More Redibike stations now in use in second phase of rental scheme

Redibikes are now available at three more locations.
Redibikes are now available at three more locations. / SUR
  • During the first year, the most popular bicycle stations in Gibraltar have proved to be in Market Place and at Southport Gates

It is now one year since the Redibike scheme was launched as part of the Sustainable Transport Plan, enabling people to pick up a bicycle in one part of the town and return it in another. The most popular bicycle stations have proved to be at Market Place and Southport Gates and now, in the second phase of the scheme, three additional locations have been added: beside the Eliott Hotel in Governor's Parade, at Beach View Terraces and adjacent to the Caleta Hotel in Catalan Bay.

These additional bicycle stations mean that users can now pick up and dock their Redibikes in areas which are close to the Rock's leisure and recreation facilities, including the most popular beaches on the east side.

The scheme is ideal for local residents who like the idea of cycling to work, but is also very useful as an alternative and enjoyable way for tourists to explore Gibraltar. The rental fee has also been reduced with the introduction of this second phase, and is now 50 pence for an unlimited amount of 60-minute journeys within any given 24-hour period.

The Gibraltar government believes the additional facilities will encourage even more people to take part in the bicycle-sharing scheme. The Minister for Transport, Paul Balban, said that "by reducing the daily tariff and increasing the length of the rental period, it is hoped that the scheme may appeal to the more local user, especially families who may wish to use the bicycles recreationally, while appealing even more to the commuter".

For further information about tariffs and conditions, or to subscribe to the scheme, visit the Redibike website(