Gibraltar is setting its sights on "far flung nations" says Picardo

The chief minister's televised message included Brexit. :: surFlint and Nana. :: sur
The chief minister's televised message included Brexit. :: surFlint and Nana. :: sur
  • In his televised message for 2017, the chief minister explained how the government is exploring different ways of managing Brexit

Chief minister Fabian Picardo gave a televised message regarding the government's plans for 2017 on Tuesday evening and, unsurprisingly, part of it dealt with ways of managing Brexit.

He explained that the Gibraltar government is working closely with the whole Cabinet, the whole of the public sector and the civil service and with all those interested in the private sector to ensure that the Gibraltar position is accurately understood in London and in Brussels, and then went on to say that they are also working "beyond Europe to attract investment to Gibraltar and to establish strong, mutually beneficial and friendly relationships in neighbouring and far flung nations."

Gibraltar will be hit very hard by the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, and as well as tightening the already close ties with the British government, the Gibraltar authorities are keen to expand their interests in other parts of the world.

A financial services delegation visited Casablanca late last year, Gibraltar already has an office in Hong Kong and is looking to expand its networks in East Asia and the chief minister also said that "we will continue our lobbying work in the United States as that nation sees a new administration taking over. And we will work to build even stronger relationships with the United Kingdom, other Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and the nations of the Commonwealth."