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The popular tourist destination leapt to the top of the ranking after local and regional authorities publicised the internet link
06.05.16 - 13:37 -
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Nerja voted Spain's prettiest coastal town in competition on German hotel website
Nerja’s Paseo de los Carabineros cliffs seen from the Balcón de Europa. :: E. CABEZAS
Nerja has been voted the prettiest coastal town in Spain by 5,173 voters on the German booking website Hotel Info.
The town of Ortigueira in A Coruña came second, gaining 4,016 votes and Rota in Cadiz won third prize, with 2,119.
Other coastal towns that received high numbers of votes were Ribadeo in Galicia, Conil de la Frontera in Cadiz and Mojácar in Almeria.
Twenty seven towns were featured in the competition, whose criteria specified that the town had to be a beach destination with fewer than 35,000 inhabitants. Nerja has just over 20,000 residents.
The well-known tourist destination leapt to the top of the leader-board after a campaign was started by the town hall, the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol Oriental-Axarquía, which comprises all of the local authorities in the Axarquía and the Junta de Andalucía.
All three of the public entities jointly promoted the competition through their websites and social media, which they believe helped Nerja win the contest.
Mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal (PSOE), showed her “huge satisfaction” at the result on her Facebook page; “thank you very much to all those who voted. This competition has been a big trampoline for Nerja to be even more well-known at an international level. Nerja is the most searched-for town,” she wrote on Wednesday morning, adding; “I am really pleased about the result, despite the existence of people who constantly give bad publicity to Nerja, including inviting people to go to other towns. In the end Nerja is the prettiest coastal town.”
For further information about the competition, which closed at 12am on Wednesday, visit the website.
Nerja now joins neighbouring Frigiliana, albeit on different lists, as two of Spain’s prettiest spots.


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