Cybersecurity conference to take place on Sunborn on 13 June

The Sunborn is the venue for the Cyber Security Day.
The Sunborn is the venue for the Cyber Security Day. / Sunborn Hotels
  • This is the first conference of its type in Gibraltar and it promises to be of interest to everybody, even those with little experience

The timing is coincidental, but after last week’s Wannacry ransomware caused havoc with computer systems of major companies and institutions around the world, including parts of the British NHS, cybersecurity is very much on many people’s minds right now.

Gibraltar’s first Cyber Security Summit will be taking place on June 13 on the Sunborn floating hotel, and is organised in association with the Royal Gibraltar Police. The event will include a wide range of specialist speakers from public and private cybersecurity organisations as well as government and police representatives, along with the National Crime Agency, FBI, GCHQ and Europol. Renowned cyber security experts such as Dr Danny Dresner, Rik Ferguson, Jenny Radcliffe and Richard de Vere will also be taking part, together with many others.

This is not just a conference for the technically competent: cyber security concerns virtually anybody in business as well as individuals who want to avoid serious hacking, which is reaching increasingly high levels.

The day will consist of presentations, video shows, hack demonstrations, advice, best practice solutions, dark web, and a series of exhibition stands from specialist companies, lunch, refreshments, cocktails and entertainment.

Some of the subjects that will be featured include devices and mobiles, from phones to drones, social media and apps, human nature, staff vulnerabilities, protecting personal and business reputations, what you can do to protect yourself, local and global issues, network protection, GDPR, business continuity solutions, as well as family protection.

This promises to be a colourful 21st century event to provide advice and warnings about cyber security threats, in a way which is easily understood. It will be invaluable for businesses, organisations of different types and individuals who use the internet or even just have an email account.

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