Mónica Pérez

Mónica has a degree in Journalism from Malaga University and joined SUR in 2000. She has been a reporter in Marbella since 2011.

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08/06/2018 12:56


Works to remove high-voltage pylons in Xarblanca to begin this month

Works to bury the high-voltage electricity line which currently runs over two schools and a residential area in Xarblanca have been approved by Marbella council and will begin this month. The council had previously delayed the works for eight month

08/06/2018 12:37


International poker tournament returns to Marbella

For the sixth consecutive year the international PokerStars tournament has come to Marbella. Over two million euros will change hands over the course of the event, which began on Monday and concludes on Sunday. The event attracts participants pri

06/06/2018 23:23


Marbella council to invest 300,000 euros in bullring refurbishment

Marbella council is to invest 300,000 euros in the town's Plaza de Toros, which has been closed for months. The site, originally opened in 1964, has deteriorated over the years and needs a significant amount of refurbishment work in order to restor

01/06/2018 14:38


Pablo Ráez Boulevard nearly complete after a year of works

The new central Marbella park boulevard is in its final stage of construction. The new space covers 15,000 square metres and cost 2.1 million euros to build. It includes two play areas for children; a cafeteria; benches; gym apparatus; green areas wi

01/06/2018 13:23


Cristiano relaxes in Marbella

In the wake of recent revelations that Cristiano Ronaldo may not continue to play for Championship-winners Real Madrid, he has travelled to Marbella for a few days of relaxation and reflection before joining his national team in Russia for the World

01/06/2018 13:15


Marbella council renews gallery expansion project

Marbella council now has the necessary funds and authorisation to begin the expansion of its famous contemporary print museum (MGEC). "We could not begin the project any earlier because we did not have council approval until now," explained Carmen

18/05/2018 12:14


Marbella asks government to put an end to dangerous A-7 crossings

Marbella town hall has submitted a request to the Public Works ministry (Fomento) in a bid to put an end to the dangerous conditions pedestrians in the northern part of the town encounter, crossing the A-7 to get from El Trapiche to the area close to

14/05/2018 13:16


Champions in catering, too

"They come in every day with a smile. They feel part of the team and sometimes they ask if they can stay longer, or come in their day off. It's normal. It shouldn't be news." Álvaro Morales, a chef with a long career behind him and an indefatigabl

11/05/2018 13:48


Marbella promoting sporting infrastructure

Representatives from Marbella town hall were at the recent Meet and Talk Forum in Torremolinos to promote the town's sporting infrastructure and try to attract further major international sporting events. Following the success of the Davis Cup in F

11/05/2018 13:46


Luxury event moves to September this year

This year's edition of the Marbella Luxury Weekend (MLW) will take place later in the year, on 7 September. As ever, the event will be centred around a variety of themes, including local food, sport, jewelry and sustainability, as well as discussio

27/04/2018 13:15


Sports event worth millions to Marbella

The Ironman 70.3 competition is taking place in Marbella on Sunday, 29 April, and 2,500 people are expected to take part. The economic impact of the event is estimated to be around ten million euros, as many of those attending will be staying in th

13/04/2018 14:29


Dog parks close for tidy up and debugging

Marbella council has been closing off the different dog parks across the municipality for fumigation and disinfecting over the last week. Four of the five parks have been shut for a day for the treatment, which officially is safe after three hours, b

13/04/2018 14:12


Marbella's 2m-euro pothole patch up to target 40 streets

The town council in Marbella is to carry out urgent repairs to over 40 local streets because of the poor state of the surfaces. Helped by a grant from the Diputación provincial authority, the work will target potholes, cracks and uneven surfaces once

10/04/2018 18:28


Former lifeguard's mole turned out to be melanoma

"I have to thank my job for giving me back my health," says 25-year-old María Capellán. She is very aware of the importance of sun protection, but mainly because of a stroke of luck. In 2011 she was working as a lifeguard at the water park of a hotel

22/03/2018 14:14


More CCTV cameras planned in Marbella

Police chiefs in Marbella have said that a plan will be drawn up shortly for cameras to cover more of the resort. They say that central Marbella and San Pedro need more video monitoring. These areas will form part of a second phase of installing

