Gibraltar plans a ban on sale of energy drinks to under-16s

Ministers Neil Costa and John Cortes start the treasure hunt.
Ministers Neil Costa and John Cortes start the treasure hunt. / SUR
  • The CHAMP scheme to encourage children to lead healthy lives has now entered its third phase of fun events to keep youngsters active

CHAMP (Children, Healthy and Active! Multi-agency Programme) launched its third phase of planned events recently, as a way of encouraging children in Gibraltar to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The winter phase of the programme, called 'A Winter of Festive Cheer and Good News' kicked off with a treasure hunt, starting at Casemates, along Main Street and back via Irish Town, with multiple educational quiz stops stationed along the route. Lucky draw prizes were handed out to participants on successful completion of the treasure hunt.

As part of the healthy living aspect of this programme, the Gibraltar government has drawn up a command paper on the banning of the sale of energy drinks to children under the age of 16. These often contain high and unregulated amounts of caffeine, and have been associated with serious adverse health effects, such as diabetes, mood and behavioural issues, as well as tooth decay.

John Cortes, the Minister of Public Health, says the legislation to control access to high energy drinks once again shows "the government's commitment to real progress", and promises: "There will be more to come."