Exhibition about Gibraltar's 1967 referendum continues until 7 July

The chief minister casts his ‘mock vote’, watched by wife Justine.
The chief minister casts his ‘mock vote’, watched by wife Justine. / SUR
  • The exhibition opened on 14 June, exactly 50 years after the announcement that Gibraltarians could vote on whether to remain British

It was an event which marked the future of the Rock and is still tremendously relevant today: on 14 June 1967 the UK government announced that a referendum was to be held in Gibraltar on whether to “voluntarily retain the links with Britain, with democratic local institutions and with Britain retaining its present responsibilities”, or whether to “pass under Spanish sovereignty”.

To mark this event, an exhibition is now open at the John Mackintosh Hall, with over 150 photographs and more than 100 press cuttings spread over three rooms. There are also murals, banners and other memorabilia, and two large screens showing historical news footage from that time.

One of the rooms contains a replica polling and counting station and Gibraltarians who visit the exhibition may, if they wish, cast their vote on replica mock ballot papers on presentation of their identity cards. The options in 1967 and on the mock ballot are identical. The exhibition closes on 7 July.