09/02/2018 16:08


Museo del Grabado to regain state aid

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has said that the council-run art gallery dedicated to prints and sketches, the Museo del Grabado, is to be granted state aid again to expand its current premises. In total one million euros will be allocated f

09/02/2018 15:47


Marbella council misses the boat on Cabopino port

Bureaucracy continues to blight the upkeep of Cabopino marina despite Marbella council's wish to take over running the port. Only basic upkeep is being done while the Junta de Andalucía, which owns the site, sets up a tender process for a new long-

05/02/2018 14:24


Marbella council sets sights on running Cabopino port

Marbella council has asked the Junta de Andalucía's permission to take over running the marina in Cabopino, which has been without any formal management for two years since the last licence agreement expired. Currently the previous licencee is carr

11/01/2018 20:14


Young rockers against bullying

Their ages range from eight to 15, but their musical tastes are unlike those of most of their generation. They love immortal rock classics like AC/DC, Iron Maiden and the Rolling Stones, and those have been the inspiration for their first album, whic

29/12/2017 17:47


Marbella to outsource park and garden maintenance

The council in Marbella has announced that it is to outsource the maintenance of its parks and gardens due to a shortage of staff. A contract will be signed with an external company to deliver the service and support existing council workers over a

29/12/2017 17:28


Marbella council to get tough on restaurant terraces

A special team of inspectors and police officers is being set up in Marbella to make sure that outdoor terraces don't spread out onto public pavements. Councillors are reacting to increasing complaints that tables and chairs are set up outside area

11/12/2017 12:27


Marbella Davis Cup bid had the "unanimous" support of the Spain team

"The captain Sergi Bruguera put the proposal to his players and the support was unanimous," said Spanish Tennis Federation president Miguel Díaz. Díaz, who was speaking at the official presentation of the Davis Cup clash between Spain and Great Bri

25/11/2017 12:51


Marbella's medieval towers chosen for university study

Two watchtowers on Marbella's coast are forming part of a detailed Malaga University analysis of the origins and current state of repair of these type of structures. Watchtowers are a characteristic sight along the Costa del Sol and some go back as

13/10/2017 17:06


When the beach in Marbella is home

Some have been camping for years; others have just arrived. El Cable and Las Chapas beaches were the first to be occupied by homeless campers, but now other stretches of Marbella's coastline have become "home" to people whose lives have taken a turn

15/09/2017 15:03


Former mayor of Marbella goes back to school

Today, former mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, will return to his old teaching job. In 2004, he started teaching history at IES Victoria Kent, but put this post on hold in 2009 when he was named CEO of Acosol, the district water company, by the Man

01/09/2017 14:38


Outgoing mayor, José Bernal says farewell but promises to return

The outgoing mayor of Marbella José Bernal was praised for the dignified way in which he passed the "baton" over to Ángeles Muñoz, a process for which he said he had "the utmost respect". In an open letter to the people of Marbella he said that he

25/08/2017 17:19


Marbella introduces IT system to speed up planning permits

The municipal Town Planning Department has introduced a new IT tool that will offer greater access to information for users as well as promising to halve waiting time for planning permission. The department, currently run by councillor Isabel Pérez

21/07/2017 16:41


Endangered chameleons released in Artola dunes

Politicians and environmental groups have joined forces to release five endangered chameleons into the wild at the Artola dunes nature reserve in Cabopino. It is hoped that they will reproduce in the dunes and create a thriving colony. Efforts have

12/07/2017 20:30


Marbella says keep your shirt on

Marbella town hall is working on a change to the local bylaw that governs public spaces to expressly ban locals and tourists from going shirtless in the streets. According to councillor Javier Porcuna, the growing number of men who walk around with

11/07/2017 19:06


How to prevent and relieve stings in summer

The dreaded tiger mosquito, wasps, bees, jellyfish... there is a long list of 'bugs' which we are likely to come across in the summer months, a time of year when we spend more time outdoors. Although tiger mosquitos are proving to be a problem and

10/07/2017 14:45


Wristband system helps locate lost children on Marbella beaches

The town hall's lifeguard units on Marbella's beaches are operating an extra service to help reunite families with lost children as quickly as possible. Wristbands are available for youngsters and for elderly family members who could be at risk of

