Gibraltar to be the starting point for the Eurafrica Trail this year

Gibraltar will be the starting point of Eurafrica Trail 2017.
Gibraltar will be the starting point of Eurafrica Trail 2017. / SUR
  • Competitors will have to do a 4km vertical climb up the Rock as well as the 25 or 50km stage in Los Alcornocales and the 40kms in Chefchaouen

The Eurafrica Trail, the first mountain race in the world to be held in two continents and three countries, will be starting from Gibraltar for the first time this year. It is due to take place over five days from Wednesday 11 October, finishing on Sunday 15 in the Moroccan town of Chefchaouen.

This year will see the third edition of the popular race, which in the past has included 1,000 competitors from nine different countries and has needed 200 volunteers. However, this year's event will be more difficult than ever because, in addition to the 25 or 50 kilometre leg in the Alcornocales Natural Park in Andalucía and the final 40 kilometre leg in Chefchaouen, participants will have to do a four kilometre vertical climb from Europa Point in Gibraltar to O'Hara's Battery via the Mediterranean Steps.

The event has grown exponentially and has now established relationships with mainstream and specialized media partners around the world. Eurafrica Trail also has over 10,000 subscribers and its website statistics depict over 1.5 million online hits.

In addition to the competitive side of the event the Eurafrica Trail organisers are very conscious of the need to protect the natural environment within which the race is held and the communities that it involves. With this in mind, they have organised activities such as the planting of the Eurafrica Forest to reverse the carbon footprint of the race last year, and the cleaning of river channels in the Alcornocales Natural Park, which also took place in 2016.

Gibraltar's Ministry for the Environment is now exploring avenues of mutual interest so that suitable projects can be planned in the very near future.

Registration for the Eurafrica Trail opens on 30 March and can be accessed via the website