"Brexit is the challenge for this generation," warns deputy chief minister

  • In his New Year message Dr Joseph Garcia recognised there may be more problems ahead, but said Gibraltar would overcome any obstacles

The chief minister will be broadcasting his New Year message on Monday, but deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia released his on Wednesday, warning that Brexit is now the challenge for this generation.

"In less than three months' time," he said, "barring a major surprise, the UK and Gibraltar will leave the European Union. Gibraltar has already overcome a number of challenges in this, our collective journey forward. No doubt there will be more. However, we are confident at the same time that Brexit will bring new opportunities and that Gibraltar is ideally placed to capitalise on them. The strength of our people, our resilience, our determination and our resourcefulness will see us through whatever obstacles may be thrown into our path. That is the story of Gibraltar and of the Gibraltarians".

After detailing the government's achievements in navigating the choppy waters of Brexit, Dr Garcia insisted it will "show the same determination to protect our country and to promote our interests".