07/07/2017 17:45


Funky Buddha Beach reopens after two-year planning delays

A well-known upmarket Marbella nightclub has reopened its summer beach club venue, two years after it was shut down in a planning scandal involving Marbella town hall. Funky Buddha Beach is now operating for the summer season next to El Pinillo be

03/07/2017 15:24


Riding the waves, with special assistance

It's quite early in the morning: 9.30am, before the sun becomes too hot. The setting couldn't be better: Cabopino beach, at the foot of the Artola sand dunes, one of the loveliest places on the Marbella coast. At this time of the morning the first yo

03/07/2017 15:08


Local police in Marbella to take to the air in paramotors

Local Police in Marbella have been bought two motorised paragliders by town councillors so they can patrol from the skies. The idea was originally floated last year, however there was initial resistance from Malaga airport bosses over a possible da

03/07/2017 14:54


Four-legged friends hit Marbella beaches for the summer

This summer sees the introduction of two designated dog-friendly zones on El Pinillo and Ventura del Mar beaches, after the Junta de Andalucía gave the green light to Marbella's 2017 Beach Plan in early June. An area around 250 metres long on both

26/06/2017 10:54


Summer storm causes fires in Benahavís, Alozaina and Casarabonela

The summer storm that crossed the province of Malaga on Sunday is thought to have been behind three forest fires that broke out in Benahavís, Alozaina and Casarabonela. The storm brought little rain but came charged with electricity, with lightning

26/06/2017 10:22


Costa's beaches are back in shape after storms, say officials

The central government has said that work is over to clean up and restore sand on Costa del Sol beaches after winter and spring storm damage. In total, 900,000 cubic metres of sand have been put back on the coast, either by moving it from other par

16/06/2017 12:53


Costa property prices have risen most in Manilva and Marbella

The Costa del Sol is still reflecting the ongoing recovery of the residential property market along the Spanish coasts, especially in Marbella, Manilva, Estepona and Mijas. Prices have risen most in the first two of these municipalities, according to

05/06/2017 18:19


Club Med to reopen Marbella's landmark Don Miguel Hotel in 2019

One of Marbella's original hotels from the 1970s is set for a 70-million renovation after being closed for over ten years. The Hotel Don Miguel, behind the resort's old town near the bus station, is set to reopen in 2019 after Arab investors, who b

02/06/2017 14:16


A prize for pupils' skin protection initiatives

More than 800 people, including pupils and teachers from 11 schools on the Costa del Sol, recently took part in the III Provincial Conference on Sun Protection at School, which was part of a campaign to encourage people in this region to protect them

12/05/2017 14:50


Top chefs put luxury on the menu in Marbella

Marbella is fast becoming the destination for luxury gastronomy events Just a few months ago Malaga's Dani García arranged for some of the best chefs in the world to meet in Marbella and this month it is the turn of the Marbella All Stars This is the

12/05/2017 11:17


Marbella makes a splash with annual watersports festival

Around 500 watersport enthusiasts were welcomed to Marbella's beaches as part of the annual 'Solmarina Semana Náutica', which ended last weekend. The two-week-long event, now in its sixth year, was organised by the association of western Costa del So

12/05/2017 10:46


Dredger hard at work by Marbella beach

"There's quite a dangerous problem here for the boats entering and leaving the port with the silty sand accumulating at the entrance. In some places, like here near the filling station" - the captain points to the Puerto Deportivo marina in Marbella-

05/05/2017 11:36


Road accidents and tailbacks mar May Day

Taxi drivers, transport companies and private motorists have urged the authorities to reach an agreement to solve the fresh wave of traffic jams hitting Marbella at the start of the tourist season. Four accidents on the A-7 around Marbella on the l

28/04/2017 10:18


Dolphin rescued off Puerto Banús

Volunteers from the Civil Protection organisation and staff from Marbella's municipal "Green Patrol" took part in the rescue on Thursday of a young dolphin that had become stranded close to El Rodeo beach in Puerto Banús. At around 12 midday bather

21/04/2017 13:29


"There'll always be a place for heavy metal"

