper is highly coveted. / SUR
  • The beautiful antique timepiece, which was created by a famous local goldsmith, will be put on display at the museum in the near future

An 18th-century gold watch signed by Gibraltarian goldsmith Henry Cowper has been acquired at auction by the Gibraltar National Museum, beating numerous other bidders and finally buying the beautiful piece for £5,334.

Henry Cowper is probably better-known locally as the owner of the theatre in what is now Cornwall's Parade. He left Gibraltar during the Great Siege but returned later and died there in 1803.

His work is very well-known in the antiques world and is highly coveted. The outer case of this watch is embossed with classical figures surrounded by the typical C-scrolls of the 18th century, and the elegant white enamelled dial has Arabic and Roman numerals.

The watch shows signs of having been well-worn and loved over the years.

The Museum hopes to put it on display in time for this year's Open Day on Saturday 18 May.