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Vélez-Málaga town hall hopes that the service will be back in operation in 2017, but must find 60 per cent of the total investment needed
12.12.16 - 15:18 -

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Junta de Andalucía confirms 40 per cent funding for tram repairs
The Vélez-Málaga tram could be working again in 2017. :: SUR
Felipe López from the Junta de Andalucía’s department for development and housing was in Vélez-Málaga for the second time in as many months last Friday, to discuss funding to reinstate the town’s tram service.
In a press conference following a meeting with Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer and other town hall representatives, López confirmed that the Junta de Andalucía would put forward 40 per cent of the total amount needed to repair damaged infrastructure.
As the tram has not been used since June 2012, the tracks, signal boxes and electrics have fallen into states of disrepair and the total cost of the repairs has been estimated by municipal and Junta de Andalucía technicians as around 1.5 million euros.
Vélez-Málaga town hall also wants to exchange the three existing trams for smaller models, which also implies a major investment. However, it believes that the reduced-size vehicles would mean a more efficient and regular service between the town and Torre del Mar.
Moreno Ferrer said at the same press conference that he is now awaiting a date for a meeting with the company that will be operating the tram service, in order to “put on the table the progress that has been made and discuss the financial options as well as when the service could be reinstated”.
The town hall hopes that the tram will be back in service sometime in 2017. However, it needs to find a way of financing the remaining 60 per cent of the project, either itself or asking the company to put forward the money initially with a view to the local authority paying it back as part of the service contract.

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