He proudly wears a T-shirt bearing the name of his current band Fastway - which comes from his nickname 'Fast' (from the movement of his fingers on the guitar) and the surname of UFO bass player Peter Way - but in his heart he is still part of Motorh

21/04/2017 11:24


Funky Buddha Beach set to reopen soon

Marbella's Funky Buddha Beach, which closed two years ago among controversy over the legality of its licences, looks set to reopen. The company behind the popular Marbella landmark has been working to ensure that the beach club adheres to a series of

21/04/2017 10:50


A year under the shadow of suspicion

"We continue to work for our animals. Someone has to. It's our obligation; that's why we're here." It is now a year since officers from the Guardia Civil's Nature Protection Service (Seprona) turned up at the Triple A animal shelter in Marbella as pa

18/04/2017 11:06

What to do

From Mona Lisa's squint to one of The Three Graces with cancer

You may never have noticed, but the left breast of one of the women in the painting The Three Graces, by Rubens (the model on the right of the picture) is smaller than the right one, the nipple is retracted and she has a lesion on the superoexterno q

17/04/2017 13:38


Marbella to end bullfights and use main bullring to host events

The local council in Marbella is currently in negotiations with the concession holders of the town's central bullring to end their contract and take over the direct running of the space. It will then be used for concerts and other cultural events, bu

14/03/2017 12:18


A brief taste of summer for Malaga

Malaga province enjoyed temperatures of around 30 degrees on Saturday and in the mid-twenties on Sunday as the weather conditions saw both residents and tourists come out in their hundreds to enjoy the summery climate. All the beaches across the co

10/03/2017 11:05


Disciplinary proceedings opened against resort

Marbella town hall has opened two sets of disciplinary proceedings against the Puente Romano Beach Resort&Spa after it began to carry out work which the local authority says is being conducted without its permission. For some months now the resort

03/03/2017 14:27


Record number of operations at Hospital Costa del Sol in 2016

The Agencia Sanitaria Costa del Sol, the public health body that runs the hospitals in the western Costa area, carried out a record number of operations in 2016. The agency is responsible for the main Costa del Sol hospital near Marbella and smalle

24/02/2017 11:38


Residents appeal for road toll to be lifted when A7 is congested

A petition devised by a group of Costa del Sol residents, that appeals for the the AP-7 road toll to be lifted when the alternative A-7 road suffers traffic tailbacks, gathered more than 800 signatures in its first few days. The petition, which wa

17/02/2017 18:23


A teacher from Marbella, now a US university associate dean

It takes time to read her CV. At present, it is 14 pages long and there are still more to be completed. Today, she is considered one of the principal experts on Spanish poetry in the USA. Her professionalism, expertise and effort have earned her reco

17/02/2017 12:07


Marbella town hall opens up 500 job posts to the public

Several hundred people queued outside Marbella town hall on Wednesday after the council announced it would be opening up a register for some 500 temporary job posts it will need to fill over the coming years. The majority of the jobs are cleaning, ma

17/02/2017 10:49


New cycle lane being built through the centre of Puerto Banús

The construction of a new cycle lane on Avenida Julio Iglesias in Puerto Banús has started this week as part of the general remodelling of the area's main street. In a local questionnaire, residents voted the lane second out of ten possible sustai

27/01/2017 12:27


Nine arrests made following wave of car thefts in San Pedro

Nine people were arrested on Monday in connection with a series of car thefts in San Pedro. Sources close to the case say a group of three repeat offenders caught in the act were among those held. Police vigilance was stepped up several weeks ago a

20/01/2017 17:13


Improvements start to 'Chiringuitos'

Marbella council has begun granting planning permission to 25 'chiringuito' beach restaurants in the town that had their operating licences renewed in 2014 by the Junta and which have had to wait until now for the go-ahead from the local town hall to

17/01/2017 10:12


Sheikh's deal to run La Bajadilla is cancelled after broken promises

The Junta de Andalucía has cancelled the contract to run the La Bajadilla marina in Marbella that it awarded in 2011 to NAS Marbella, a company headed by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani, who also owns Málaga CF. According to the Junta statement, the compa