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Although his mother hopes her lost son may be found, the death of his father has forced the family to make an unwanted legal move
12.08.16 - 13:49 -

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The family of Malaga's missing 'painter boy' want him to be declared dead
A photo of David Guerrero in the family’s home in Malaga :: SUR
Almost three decades have passed since thirteen-year-old David Guerrero disappeared on his way to his painting class. Since April 1987, the whereabouts of Malaga’s ‘painter boy’ are unknown and his family’s normal life has been on hold.
While the enigma continues, David’s mother, Antonia Guevara, has always held out hope that the middle of her three children would turn up safe and well. “ We will keep fighting and hoping as long as the body is willing,” says Antonia.
Sadly, that is not the case for David’s father, who died last October always believing that his son would come back.
Despite the family wanting to keep their hopes alive, David is a legal beneficiary of his father’s assets under Spanish inheritance law. In order to access those assets, the family will now have to take the step of having David declared officially dead. The police file on the case is still open and David’s mother hopes that, perhaps, making this unwanted move will cause fate to turn in their favour.

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