Young poets

Young poets
  • Here are some of the selected poems sent in by schools for the SUR in English Education and Learning supplement

Winning primary poem

The Run

I was very nervous

The race had just begun

Everybody was competitive

But I just wanna have fun

I ran and ran

Till I stopped

I ran out of breath

Then I dropped

I soon found out

That I came last

It was fun

I had a blast!

By Mercedez Zurburg

Age 9

Novaschool Sunland International

Runner-up primary poem

The Last Page First

Whenever I read a book

I always read the last page first.

It’s very simple to skip the book,

Just flip the pages and take a look,

When people read the last page first,

they somehow get frustrated,

as if your brand new shiny ball,

had suddenly been deflated,

So this is what I recommend,

to start at the start and end at the end,

Please read it through from cover to cover,

and when you’re finished read another,

Reading books is such great fun,

you’ll find it’s never done!


How do you read a book?

Sophie Morley-Davies

Year 6, British International School Marbella

Runner-up secondary poem

The Final Page

So, you know how characters in,
Stories and rhymes live happily ever after?
When the baddies go away,
The goodies are filled with laughter?

You think that that is the end of the tale.
Well that is not always true,
Because, on the last page,
There may be a lie or two.

After the last page of The Three Little Pigs
The first little pig became a king,
The second little pig got fired from his job,
And the third became a rapper with bling.

After the last page of Humpty Dumpty,
He fell off the wall one more time,
He became scrambled and
All the king’s men said he tasted divine.

After the last page of Incy, Wincy Spider,
He was walking down the road with his furry friend,
When he got squished by a passing horse and cart,
So that was his real tragic end.

After the last page of Jack and the Beanstalk,
The giant didn’t really die when he fell down,
He picked Jack up and made him his slave,
And the giant became the ruler of the town.

After the last page of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff,
They went trip trapping over the bridge with a stroll,
The bridge collapsed and they floated downstream,
Where they found, once again, the ugly troll.

After the last page of The Gingerbread Man,
Within minutes the fox began to swell, An allergic reaction to ginger he had, He was not feeling very well.

After reading this poem I hope you now know,
Not to judge a book by its cover.
Things aren’t always as they seem,
There is so much more to discover.

Emily Simmons

English International College, Marbella