Brexit is raising the profile of Gibraltar in the European Union, says Minister

Dr Joseph García.
Dr Joseph García. / SUR

Dr Joseph García, who is Gibraltar’s deputy chief minister and also holds the Brexit porfolio, has been in Brussels for talks this week and says that the wider complex issues surrounding Brexit have helped to raise the profile of Gibraltar in the European Union, following the 96 per cent remain vote in the referendum and ongoing developments since 23 June.

During his visit, Dr García was able to exchange views on the impact of Brexit with a number of different countries and territories directly affected by the referendum result. “These and other meetings in Brussels have shown that there is considerable interest in Gibraltar as well as considerable sympathy following the referendum result. It is important to exchange views with others who are also affected as there is a wider commonality of interests in certain areas. The Government will continue to put across our point of view to decision makers in the European Union and elsewhere. It is obvious that a sensible and orderly Brexit is in the best interests of all concerned; in our circumstances it is also in the best interests of Gibraltar and of Spain too,” he said.