“Delight” at the result of Brexit talks in London

Satisfied smiles after discussions over nearly two years.
Satisfied smiles after discussions over nearly two years. / SUR
  • The result of the negotiations is very important as 92 per cent of Gibraltar's economic activity is with the UK

The Gibraltar government has expressed its “delight” at the result of Brexit meetings between chief minister Fabian Picardo and deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia in London this week. The agreements have been the result of intense discussions since the EU referendum in June 2016.

The British government has guaranteed that financial services and online gaming firms in Gibraltar will have continued market access into the UK after Brexit. This will reassure the business community on the Rock and will help to encourage growth in both sectors.

Although the UK has guaranteed this access until 2020, it has committed to work closely with the Gibraltar government to design a replacement framework beyond that date.

On on-line gaming, the UK has provided an assurance that gambling operators based in Gibraltar will continue to access the UK market after Brexit in the same way they do now - and the UK and Gibraltar are working towards agreement of an MOU which will enable closer working and collaboration between gambling regulators in both places.

The UK has also provided an assurance that after Brexit, British citizens resident in Gibraltar will continue to be eligible for higher education Home fee status at English institutions (both during the implementation period and afterwards) subject to there being a reciprocal arrangement for English students studying at Higher Education institutions in Gibraltar.

On Health, the United Kingdom has agreed to maintain the current reciprocal arrangement between the UK and Gibraltar. This means that Gibraltar can continue to refer an unlimited number of patients to the UK for free elective treatment.

The agreements this week also covered transport, the environment and fishing. The government statement said that: “Gibraltar and the UK have also agreed to recognise the importance of enhancing our liaison on all of the environmental and fisheries implications of EU exit that are relevant to Gibraltar, whether by sharing information as openly as we can, by providing specialist expertise across a range of policy areas to support Gibraltar with its own preparations, or by considering with Gibraltar where its interests might be promoted in future through regional or international agreements.”

Finally, on transport, the UK has expressed its commitment to work closely with Gibraltar towards arrangements that support Gibraltar's prosperity after Brexit.