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Gib's £100 Sterling banknote will be the first ever produced in polymer, and it will be smoother, stronger and stay clean longer
26.08.16 - 12:26 -

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New banknote in tribute to Sir Joshua Hassan
Chief Minister Fabian Picardo shows off the banknote. :: SUR
The Gibraltar government has announced that it will soon be issuing a new polymer £100 banknote, featuring an image of Sir Joshua Hassan, the first mayor and chief minister of Gibraltar. It will feel smoother than normal banknotes, but will be stronger and will stay cleaner for longer. This will be the first ever £100 banknote to be produced in this material.
The design of the new note will be similar to the existing one, but it will have a large clear window showing a hologram which can be seen from both the front and back of the note and which will be highly reflective, showing images of Queen Elizabeth II and the letter G for Gibraltar.
Advanced Image Plane holography is being used to ensure that the hologram on the note offers high levels of security against counterfeiting.

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