Plans to revolutionise education in Gibraltar

  • The government says every school from nursery to college age will be rebuilt or refurbished within the next two years

A model of the two new comprehensive schools.
A model of the two new comprehensive schools. / SUR

The Gibraltar government has announced plans for a “huge step forward” in education, with plans to rebuild or update every school on the Rock before the start of the new educational year in 2019.

The aim of the ambitious project is to benefit all local schoolchildren with new facilities, from nursery to college age, and it includes the creation of two brand new comprehensives on a university-style campus in the Waterport area.

The project has been divided into five separate programmes. The first will involve the creation of new Notre Dame and St Anne's schools in the Laguna district.

Under the second programme, the present Westside school will be totally refurbished and will encompass Governor's Meadow and Bishop Fitzgerald schools, with St Martin's also moving to the same location.

Programme 3 will involve the construction of the two new co-educational comprehensives in separate buildings, but with a shared library.

The fourth programme will move the Gibraltar College to a new purpose-built facility next to the Cross of Sacrifice at Devil's Tower Road.

Finally, under the fifth programme St Paul's, St Mary's and St Joseph's First and Middle Schools and the Hebrew schools will all be completely updated.

The contract is to be put to tender and at present the final cost is not known.

The government's 2015 manifesto included plans to update Gibraltar's schools, but this project, which has been described as “revolutionary”, goes much further.