Teachers warn that Fortnite is causing academic performance to "deteriorate significantly"

  • El Limonar school in Malaga has sent out a letter to parents warning of the dangers of this videogame

A Malaga school has issued a letter to parents warning of the dangers of the increasingly popular videogame Fortnite.

The letter, signed by the head of the student support at the Colegio El Limonar in Malaga, Isabel María Alonso, warned: "We have been observing some worrying behaviour among our secondary and upper primary school pupils which is getting worse by the day.

"We are seeing academic performace deteriorating significantly, as well as pupils' self-control and their relationships with others."

This problem, however, is not just limited to this school. The letter started being circulated widely around Whatsapp groups of parents whose children go to other schools in the area as concern about the addictiveness of the game start to grow.

The Malaga Gamblers Rehab Association (AMALAJER) has warned that "a drop in academic performance is normally the first warning sign". The organisation's president, Francisco Abad, said: "When they put their studies to one side and they start seeing their friends less, that's when measures need to be taken."

AMALAJER is worried about the effect of Fortnite on children, some as young as six, who are hooked on the game which is free to play and available across a number of platforms, hence its more than 125 million users around the world.