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Ángeles Agrela departs from flowers and still life to look at the role of women in her exhibition 'El favor de las bellas'
09.12.16 - 18:46 -

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Beyond the garden
‘Retrato' and ‘Lucía y Cupido’ can be seen at the Yusto/Giner. :: SUR
She was chatting with a friend who is a gardener, when he told her that he had gone off flowers because he had “lost the favour of the beauties.”
“It seemed such a poetic phrase that I decided to use it as the title of this exhibition,” says artist Ángela Agrela, who has certainly planted numerous flowers in her new display which was inaugurated earlier this week at the Yusto/Giner gallery in Marbella. ‘El favor de las bellas’ consists of a collection of acrylics in which the artist goes beyond the garden and the flowers to look at the role of women in painting.
“I have always been considered feminist in my work, but it is only now that I am looking at the fact of being an artist and how we are seen as women,” explains Ángela, who started to work on ‘El favor de las bellas’ when a series of models came to her studio for some photo sessions, leading her to reflect upon the role that women have played in traditional art.
“Women only entered studios as models, and if they painted at all then they did still life and flowers,” says this artist who has made the female role the focus of her new collection, this time deliberately.
This is Ángeles Agrela’s first individual exhibition in Malaga province, and it showcases the latest evolution in her work, including some pieces from the preceding series ‘Fanzine’ as well as the present ones from ‘El favor de las bellas’.
Among the changes which catch the eye are that the colour and pop aesthetic have become more serene; the intensity of the flowers is reduced to a more discreet plane and the hair, which previously resembled fancy dress and hid the faces of the portraits ,has given way to a less symbolic and calmer version. This pictorial journey can be viewed from the explosive portraits to the series featuring ‘Lucía’ or ‘Lilium y Peonía’.
In this latest series of works, the artist admits that she feels “more figurative and realistic, without the need to cover the faces... this work is more intimate.”
Ángeles says she feels “liberated” by this series , which is dedicated to the beauties. It is a feeling she particularly likes, because she is an artist who freely admits that she flees from comfort.
“When I start a series I don’t like knowing what I’m going to paint; I prefer doubt and disturbing images,” she says. Some of this agitation is also transmitted through her models, who are rarely found in classical positions: they have fallen, or are sleeping, lying down, contorted, hiding... they are women who speak to us of art, and about the way in which we see them.

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